Betreff: EMF-EMR-related toxicity
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Gentlemen:   I received your acknowledgement and note my submission will not meet your criteria.  I am composing "an original" email below:
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To "The Times (UK)" -- Exclusive version of Joanne C. Mueller's EMF/EMR personal experiences (11-24-06)  -  contact information below
Gentlemen:   You are in an excellent position to help many persons by informing the public of the urgent need to move electrical appliances and some telephone equipment off of nightstands and headboards of their beds and particularly the beds of their children!!!
I am a non-accredited EMF/EMR researcher with over 15 years' experience not only as a researcher but as a long-suffering victim myself in addition to investigating and ultimately saving two grandsons from developing Leukaemia. 
Over 25 years ago, I was awarded Social Security Disability (U.S.) based on my own credibility in spite of the medical profession's inability to diagnose my severe, painful symptoms.  I live only 50 ft. from two high voltage powerlines and always believed the powerlines alone were responsible for my declining health and that of others.  [ I know realize I was sleeping adjacent to the wall opposite our gas meter.  I was diagnosed with "pre-senile dementia" many years ago.  I began taking melatonin every night before going to sleep but also moved to another bedroom and subsequently no longer have unusual memory problems.  Melatonin is said to be "radioprotective" (book by Dr. Russel Reiter titled "Melatonin.").]
When one of my grandsons was diagnosed with "rare immune deficiency" (low IgG subclasses 1 and 3 -- precursors to development of Leukaemia, Lymphoma, stomach or colon cancer), AND we soon learned a second grandson also had the identical rare immune deficiency, I began an investigation that continues today.
Bottom line:  I discovered both boys were sleeping in beds that were placed against walls on which electric meters were mounted to the outside of the house.  The boys' beds were moved and they "improved dramatically" -- overall IGG's rose by 100 points in one boy and 204 points in the other boy within five months of moving their beds!!!   When the Immunologist confirmed no genetic link, he asked about "environmental problems in the homes......"
The Immunologist said, "we know EMF's affect immune function in mice but we don't know how much of what happens to mice happens to people.  I  knew better and was driven to prove he knew more.......
Because I also became aware that the U.S. government -- specifically the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) was not announcing "precautionary information" to the public and/or helping to get the EMF Interagency Committee Report before Congress, I decided to conduct guinea pig studies simulating sleeping conditions of the boys.
Guinea pigs were placed against the back bedroom wall in my home -- two sets of two each -- opposite the electric meter.   Within 30 days, one out of each set of two guinea pigs died!!!   Prior to the death of any guinea pig, all four guinea pigs were tested and their white blood cell counts revealed "severe neutropenia," "lymphocytosis" as well as "hypersegmented neutrophils."   These findings are "markers for irradiation!!!"   The findings are also indicative of a collapse of their immune function and/or "pre-Leukaemic blood changes.
Since that time, I moved the electric clock radio off of my husband's nightstand.  He had been diagnosed with Alzheimers.   His next neuropsych test indicated "improvement" in a portion of his executive function!!!     "Improvement" is not something that can be expected even from the various Alzheimers' medications -- he did not tolerate any of those and  they are not a consideration in regard to improvement. 
Bonnie Boyum, a Registered Nurse at the Vet's Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota, has extended permission to me to use her name as well as her son's name in my efforts to help save others from developing Leukaemia.   Bonnie confirmed that her son, Michael, who died at age 23 from AML (Leukaemia), had an electric clock and a small fan on the headboard of his waterbed. 
I attended the First International Children With Leukaemia Conference in London in 2004.  I had "great expectations" that they would soon provide the extremely vital information to the public that persons should move electrical items and telephone equipment away from beds. 
Such anticipated help did not occur but in spite of many scientists presenting very important studies and other information re low level EMF/EMR (electromagnetic field/electromagnetic radiation) exposures as being related to the potential development of Leukaemia and other cancers, the only press releases I recall are one stating "light at night may cause cancer" and another -- "turmeric may prevent cancer."
While there is some truth in everything, "prudent avoidance recommendations" were sadly and tragically not forthcoming out of this wonderful conference........
Release of the vital information I am seeking should not cause any sort of major panic throughout Europe, in the United States or elsewhere.  Moving electrical and telephone equipment away from close proximity to beds (persons' bodies are trying to restore circadian rhythm which, in turn, regulates all of the hormones and more that help maintain/sustain good health and prevent the development of cancer and other health problems), are simple, relatively cost-free manuevers (persons may want to purchase a battery-operated clock).
Reducing the vast numbers of persons who are suffering "very close exposures at night" such as I mentioned above (need to consider also possibility of bad wire behind or next to bed, lights with dimmer switches, high intensity lamps, monitors, air purifiers, fans, electric and gas meters, metal headboards, waterpipes that may be carrying current that run over or under a bed, cell phone chargers, transformer boxes for cordless phones and/or electronic games and much more) will then go a long way toward helping epidemiologists sort out safe distances from cellular antennae, radio towers, WiFi, high voltage powerlines, etc. 
Many medical journal articles plus additional information make the link to literally every health problem and low level EMF/EMR exposures.  For this reason, I have not included mention of M.S., Parkinsons, Lou Gehrig's, Type II Diabetes, breast cancer, brain cancer, miscarriage and more.    Obviously, holding a cell phone to one's head without taking preventative action is a dangerous situation.  It is just that I am "focusing" on nighttime, chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures in regard to the sort of announcement urgently needed on an urgent basis.     All contact information may be included in your publication.  Take care  -   Joanne
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