Von: Mastsanity
Datum: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 19:46:02 +0100 (BST)

Congratulations to Caroline Spelman for bringing forward EDM 67 - MOBILE PHONE MASTS 17.05.2005.
I have attached a list (in party groups) of all those who have signed this so far. If your MP has signed, congratulate them - if not, remind them that this issue will not go away, and ask them on behalf of their constituents to sign it.

I shall be contacting, on behalf of MS, those who have not signed it, but this will have more impact if constituents have also lobbied.

The EDM reads: That this House notes that industry sources have recently indicated that 3G technology will require a substantial increase in the number of mobile phone masts, with as many as four times the present number, suggesting up to 200 more masts in every constituency; believes that the current planning process in England is inadequate, failing to consider local, environmental and safety concerns; observes that the Government is reviewing planning regulations for masts and that tougher protection is already in place in Scotland and Northern Ireland; and calls on the Government to introduce full planning permission for all masts, including Network Rail and TETRA masts, and to allow health concerns to be taken into account near homes, schools and hospitals.


Amess, David

Atkinson, Peter
Baldry, Tony
Bottomley, Peter
Burns, Simon
Conway, Derek
Dunne, Philip
Fabricant, Michael
Garnier, Edward
Gillan, Cheryl
Gray, James
Heald, Oliver
Hendry, Charles
Howarth, Gerald
Kirkbride, Julie
Laing, Eleanor
Lait, Jacqui
Loughton, Tim
Luff, Peter
MacKay, Andrew
Maclean, David
Main, Anne
McIntosh, Anne
Mitchell, Andrew
Moss, Malcolm
Newmark, Brooks
O'Brien, Stephen
Penning, Michael
Pickles, Eric
Randall, John
Robertson, Hugh
Scott, Lee
Spelman, Caroline
Spink, Bob
Swayne, Desmond
Walter, Robert
Wilshire, David
Wilson, Robert
Winterton, Ann
Winterton, Nicholas
Open: 40   Closed: 0
Democratic Unionist Party
Campbell, Gregory
Open: 1   Closed: 0
Labour Party
Anderson, David
Cryer, Ann
Dismore, Andrew
Etherington, Bill
Godsiff, Roger
Jones, Lynne
Taylor, David
Vis, Rudi
Open: 8   Closed: 0
Liberal Democrats
Brake, Tom
Brooke, Annette
Cable, Vincent
Foster, Don
Holmes, Paul
Pugh, John
Russell, Bob
Stunell, Andrew