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How wireless technology may impact child development

and central nervous system functioning. 

See attachment.  Some of you may have already seen this compilation of articles and personal experiences.  I get so much useful information from many of you. 

Some of the latest info on this issue of EHS is contained in my paper given last year at the Whole Person Healing Conference in Bethesda MD.  This complete paper, plus about 30 mb of other papers, research, references and resources, are in my CD with a partial list of contents on my website...probably one of the most complete compilations of info available from my 45 yrs of networking, collecting and sharing data about artificial and rare-event natural effects on human body, mind and spirit conditions.......

Please check out my website for further details on the healing and harmful bioeffects of long-term EMF/EMR exposures.

For those of you in Canada, please check out the website.  My wife, art therapist Roberta, and I, are presenting a joint paper there in early May:  "Evolving the Paradigm to Include the Environment, Electromagnetic Fields and Human "Canaries" in Studies of Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit"......we are open to further presentations in the Ottawa/Toronto area after May 15th.

James B. Beal
EMF Interface Consulting

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James Beal, EMF Interface Consulting, Wimberley, TX           


Assisted by Marcus Barnes, P.E., Aerodyne Laboratories, Austin, TX &

Charles Wallach, Ph.D., Behavioral Research Associates, Canoga Park, CA.


Proposed presentation and poster board exhibit at the Whole Person Health Summit 2005, in the Science Arena Special Thematic Program “Electromagnetic, Acoustic, and Optical Healing”, Washington, D.C., April 14-17, 2005.




It will be proposed that Precambrian earth may have supplied intense electric and magnetic fields, as environmental factors and catalytic energy sources, for the beginning and subsequent evolution of living systems


Life cannot exist without evolution of the environmental energy detection, storage and transmission capabilities of the living cell, which contains a variety of biological liquid crystal (LC) forms.  The lipid molecules of all biological membranes exist in various LC states, providing a matrix for information storage and environmental sensing.  LCs may provide fundamental support and detection mechanisms for electric and magnetic fields.  This includes sound and light, and may explain quantum-level sensitivity in some cases. 


Hypotheses will be presented for several complementary, interacting mechanisms, which tend to support the development of LC electric and magnetic field detection and transmitting capabilities in all living systems.


The healing and hazardous aspects of electric and magnetic fields will also be briefly discussed.






1.  To propose that the origins of terrestrial biological life may have required:


a.  The presence of EMF flux of different waveforms and intensities [79] Figure 1


b.  The prevalence and interaction, within the living cell, of a variety of biological liquid crystal (LC) forms, which provide fundamental support and/or detection mechanisms for quantum-level sensitivity.


  1. To present hypotheses for several mechanisms which appear to support the evolution of ultra-sensitive, probably interacting, EMF detection mechanisms. 


3.  To present a brief overview about effects of EMFs on and from biosystems with an emphasis on the existence and increase of the human Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS)


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