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Dear Dr. Soden

I have received a copy of Joanne Mueller's mail to you regarding EMF/EMR bedside exposure (dated July 24 2007). I totally agree with her  and I hope you are helping getting the word out to the public.

I am convinced that the warning to limit EMF/EMR exposure has to be extended to the whole living and working area.

That means, if possible:

 Living away from powerlines and celltowers.
Not using cordless phones if  using a landline is possible. Cordless phones of 2,4 and 5,8 and 6.0 Ghz most probably radiate 24 h even if not in use.
Not using wireless internet connections . Hot spots and card in lap tops radiate nonstop if not deactivated.
Hot spots and cordless phone base stations radiate into the neighbours' condos and houses unless 300 yards away .
Use cell phone and similar devices only sparingly. Keep distance of at least 12 yards from people nearby when using such devices and keep the same distance from people using such devices .
Do not give cellphones to children.

For info please read the attached article by Blake Levitt (

and go to
www.nomasts.org.uk . On your left side there is  the leaflet: Making us sick : The true health cost of the mobile/ wireless" revolution".It  is an excellent summary of the situation.

Many thanks for your attention.

Kind regards

Daniela Homberger


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Dr. Sowden:     [ http://www.kevinsodenmd.com ]   Daniela Homberger adds a  valuable contribution re overall  "Blue World" concerns!!!   


She and  Martin Weatherall have the right idea!!!   We are most effective when we present facts and concerns from our own experience and perspectives even tho we are fighting for the same overall cause.  In this way, the "picture" is much clearer and the combined messages/pleas become more powerful.  


We are backed by painful experiences that must be shared.  We tell the truth and apply what we know to existing studies in a desperate attempt to have those with the means to inform do so.    We are working toward a "common sense approach" to reducing burgeoning heathcare costs.     On behalf of "all  uninformed, innocent persons," I am begging you to help spread-the-word.  Many precious infants come into this world every day only to fall victim to chronic, prolonged low level EMF/EMR exposures that can be eliminated or greatly reduced.  Not only does that infant's family also suffer in every way imaginable due to resultant immune deficiencies and all of the prevantable symptoms in between collapse of immune function and the development of Leukemia and other cancers (or other serious illnesses), but our entire society literally "hangs on the edge.....!!!" 


I ask the question in many ways........    If politicians, the media, industries including insurance companies care so much about providing healthcare coverage for all, what justification can they possibly have for not addressing the most serious cause of illness today?


 We are asking for announcements re "precautionary advice"  -- in countless instances, information regarding the need to move electric and telephone items away from beds has the potential of reducing overall  need for medical care by a large margin.    Advice re limiting cell phone usage correlates with the need for prudent avoidance due to close proximity to appliances.


As we know, there are many families, including my own, who are in urgent need of help due to constant pollution from powerlines only 50 ft. from the front of our house -- many are adverely affected by RF from nearby radio towers, telecomnications antennae, electric substations, etc. and now  WiFi appears to be an even greater threat. .


On the subject of safety, I noticed recently that wheels have now been taken off of what was one of my favorite things to use when caring for an infant who can not yet walk.  The change occurred primarily because the manufacturers worry about money -- the lawsuits that result even if not on a grand scale.  It is claimed, of course, that the change was made because the infant may be hurt.   True, but,  relatively few infants (compared to the masses),  were harmed by falling downstairs or by pulling hot drinks down on their heads.  Those unfortunate infants were hurt because their caretakers were not doing their jobs -- the children were harmed due to "negligence" -- the walker was not dangerous -- but rather, those in charge of their care did not make proper decisions to take simple action such as picking up the infant when leaving the room or they did not watch the infant as is required in every situation involving a helpless person......... 


The "L word" has now been brought up.  "Legal action," is, of course, "the worry" regarding informing the public they need to move electric items and appliances away from beds.   No corporate official dares to respond.  No politician will respond -- except those who issue "sing-song, canned messages" or who claim the EMF issue was resolved by this or that meaningless action that I consider to be "non-action." 


The insanity of it all is beyond description!!! 


We take the wheels off of an infant walker -- we want to protect the child at all costs!!!  We fine parents if they don't restrain their child in a car seat.  The parent may even be charged criminally -- it is an act of negligence to not properly restrain their child.  Insurance coverage may be declined.   Government, industry and those in power are exerting their influence and "protecting the innocent......"    They even "protect adults" by fining those in violation of seatbelt laws.   Government and industry are doing fine job (???)  and also help the insurance company and even help keep legal costs down because responsibility may be divided or negated -- if involved persons are not wearing seatbelts.    Government, industry and the insurance companies know what the people need to be safe and good luck to anyone who doesn't follow their "prudent avoidance demands!!!"    The media doctors strongly support these very important ways of protecting the people......talk shows dramatize stories of the unfortunates who were affected by those who were not responsible for their actions.   


Where is the protection for the infant who is placed in his or her "comfy crib" that may be next to the wall opposite the electric meter -- the infant who sleeps with parents who have electrical or telephone equipment on their nightstand and/or headboard -- the infant whose parents place a monitor in, under or close to his or her crib?  


These infants are getting head injuries!!!   The rate of autism is "exploding like popcorn!!!"   I do not interact with anyone lately who doesn't know someone with a child suffering from autism (actually the whole family suffers when a child is affected).....or for that matter, seldom do I speak with a person about EMF issues who doesn't mention friends or family members with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, M.S.(multiple sclerosis)  and lately also ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease.....the list goes on.......  But I need to go back to the innocent child sleeping close to electric and telephone equipment.  Some are dying -- their autopsies are "inconclusive," the diagnosis is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)......


The children need are help.  They actually need wheels on their beds!!!   But, where will they go?    As Arthur Firstenberg wrote, there is "No Place to Hide...!!!"


We must begin somewhere.  We need "medical media help" -- recommendations re moving electrical and telephone items away from  beds is an obvious beginning.   Here in Minneapolis, BauBiologist Oram Miller would go a step further (after homes are properly evaluated re EMF pollution/high frequencies, etc.) -- he recommends turning off circuits to bedrooms at night:  www.createhealthyhomes.com  . 


Dave Stetzer, electrical contractor from Blair, Wisconsin, provides filters/capacitors for installation in electrical outlets to reduce high freqencies on electrical wiring:  www.stetzerelectric.com  .   Serious problems occur as result of grounding problems and wiring errors also.


Jim Beal does  EMF consulting  and provides facts regarding harmful effects of EMF's as well as beneficial effects: on his website:   http://www.emfinterface.com


Cell phone concerns are being addressed by  Dr. George Carlo on his website:  www.safewirless.org  .  Dr. Carlo and a company called BioPro combine efforts to inform the public and to offer ways to reduce harm due to various EMF exposures.  


Any and all mitigation, in my opinion, must first involve informing homeowners/parents -- "the public,"  of the urgent need to move electrical items and telephone equipment away from beds.  From there,  "aware parents"  can make intelligent choices re additional mitigation according to their particular situations, financial and otherwise.   There are many other sources of mitigation help and products said to reduce EMF exposures.  There are many hundreds  of scientific studies, books, video tapes, CD's, DVD's -- testimony by top EMF scientists that sit on shelves all because the U.S. Government never released the EMF Interagency Committee Report to Congress.    EMF's are toxic and have been designated "Class 2B carcinogens" -- in the same category as benzene.


Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, is a leading EMF researcher -- hundreds of his publications are listed on the following website:     http://www.hetbitje.nl/bitjeE2611e.pdf  .    "Mystery in Skin" is an excellent interview of Dr Johansson wherein he discusses questionable and outright dishonest science that is being funded by special interest groups:  http://www.feb.se/ARTICLES/OlleJ.html  ..


 We hear more and more about healthy foods and exercise.  The people need to know there are a lot of supplements that offer radioprotection,  not the least of which are selenium, magnesium, folic acid, Omega 3 fish oil and melatonin.  Scientist Roger Coghill offers radioprotective food neutraceuticals:   www.asphalia.co.uk   .  : 


Knowledge acquired by reducing the close EMF/EMR exposures is the only way to properly assess (sort out) effects from the more distant exposures.   However, there  is additional information on the websites provided by you, Daniela, that are valuable contributions toward accomplishing the goal of reducing all exposures as much as possible.  "Distance is our friend" regardless of the source........


Best wishes  -  Joanne


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