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I previously sent a copy received from a young woman reporting that her mom, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimers, sleeps with her cell phone under her pillow.   I posted the following on the Alzheimers' Message Forum.  I understand they have about 10,000 registered members.  There are an "unknown number" of unregistered persons who can "browse" the site.  Only "registered views" are counted.  As of tonight, there were 89 views of my report re cell phones. 
I also respond to as many persons as possible both by posting on the forum and sending personal emails to those who provide an email address.   
Note one of the "regulars" on the forum has acknowledged there may be reasons for concern because she has respect for Dr. Oz as well as Oprah.   Best wishes and take care  -  Joanne Posted May 02, 2007 09:24 AM
CAUTION: CELL PHONE USAGE   [posted by Joanne C. Mueller ]

To All: Copied below are my email exchanges (some of the concerns re cell phones) with Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, and Dr George Carlo (see contact info re Science & Public Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.)regarding (some) cell phone concerns:

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Email 5-03-07 from Olle Johansson to George Carlo and Joanne Mueller (other recipients not listed):

We definitely need that door!

Best regards

(Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

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> Joanne:
> Small world. I just now -- 15 minutes ago -- finished taping an
> hour radio show with Dr. Oz that will air on Oprah and Friends
> radio sometime this week. He is very much on side with the issue
> and it looks as though a door might be opened to further
> opportunities.
> Small steps, but steps forward nonetheless.
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> Subject: Cell phone worries...."Ask Dr.Oz...." Oprah Show 4-26-07
> To All: I happened to catch a segment on the late-night repeat of
> the "Oprah Show" regarding cell phones. You may still be able to
> listen by going to:
> Oprah was interviewing Dr. Mehmet Oz (see background data below).
> An audience member asked the question: "Do I need to be concerned
> about brain cancer from cell phones?" [ Not verbatim...jcm..4-27-07]
> Dr. Oz's response was more or less: ".....well, can take a number
> of years....but......studies have shown brain cells are affected by
> cell phones.......may actually find some problems down the
> road......use tooth are
> receivers....."
> Oprah was asked whether she uses a cell phone. Her response was
> "no..." Take care - Joanne
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> has integrated complementary medicine into his clinical practice at
> Columbia. Dr. Oz is the author of Healing from the Heart: A Leading
> Heart Surgeon Explores the Power of Complementary Medicine,
> published in 1998, the #1 New York Times Bestseller You: The
> Owner's Manual (An Insider's Guide to the Body That Will Make You
> Healthier and Younger), published in 2005, the New York Times
> Bestseller You: The Smart Patient (An Insider's Handbook for
> Getting the Best Treatment), published in 2006, and You: On a Diet
> (The Owner's Manual for Waist Management), published in 2006.

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There are studies linking brain cancer to extensive cell phone usage. If brain cancer takes "many years [to develop]," it is more likely than not that extensive cell phone usage (without use of some of the mitigation equipment that is now available....see may be one of the reasons for the dramatic increase in early onset Alzheimers (EOAD), as well as headaches, depression, poor quality sleep, cognitive dysfunction, memory impairment and more. I seriously doubt, however, that any sort of mitigation would be a recommendation to allow for "night-long exposure."

Many of my other posts focus on electric items close to beds. Moving my husband's clock radio off his nightstand is a major reason for his improvement in three areas of his Executive Function (now said not to have Alzheimers!!! ... see:

It has come to my attention that some individuals may not only use cell phones for hours at a time, but I have a report of a case of EOAD involving a cell phone being kept under the pillow at night!!! The user apparently talks on the cell phone for hours at a time!!!

This is a situation that is spiraling out-of-control faster than word is getting out to the public!!! Media attention, including the Alzheimers' media is difficult to come by...persons need to report symptoms and concerns to the Science & Public Policy website (, share information on the Alzheimers' forum re "chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures," write to and demand that the Alzheimers' Advisory Board Task Force start releasing public announcements, and challenge talk shows that won't openly address these critical issues!!!

One of my contacts questioned in an email last night -- how many children might have cell phones in their beds? I actually became physically ill recalling the large numbers of kids who are sending text messages (another reason they may have cell phones very close to them at night). They also can keep their phone on "vibrate" so their parents won't know they are using the phone in bed.

There are studies that link Leukemia and other cancers and pretty much every health problem to low level EMF/EMR in addition to brain cancer -- way too much information to share on this forum.

Best wishes to all for better health!! Take care - Joanne (5-02-07)

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yes...I happen to see that oprah show with Dr. oz..whom..I feel...has much to teach us..about health and well being..he and oprah..are a class act..

yep..he said the research is showing us..

take care..and thank you for sharing.. your concerns with Rosie

just exhibit love

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