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Dear Örjan:   Thank you for the graphs regarding development of body length and BMI....!!!   I started this email several days ago and may have forgotten the exact point I planned to make but I am pretty sure I was going to mention the fact that my two grandsons' "got well" after their beds were moved away from electric meters.  This would have obviously increased their natural production of melatonin.
I may have been going to mention that one of my guinea pigs developed osteomyelitis (I did make file notes below before getting sidetracked) and that was shortly after her exposure to electric meter on our back bedroom wall.  She "got well" when I moved her to the basement.  The vet was "very surprised" and mentioned she did not expect her to improve.
Your forward of the graphs caused me to do a search and I located the info re cancer radiation therapy I copied below. 
The information is very important and supports the hair loss that recently occurred in my granddaughter's hamster when she had the cage too close to her TV set.  This morning, I measured around 18.0 milligauss at the side of the TV when it was on.  We discussed former location of the cage.  I measured approx. 6.0 milligauss at the edge of dresser where cage sat with between 3.5 milligauss and 4.0 milligauss in approximate location of the little hut the hamster (Honey) slept in during the day. 
The TV was never left on all night long but was often on for hours during the day.  Hamsters are nocturnal as you most likely know.   Several days after the cage was moved -- "ambient readings" of approx. 0.2 milligauss, Honey started running on her wheel.  About two weeks after the cage was moved, it was obvious the hair loss on bridge of her nose as well as on her back was "recovering."  
This morning, we also discussed that the new hair is of different texture and is now much lighter than before -- almost gold/yellow instead of brown.
I have several studies re hair loss that correlate with what happened to Honey as well as a neighbor down our street who lost most of his hair.  Initially thought neighbor's hair loss was due to our two high voltage powerlines but I have now learned he had an electric clock right behind  his head -- on headboard of waterbed.
If I have forgotten something I had planned to ask or comment on, I will let you know if I think of it.  Thanks again and take care  -  Joanne
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Cancer Radiation Therapy  -  Life Extension site:

Hair loss. Radiation therapy can cause hair loss (alopecia), but only in the area being treated (Irvine L et al. 1999). Hair loss is usually temporary and re-growth is evident within a few weeks after completion of therapy.

Melatonin has been reported to have a beneficial effect on hair growth in animals (Oxenkrug G et al. 2001). Furthermore, a study of 40 women suffering from alopecia sought to determine whether topically applied melatonin influences hair growth. A melatonin solution (0.1 percent) or placebo was applied to the scalp daily for six months. Positive results were obtained in the melatonin-treated group (Fischer TW et al. 2004).

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Romanian journal of endocrinology  (Rom. j. endocrinol.)  ISSN 1221-356X 

Effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields on pineal melatonin in mouse

Auteur(s) / Author(s)

MANDA Dana ; IONESCU Mariana ; VLADOIU Suzana ; IANAS Olga   

  [ File notes:  IgG subclasses 1 and 3 deficiencies (aging) -- melatonin link to decline/imprvmt/restoration two male toddlers (MuellA & B); Project Z - Guinea pigs...(profound WBC changes, osteomyelitis, early death, decline, (improvement/restoration CBC's with diffs correlates with pineal melatonin function reported in this study).....sort to all files incl "aging," melatonin," "immune," and book prep/EMF/EMR and Inflamm.....jcm ...5-3-07....]