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Combating the dangers of wireless technology
Dr George Carlo of the Safe Wireless Initiative, Washington was in London, England  presenting at Westminster on 21st February 2007 and the DVD of his 90 minute presentation and Q&A session will be  available from 1st April. 
Dr Carlo explained how EMFs and information carrying radio waves upset the body within seconds and just what happens to cells, organs and tissues causing immense damage to our health.
He also explained what alternative technologies exist to remove the harmful information carrying radio waves from our environment and what the prognosis is for human health without taking any action.
If you would like to order a DVD (approximate running time 90 minutes), please send a cheque for  7.50 sterling payable to Tony Edwards, your full name and mailing address and phone number to:
P O Box 49747
London N20 0XR
Please expect to receive your DVD by 21.4.07 if you reside in UK or by 28.4.07 if you live oversees.



you can view a short film of other Dr Carlo footage on Youtube



or read Dr Carlo's recent book

"Cell-phones - Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age An Insider's Alarming Discoveries about Cancer and Genetic Damage"
Caroll & Graf Edition 2001 A division of Avalon publishers group. ISBN: 0-7867 08182

and if you would like to read coverage about Dr Carlo's recent visit to the UK take a look at the following media release prepared by Eileen O'Connor Trustee of the Radiation Research Trust or view their website at:www.radiationresearch.org

Combating the dangers of wireless technology - by Dr George Carlo presented in Westminster, London, Dublin and Jersey

The UK owes Dr George Carlo a debt of gratitude for agreeing to visit the
UK. He has and is still coping with a gruelling schedule, visiting London,
Dublin and Jersey and giving back to back interviews with the doctors,
Scientists, politicians, the public and the media.

Radio 4 "You and Yours" aired a pre-recorded interview with
Dr George Carlo and Professor Lawrie Challis:

Read the witness reports to the Westminster meeting which are contained
within the Buergerwelle website link:

Dr George Carlo's Westminster presentation was powerful. He encouraged us to
urgently work with medical doctors as people need help.  We simply cannot
wait for the Government and industry scientists to carry out more research
while people suffer with ill health, people need help now while research

Fellow RRT trustee Andrew Mitchell MP opened up the Westminster meeting and
RRT trustee Dr Ian Gibson MP chaired the meeting.  The Attlee Room is the
largest room in Westminster and was at full capacity (150) however; sadly
and shamefully the meeting was only attended by approximately four MPs, This
is a disgrace when you consider how serious this health issue is and knowing
how full the MPs post bags are with letters and petitions from members of
the public begging them for help!

Many people are suffering with EHS, cancer and other debilitating illness
which they claim is due to EMF exposure. One lady gave a heart breaking
account of her suffering and her daughter's suffering due to a Vodafone mast
near her home, she begged someone to help; she said that she took part in
the Essex University double blind study and was able to detect that a phone
mast frequency was on or off 100%, she said that she has visited Professor
Olle Johansson in Sweden, he said she was suffering with EHS and would be
looked after if she lived in Sweden, however, sadly he couldn't help due to
the fact that he has no funding and could only offer sympathy.  She has
visited her MP and doctors, sadly her doctor cannot help her as they have no
guidelines to follow. Her account of her terrible suffering moved many
people to tears. I hope the stone hearted people in the room realise that
this problem is real and start putting health before wealth.

Professor Lawrie Challis attended the meeting, he represents the MTHR
Government research programme; he received many heated questions from the
audience, one lady asked him if phone masts are safe and he said he could

Ingrid Dickenson from HESE-UK asked Professor Lawrie Challis why they
haven't reviewed or translated the 1500 German and Russian peer reviewed and
published scientific research on EMFs and dangers to health as the research
has been done and proved,

Visit to DUBLIN

Read the Irish Independent news report enclosed (see email below)

Dr Carlo was on RTE Prime Time (Irish) TV news, view this excellent report.


Dr Carlo was also interviewed on the Irish radio along with UK celebrity
Jasper Carrott; Dr Mike Repacholi, ex-leader for WHO EMF Project represented
the mobile phone operators; I was shocked when Mike Repacholi said school
children should be safe to use mobile phones, he continues to refuse to
accept the overwhelming evidence. Dr Carlo and Japer Carrott both gave
strong and excellent interviews.

Dr George Carlo and Dr Gerd Oberfeld from Salzburg both gave excellent
presentations to the Irish Doctors.  The Irish Doctors invited us
to join forces with them.  We should encourage all UK doctors to accept this

Jersey Inquiry into Phone masts and health

Dr Mike Repacholi recently gave evidence to the scrutiny committee in Jersey
as they are considering allowing more phone masts on the Island; Dr John
Stather and Dr James Rubin have also given evidence. Barrie Trower,
represented our point of view and thankfully Dr Carlo has agreed to visit
Jersey today in order to give them his opinion.

The UK is now more aware to the dangers associated with EMFs and ill health.
Our Irish friends said they are walking taller today after Dr George Carlo
and Dr Gerd Oberfeld's visit to Dublin, it was good to finally hear the

Eileen O'Connor
Trustee - EM Radiation Research Trust

For more information visit: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/3360329/

IRISH INDEPENDENT, Saturday, 24 February, 2007
(Metro ed. page 16)


Parents who give their children mobile phones are 'tempting fate' and
exposing them to a raft of potential health problems from brain tumors to
autism, an international expert has warned. American researcher Dr George
Carlo told a conference in Dublin yesterday that he has conducted research
which proves that radio waves emitted by mobile phones are causing cellular
damage to users. And the scientist says a new study he has conducted, to be
published next month, shows a link between electromagnetic radiation from
mobile phones and masts and autism. He called on parents not to give
children under the age of 12 mobile phones as their DNA and cell membranes
are especially vulnerable. Dr Carlo, chairman of the non-profit Science and
Public Policy Institute in Washington, was given more than 20m [euro] by the
American mobile phone industry in 1993 to investigate possible health risks.
After six years of research, he and 200 other scientists from around the
globe concluded that manufacturers need to warn the public about the dangers
posed by mobiles. Speaking at the Irish Doctors' Environmental Association
meeting yesterday, Dr Carlo said his online database set up in 2002 to
record incidents from people who believe they have suffered adverse health
effects received more than 1 million hits in its first six months and over
30,000 complaints were logged.

HEADACHES In early cases, people were linking their symptoms, which ranged
from headaches to sleeplessness, to holding the phone up against their head.
However, in the past two years, the vast majority of complaints (up to 90%)
have come from people who believe their ailments are due to living next to
mobile phone masts.

There are now 2.4 billion people around the world using mobile phones with
this figure set to rise. "The big problem is that the wireless
infrastructure we have is leading us to a point of no return. As more people
use cell phones and Wi-Fi and as we have absolutely stupid experiments of
putting Wi-Fi in schools, background radiation is increasing," warned Dr
Carlo. He said that rather than relying on masts and antennas, people should
put pressure on Government and industry to eliminate health risks by
replacing masts with fibre optic cables. He urged people to perform a simple
experiment to see first-hand the dangers of mobile phone radiation. When the
mobile has only one bar of signal strength, locate the nearest mast and then
line up a number of your friends between the phone and the mast. "The bars
will go up and up that is because we are great conductors for radiowaves,"
said Dr Carlo.


The conference also heard from several dozen members of the public who
claim to have suffered hearing loss, irregular heartbeats and sleeplessness
from mobile phone masts near their homes. John Cummins, from Cahir, Co
Tipperary, said he and his wife Bridget had both suffered hearing loss while
their daughter Rebekah suffered a brain seizure at the age of 12. Doctors
could not explain their health complaints. "At night we get a humming effect
in our eardrums but when we're away from home we don't get it. "In three
streets around the mast over 20 people have had cancer in the last four or
five years and there have been two cases of MS and Parkinson's."

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