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While "making my rounds" today -- my husband, Bud and I follow signs to garage sales/yard sales where I "spread-the-word" regarding the need to provide distance between electric appliances and telephone equipment, bad wires, currents on waterpipes, etc.    I mention also the need for studies re the close exposures, including cell phones, in order to help establish possible safe distances from cellular antennae, radio towers, and high voltage powerlines. 


We met a woman who recently retired.  She is an independent dealer for natural products.  When I told her about our grandsons' rare immune deficiencies due to sleeping close to electric meters, and also, about moving Bud's electric clock radio off his nightstand -- providing details I have written about in the past, she told me that we shouldn't keep homeopathic remedies close to electric wires or appliances.


The lady's recommendation is that all such items are best kept in a hanging basket away from walls -- she uses the ones designed to hold onions, etc.   She said if the supplements are close to electrical items, they will lose their power/energy and will not be effective.   Obviously, the purpose is to minimize electric and magnetic fields in order to keep the remedies in optimum condition. 


What are we supposed to do in our house?  Our own bodies are "constantly" being exposed to EMF/EMR from the two high voltage powerlines only 50 ft. from the front of house (and master bedroom).  I just measured 5.1 milligauss a few minutes ago. 


I have copied below Item 4 from the webpage of the Orr Naturopathic Center.   Neither that clinic nor the website were mentioned by the lady but, the information correlates with her statement. 


Not only do we need to be concerned about our bodies and those of our pets, but the chemical properties of everything around us is being changed in mostly damaging ways.    It is small wonder that we have so many problems tolerating prescription medications -- not only are we dealing with  adverse chemical actions/reactions/interactions taking place in our bodies from the high voltage powerlines and previously, from electric items near our beds, but all of these effects are most certainly involved in problems regarding absorption as well.   "Malabsorption" frequently appears in the literature regarding various health problems we have dealt with for over 30 years since the high voltage lines were installed.


As I frequently write, I firmly believe it is melatonin that allows us to derive benefits from the many vitamins and supplements we do consume (as well as healthy foods).


I had been told by a young person who sells glyconutrients that everything has its own optimum frequency and that includes food.


Scientist Roger Coghill has important information on his websites regarding natural supplementation.  


Here is one quote from his website:


The Medcross group  -  Scientist Roger Coghill  -   " ....we also believe health hazards of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, power lines and other sources are seriously understated.......we have   developed our botanical nursery plots for the investigation of radioprotective food nutriceuticals ....."     -    


I have copied below Item 4 from the webpage of the Orr Naturopathic Center.   Neither that clinic nor the website were mentioned by the lady but, the information correlates with her statement.      Take care everyone and "fight to stay well!!!    Joanne


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4. Q. How careful should I be in locating my remedies near electrical outlets and TVs?

A.  NEVER allow your remedies to be X-rayed (airport entries). NEVER place your remedies on or within 3 feet of equipment that radiates a strong magnetic field (TV, microwave, magnets). Any electrical wiring, outlet or switch will have a weak magnetic field and remedies should be safely located 6 inches or more away. Homeopathic remedies possess dynamic electromagnetic fields of varying amplitude, depending on their potencies. These fields become distorted and unpredictable when strongly affected by other magnetic fields.