Betreff: Difficulty Breathing, Blurry vision, Headaches and even cases of...
Von: Paul Doyon
Datum: Sat, 2 Jun 2007 19:21:01 +0800

I myself originally experienced similar symptoms as this woman:
Usually a good sleeper, I'd suddenly begun waking up early in the morning
and finding myself unable to go back to sleep.
When I started to get ill, I started to wake up earlier and earlier. For someone who usually would wake at the earliest 8 AM and even then I had to drag myself out of bed, waking up suddenly at 5 AM was very strange. As time progressed I would wake up at 4 AM and then 3 AM and then I just couldn't sleep at all anymore.
She insisted that my exhaustion was caused by electromagnetic "smog" in my
flat. The problem, she explained, is that our dependence on office and
communications equipment (especially mobile phones and the masts needed to
power them, as well as microwaves, computers and electrical equipment),
exposes us to frequencies that can have a detrimental effect on our
wellbeing, especially if we are run-down, or if our immune system is
compromised in some way.

For me it eventually caused what in the UK is known as ME and in the United Stated inappropriately and misleadingly dubbed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS).

This made sense, as my symptoms had begun soon after installing wireless
technology in my sitting room. Wireless (Wi-Fi) technology allows you to
access emails and the internet anywhere in your living space. It's
convenient but I could live without it if meant having more physical energy.
So I immediately turned off my wireless network and replaced it with
broadband....In effect, we live in an electro-dictatorship: even if you haven't voted for this
technology by say, owning a mobile phone, you may still suffer the same
effects as those who have. For example, although I've turned off my wireless
access I can still tap in to my neighbour's Wi-Fi downstairs.

I was able to find out that in the apartment building where I was living in Japan, almost all my neighbors had WiFi installed and it was bleeding into my apartment. The people above and the people on all sides of me all had WiFi.

When the Swedish town of Götene activated their
new Wi-Fi system in May 2006, within hours the local hospital emergency
services were receiving calls from residents complaining of a number of
symptoms: difficulty breathing, blurry vision, headaches and even cases of
heart arrhythmia.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if microwave radiation depolarizes the red blood cells in the human body causing them to clump together, then naturally the red blood cells will have a more difficult time transporting the body's much needed oxygen to the cells of the body's organs thus leading to "difficulty breathing" among a host of other symptoms. Where I live most people attribute their difficulty in breathing only to the high altitude, but I suspect there are other factors involved: . For an English translation of the study see

Personally, I also developed heart arrhythmia when I was ill and before I was able to connect my bizarre symptoms to the ambient level of electrosmog in the environment.
Like many people, I'm mobile-dependent, but I now use a headset that delivers sound through an air-filled wireless tube similar to a doctor's stethoscope (but much
smaller, so you don't look like you're on call).
This woman who was made sick by this technology is obviously unconscious, since this technology is not only making her sick but is also very likely causing other people to be made ill especially causing children to have autism and ADHD and other children to die from brain tumors and leukemia.
Gary Johnson. Disturbed with the increasing number of
patients coming to him with skin problems, exhaustion, blurred vision, and
symptoms similar to chronic fatigue syndrome, he suspected that they might
be sensitive to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
I am happy to hear that some health practitioners are starting to figure this out. I am glad to help them in anyway possible to have them recognize this invisible danger.
Professor Leif Salford, of Sweden's Lund University, has been researching
the effects of phone masts for 15 years. He says that exposure to radiation
emitted by mobile phones and masts can destroy cells in the parts of the
brain responsible for memory, movement and learning, and calls mankind's
dependence on mobile phones "the world's largest biological experiment
No shit, Sherlock. The major crime against humanity is now being perpetuated by the mass majority of humanity. With industry at the Apex and the idiots at the bottom. It really is insane and quite masochistic/sadistic for someone to pay the cell phone companies to harm them (masochistic) and others (sadistic).