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Von: Paul Doyon

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Hi Derek,
Thanks for the reply. Upon further investigation I was able to
ascertain that they are indeed planning to install a valley-wide WiFi
system up there in Slocan Valley. For us people who are
electrosensitive this is just as bad if not worse than being exposed
to cell-phone radiation from cell phones and cell-phone towers. Sorry
to hear about that. However, having said that, I am in contact with
leading doctors, scientists, and activists from all over the world
concerning this problem. You may not be aware of it, but there is a
major campaign by the extremely powerful cell phone/WiFi industry to
cover up and mislead the public regarding the dangers this technology
is posing to an unaware public. If you need any information regarding
this I can point you in the direction of a number of websites covering
the problem, a number of books on the subject, and if you need any
support, I can also introduce you to a number of doctors, researchers,
scientists, and activists trying to do something about this - what I
call - insanity. I am sure that they would be willing to help you keep
your valley both cell phone-free and WiFi-free. I am ccing this email
to some of them.
Also, check out my blog, which lists numerous articles on the subject,
if you are interested:
Kind regards,
paul doyon
On 8/7/07, Derek Murphy <> wrote:
Hello Paul:
Thanks for your comments to our Slocan Valley Web site. If you ever want to
know more about our area, don't hesitate to ask.
As an update to the story carried by Reuters, we still have not heard the
final word from our regional cell phone company (Telus) about whether they
plan to proceed or not with installing their cell phone equipment We should
hear in a month or so. There is no business case in it for them, but they
may not like to set a "precedent".
Derek Murphy
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[name]              Paul Doyon
[message]           Hello, I read in the following article @ 
where it states \"If being out of range of mobile phones sounds like
bliss to you, a rural valley in British Columbia, Canada could be the
place to head for.
Officials from the Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission reckon
keeping the valley mobile-free will draw in tourists and new residents.
A group of residents have asked mobile company Telus Corp. not to go
ahead with plans to erect a cellphone mast in the small town of New
Denver. If successful, the local development group plans to promote the
\'cell phone free status\' of the town as an attraction,\"
Since I became \"electrosensitive\" two years ago this sounds like the
perfect place for me to come and live. The microwave radiation from cell
phones and cell phone towers make me ill. I also know of good people
from all over the world that are in the same predicament and would
probably like to live in a place like this. In fact, I am the list owner
of a yahoo group called emf-refugee and we have all been looking for a
place to live away from the cell phones and radiation.
Kind regards,
Paul Doyon
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Paul Raymond Doyon
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