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6 February 2007


Dr. Malcolm Lock MD, MPH

Medical Doctor of Health

Brant County Health Unit

194 Terrace Hill Street

Brantford, Ontario

N3R 1G7


Dear Dr. Lock,


Ms. Valerie Matiuchin has shown me her correspondence to you and your reply dated January 2, 2007.  I have been in touch with Ms. Matiuchin for about one year, providing information about the health problems associated with electro magnetic radiation (EMR) and supporting her to the best of my abilities.  My knowledge of EMR comes from personally being severely harmed by overexposure to it and from spending the last three years collecting evidence and scientific research on the subject.  I am also frequently in contact with experts in this field and other victims.  I also possess a variety of different meters to measure EMR levels.


I am very disappointed that you have not offered to provide any special assistance to Ms. Matiuchin or to Dr. Edward Pikula, both of whom are suffering badly from the effects of electro magnetic radiation.  It appears that you have been fooled by information from the World Health Organization and from Health Canada, believing that information to be genuine and truthful; this, unfortunately, is not the case.  Mr. Michael Repacholi, who until recently was in charge of the WHO section that investigates EMR health concerns, has been reported as accepting large amounts of money from the cell phone industry as travelling expenses.  By manipulation, he appears to have selectively limited the amount of research to which WHO would refer, ignoring many research papers that show scientific proof of damage to health caused by EMR.  He has now left the World Health Organization and works as a paid consultant to the energy industry.  His present concerns reflect that he is not interested in the welfare of human health.


I wish to confirm that Ms. Matiuchin is being harmed by electro magnetic radiation.  During an afternoon visit before Christmas, I took measurements for Ms. Matiuchin in her house.  She was in the living room holding a body voltage meter when it suddenly started reading very erratically with different voltages: at one time, I saw the reading of 142 volts and, at another time, I saw “OL”, which means “overload”.  At about this same time, I was a few feet away from her, looking out of the window in the main floor bedroom, when I was hit by a strong electrical or electro magnetic current that created a very sharp and unpleasant pain in my groin area.  I have no doubt that an unknown electrical or electro magnetic force, over which she has no control, is harming her.  The Brant County Health Unit should not dismiss this. From the extensive conversations that I have had with Valerie, I believe that the problem is life threatening to her.  It warrants an investigation by qualified electrical and radio-frequency specialists, ordered by you.


A second known EMR victim in Brantford is Dr. Pikula, who is disabled and needs greater assistance.  Dr. Pikula lives in the opposite side of the downtown area from Ms. Matiuchin, yet he has severe reactions to electro magnetic radiation at times that are similar to those when Ms. Matiuchin experiences them.  A cell phone antenna is located on the top of a nearby apartment building and I strongly believe that the electro magnetic radiation from this antenna is causing him a great amount of pain and discomfort.  I would like to suggest to you a method whereby you can confirm or refute that this harm is happening.  If you were to arrange for the antenna to be turned off for determined periods of time, you could then monitor the health of Dr. Pikula when the antenna is operating and when it is not.  Health Canada states that radio-frequency radiation in the range of 3kHz to 300GHz does not produce any adverse health effects, provided human exposures do not exceed the limits outlined in safety code 6.  This testing would determine if Health Canada is correct in their beliefs or whether Dr. Pikula is being harmed by the EMR emissions.  If the testing reveals a difference in his health, you may then consider an order for removal of the device, citing it as a health danger.  You could also consider whether Brant County Health Unit can provide EMR shielding of his home.  In the event that you are unwilling or unable to try these suggestions, you may alternatively find a short term nursing facility that is clear of EMR and electrical pollution, where Dr. Pikula can stay for a few days for you to monitor his health.  I would be quite surprised if it did not improve.


Another serious situation in Brantford is the sickness of many employees working at the Market Square Mall.  I trust the Brant County Health Unit has examined the symptoms of the sick employees and realized that the symptoms reported are similar to “radio wave sickness” or “microwave sickness”.  These are illnesses that were first noticed in radar operators during the Second World War and since then have been related to overexposure to radio frequencies and microwave frequencies from cell phone antennas and other transmitters.  The city centre of Brantford has powerful antennas surrounding the downtown core area.  You should be aware that the safety limits established for EMR from antennas in Canada are among the most dangerous (high) levels in the world.  I have not had the opportunity to evaluate the electrical pollution inside Market Square Mall, but I do know that microsurge readings (measure of radio-frequency energy on the electrical wiring) are dangerously high and may be causing at least some of the ill health inside the mall.  Was this form of electrical pollution considered by the persons investigating the health problems at the Mall?


In your letter to Ms Matiuchin, you state that there is insufficient evidence to support the theory that people are being harmed by radio-frequency exposure.  This is incorrect; there is a vast amount of information relating EMR to health problems, some of which shows cancer clusters around cell phone masts, radar and other transmission sources of radio frequencies at much lower transmission levels than Health Canada’s code 6.  Evidence from countries all around the world indicates that electro magnetic radiation is causing illness, cancer, and death to those who are being overexposed to it.  I have quite a large collection of research and information that clearly shows health being adversely affected by electro magnetic radiation and I am willing to share it with you.  In Brantford, you should consider the resources that you have at hand: the citizens who are proof of the links that you dismiss in your letter.  Brant County Health Department does not require “experts” to confirm that its citizens are being harmed by electro magnetic radiation; it needs to seek out those who are being harmed and conduct some relatively simple EMR testing.  Scientific estimates suggest that at least three percent of the population is quite seriously harmed by EMR and a much larger percentage is also adversely affected.  Brantford has been polluted with this new and terrible electrical pollution and the citizens are in great danger.  You have a duty to try to ensure a healthy environment for them.


You must know about the EMR situation in Simcoe, Ontario (previously reported by the Brantford Expositor), as I understand that you have recently taken over the medical jurisdiction for that area.  In Simcoe, many members of the community became ill when Rogers installed several cell phone antennas on the water tower in the centre of the town.  Rogers sited this installation in one of the worst possible places: close to a school, a hospital, a nursing home and residential housing.  Rogers completely ignored the scientific precautionary principle, yet Health Canada and Industry Canada, with the knowledge of all the ill health being reported, did nothing to assist the citizens being harmed by these antennas.  With the present world knowledge of the harm being caused by emissions from these devices, Rogers’ actions can only be described as irresponsible, dangerous, and possibly criminal.


In your letter you mention that “in these situations. . . we exercise caution”.  Yes, we need to follow the internationally known and scientifically accepted statement called “the precautionary principle”.  Unfortunately, Health Canada and Industry Canada did not have the sense and/or integrity to follow that very simple principle prior to and during the installation of microwave and radio frequency devices in Brantford and other locations.  Now you are left with the difficulty of solving electrical pollution harming many of your citizens.  As a first step, I suggest that you fully educate yourself, your staff, health care workers and local politicians in your area about the dangers of EMR.  Politicians can put a stop to further RF and microwave installations in Brant County until a full safety review is completed.  An idea worth considering is an educational program to inform the public about the problem, describing the related symptoms, and outlining ways in which they can make themselves safer.  It is not only the big corporate sources of electromagnetic radiation that are dangerous; in the home, cordless telephones, WiFi and wireless devices that produce electro magnetic radiation can also be very dangerous.  Warnings to the public and simple lifestyle changes can significantly improve the health and safety of many people. 


If Brant County Health Department fails to take corrective action now, it may result in much sickness and many deaths in Brantford in the future.  If SARS or any other serious disease or major health threat were discovered in Brantford, surely Brant County would not ignore it.  Similarly, you cannot ignore electro magnetic radiation; the evidence of harm to health is clear and you need to take decisive action.  Failure to take adequate measures when you are aware, or should be aware, of a danger may be a criminal offence.  In the event that EMR causes further sickness or death in Brantford, ignorance of electro magnetic radiation would not be a defense against prosecution.  Researchers, victims and myself are more than willing to provide you with evidence that shows you the real and demonstrated dangers of exposure to electro magnetic radiation.


In your letter you have mentioned both the research that supports health harm from EMR and research that dispels those claims, in two very polarized camps.  The research that indicates that there are not negative impacts on health in essence supports the industries and people selling and using wireless and microwave transmissions.  You should be aware that most of the research papers that did not find harm to health were paid for by the industries that benefit from the “safe” results.  There would be no danger in ignoring the research that does not find any harm, however, as it would not cause any ill health or effect citizens’ lives.  On the other hand, ignoring research that indicates serious harm to health is potentially far more critical.  If the Brant County Health Unit continues to ignore research and information that confirms serious harm to health, it will, in effect, be sentencing many citizens to illness, suffering, and even early death.


Brant County Health Unit and other health care professionals should be focussing their attention on the scientific results that show that EMR causes cancer, ill health, changes to cells, changes to blood composition, depression, damage to the immune system, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and a variety of significant health symptoms.  If time is taken to understand the dangers of electro magnetic radiation, you will understand why it is so important to take life saving action be taken now.  Health Canada has provided you with information that suggests that Canada’s EMR exposure levels are safe, but, if you look at the research and evidence, you will soon realize that they are not.  I have recently written to Prime Minister Harper asking for an investigation into the Radiation branch of Health Canada and the Spectrum Resources branch of Industry Canada to determine if employees in those areas are acting with gross incompetence or with criminal negligence.


Doctors in Germany, Ireland, and the European Community have signed petitions demanding action against overexposure to EMR.  Dr. Robert Becker of the USA was a pioneer on the subject and has written important books on how electro magnetic pollution effects the body.  Dr. Neil Cherry of New Zealand was a pioneer EMR researcher who wrote important papers on the subject.  Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, Medical Officer of Health for Salzburg, Austria, is presently involved in keeping his jurisdiction safe from EMR and is quoted worldwide on the subject of EMR.  There are many medical doctors in other areas that are also highly involved in this struggle to ensure EMR safety in their communities.


Lastly, I would like to assure you that my motive for writing this letter is simply the concern I have for the health of a great many citizens.  I am sorry if I have been blunt or unpleasant, but this is probably the most important issue with which you will ever be involved.  Without a clear message, you may not take the correct action, many lives may be harmed and/or lost, and the future of an increasingly overloaded health care system may be endangered by this health crisis.  Thank you for your attention.






Yours sincerely,




Martin Weatherall.

Co-Founding Director SWEEP - Safe Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Policies.


cc  Valerie Matiuchin

       Edward Pikula

       Brantford City Council