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There is a gaussmeter shown on this ebay webpage regarding Magnetic Sciences - Canada:  that is yellow and has a blue probe.  It is a Model 95. 


I have a Magnetic Sciences International Magnetic Field Meter (probe shows Model 25) that is yellow with a blue probe -- which appears to be the same as the Model 95.   I purchased my gaussmeter many years ago from Tucson but later learned the supplier moved to Canada.   I am no longer able to locate any information regarding Magnetic Sciences International except above from the E-bay site.


The reason my particular meter is so important is that it has a probe that allows for measuring magnetic fields on our gas service (also other homes and fire stations) over the connectors that a Trifield meter does not pick up.     The technician from Great River Energy (transmission company) confirmed my meter readings re "ambient readings" were identical to his Trifield meter.    


Three gas company techs/service representatives and one technician from the transmission company watched as the readings increased on my meter.


In our home only 50 ft. from two high voltage powerlines, I am measuring magnetic fields between 5.0 milligauss and 7.0 milligauss higher than "ambient readings" at two locations next to connectors.   At the time of measuring, "ambient readings" (on-the-grass near meter) were about 9.5 milligauss.  Readings on the two locations varied from about 14.0 milligauss to around 17.0 milligauss.


Measurements taken at a nearby fire station (121st Ave. NW) are similar to ours but the readings are slightly lower due to greater distance from the powerlines -- still a major concern tho --  variations between 4.0 mg and 7.0 mg.


Fire station (Egret) had ambient reading of 0.5 milligauss with similar readings over gas service and at connections until I recorded levels of about 1.5 mg to 1.8 mg higher toward the other end of the gas service.  I mentioned this to one of the firemen saying that I suspect something on the inside of the building as the cause for the increased readings and he confirmed that the main electricity source is located opposite the gas service.    There is a lot of rust over the entire gas service.


A friend of ours lives in a home about 300 ft. or more from the powerlines tha run by our place and he has "Zero" for an ambient reading several feet away from his gas service.   His gas service does have a reading of about 0.5 milligauss near the connections in a couple of locations which may be due to the tracer wire but I understand that is direct current.    Transmission tech did admit this is most likely picking up magnetic fields from the transmission lines.    No rust was observed on the gas service.


Another home has rapidly fluctuating magnetic field readings with ambient readings around 0.5 mg.  Turns out that house also has the electric service adjacent to the gas service.  Readings were difficult but ranged from about 4.0 mg to 7.0 mg near connectors and possibly the pipes themselves.    The service had recently been repainted.


The gas company dug up across the street the other day and installed an anode and clipped the tracer wire to the main.   As I expected, this did nothing to reduce the magnetic field readings close to connectors in two locations on our gas service.    I was told to once again report this to one of the gas company technicans. 


A couple of years ago, there was an explosion at a business in nearby town (Anoka) due to separation of a polymerized pipe from a connection.  My fear is that constantly changing magnetic fields/currents may compromise structure of our pipes and connections.  I have attempted to learn whether or not a transformer may have been close to the point of explosion in the Anoka situation but have not received a response. 


I have several technical items that I have shared with a few others but have not received any comments.   I will share the references with anyone interested in reading more on the subject.  


While the technicians were here at our place, they quietly discussed something about the National Electrical Code as in "changes may be needed" as well as some other regulation, the name of which I didn't catch. 


So far, it looks like the problem will not be resolved by moving the gas service to the back of the house.  Actually, that is also where the electrical service is located (and should be moved -- on a bedroom wall).  Ambient readings that day even at the back of our house --  farther  away from the lines were 3.5 milligauss. 


I have decided to include that I  have been reviewing the following:

Chapter VIII - Corrosion Control at: trans line EMF interference with buried pipeline.....  (12 pages)....

The changing magnetic fields/currents over the steel gas pipes is causing rust.   I am doubt that anything can be done that will allow for this situation to remain "as is,"  IF buildings are close to high voltage powerlines, radio towers and electric service and also transformer boxes, etc.      I can not say what measurements might be due to cellular antennae but I did take similar readings at my brother's house which is right under a radio tower.            Take care  -    Joanne


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