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Von: "David Diggins"
Datum: Wed, 3 Nov 2004 16:08:32 -0600

He is an investigative reporter. He is the one that found out about and exposed the phony felon voter lists in Florida. He also discovered and exposed the California blackouts being caused by ENRON for speculation and political ends; not only did they bankrupt CA by stealing $70billion, they helped out the Republicans. He discovered the agreement Schwatzenigger made with ENRON that after he were appointed to governor he would drop the lawsuit the state of CA had pending against the energy companies for $9 billion. Of course, Arnold came through and dropped the lawsuit.

He was a guest on which you should watch, and he was interviewed on 11/1 on which you should listen to.

Before Greg became a reporter for the BBC, he was employed in Texas like Jim Hightower in a government office in energy regulation, so naturally he became very aware of the pollution violations. He is a great truthteller, and is highly credible.



We need massive public pressure in Columbus, Ohio, to demand a fair count. If you can't go to Ohio, call the Democratic National Committee at 202-863-8000 and tell them that you want the count monitored.



COUNTED. Call the Ohio Secretary of State's office and demand that

all legal votes in Ohio, including provisional ballots, be counted.

CONTACT: 614-466-2585

Subject: [FORUM_FOR_DISCLOSURES] Fw: [CollectiveWisdom] Don't Mourn - Organize!


From The Nation:  "The Red-Blue battle--a war of culture, ideology, politics and psychology--will not end with the final tally in Ohio. The forces of Bushism appear to have triumphed this day. But life--if we are lucky--is long, and history never ends.

So, as labor organizer Joe Hill famously said before being murdered in 1915 by a firing squad  in the yard of the Utah State Penitentiary, "don't mourn, organize!"

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