Betreff: EMF exposure causing problems

Von: Paul Doyon

Datum: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 09:04:47 -0000



Hi Paul,
Thanks for joining the group. btw, what exactly is a pocket PC? Sounds
like a miniature computer that fits in your pocket! Yes, many people
also experience effects from Low Frequency EMF and also Extremely Low
Frequency EMF. You might want to try NAET (google NAET) as a treatment
modality in order to balance your energies with those of your Pocket
PC. Though using it as a WiFi device would definitely not be
paul doyon
On Jul 25, 4:36 pm, Paul <> wrote:
Hello to all those concerned about this issue,
I have been experiencing unusual symptoms from the moment I first used
a mobile phone.  But I seem to also get symptoms from using a pocket
PC, even when the wireless (WiFi) is switched off.  It seems just
carrying it around (switched on) in my pocket is enough to cause
The main symptoms are: changed tinnitus, skin prickling sensations,
slightly deteoriated vision, rapid and repeated nerve twitches,
pressure in the front of the head and dizziness.  These symptoms are
quite apparent and associated with exposure.  But I also have symptoms
I am suspicious about, but can't be as sure are related to
electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.
Initially I thought the symptoms I was experiencing might be to do
with the radiowaves (from around 900Mhz up to 2.4Ghz) emitted by the
mobile devices, but since noticing the symptoms from the pocket PC
even when the wireless was disabled, I began to think the symptoms
might be related to other (EMF's) emitted by these devices, not
necessarily just the microwave signals (not to totally discount the
possibility these are causing problems too).  Perhaps the processor
signal or, as I understand, extremely low frequency (ELF) fields these
devices emit are having an impact?  What I can be sure about is the
correlation between using one of these mobile devices and noticing
symptoms and also avoidance of usage and a clearing of symptoms.  What
surprises me is that there is not an epidemic of sickness given the
widespread usage of these devices.