Betreff: Contact Your Electoral College Rep
Von: "J. Nayer Hardin"
Datum: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 00:53:05 -0000

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The United States government can't prove the accuracy of the vote,
with phrases like `spoilage of some votes' (mostly Black American
votes), discouragement of some voters, voting tapes found in the
trash can in Florida, and the president's state election co-chair is
the Secretary of State - as in the main voting cop - in Ohio.
Since the government can't prove it, they are going to have to re do
it, unless we find another way.

There is no excuse for these election problems. We hire an
accounting firm for every little awards show, and fail to achieve an
accurate accounting of the vote. We can count a dollar down to a
tenth of a penny (like at the gas station) but can't produce an
accurate vote count with a verifiable paper trail. I can't pretend
to be that stupid. We the people have the power to get the
Electoral College to do the right thing. With the web, we have the

It's time for a campaign directly to the members of the Electoral
College to restore integrity to the voting process. Many states
electors are not bound to the voting results.

Gathering the evidence (much is available on line) that this
election was corrupt, and making a case to the electors to vote the
will of the people, and not the will of the government could solve
our short term problem.

Campaigns in the dirtiest states are those with 15 or more alleged
incidents per 100,000 votes on the Boston Globe list. They include
AZ-10. GA-15., IL-21, LA-9, MO-11, NJ-15, NY-31, PA-21, TX-34

For example, where I live, Arizona, only has 10 EV's but an on line
campaign of citizens contacting their electoral voters over the
country may make a difference. It doesn't matter if they went Bush
or Kerry. That's not the point. Each voter needs to make it known
to their EC representative, how they voted and demand an appropriate

I base that idea on information I picked up from the Electoral
College site
"No Legal Requirement
Electors in these States are not bound by State Law to cast their
vote for a specific candidate:
ARIZONA - 10 Electoral Votes ARKANSAS - 6 Electoral Votes DELAWARE -
3 Electoral Votes GEORGIA - 15 Electoral Votes IDAHO - 4 Electoral
Votes ILLINOIS - 21 Electoral Votes INDIANA - 11 Electoral Votes
IOWA - 7 Electoral Votes KANSAS - 6 Electoral Votes KENTUCKY - 8
Electoral Votes LOUISIANA - 9 Electoral Votes MINNESOTA - 10
Electoral Votes MISSOURI - 11 Electoral Votes NEW HAMPSHIRE -
4 Electoral Votes NEW JERSEY - 15 Electoral Votes NEW YORK - 31
Electoral Votes NORTH DAKOTA - 3 Electoral Votes PENNSYLVANIA - 21
Electoral Votes RHODE ISLAND - 4 Electoral Votes SOUTH DAKOTA - 3
Electoral Votes TENNESSEE - 11 Electoral Votes TEXAS - 34 Electoral
Votes UTAH - 5 Electoral Votes WEST VIRGINIA - 5 Electoral Votes
The point is not, despite my personal issues, to get the president
out of office. The point is to restore truth to voting. So if the
game is to be played in the Electoral College, lets go to the

>From that site's FAQ's:
"Must electors vote for the candidate who won their State's popular
There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law that requires
electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in
their States. Some States, however, require electors to cast their
votes according to the popular vote. These pledges fall into two
categories -- electors bound by State law and those bound by pledges
to political parties.
Which States bind electors to popular vote results? Refer to
Electors Bound by State Law and Pledges to find out."
In summary, rather than wait for the Supreme Court to re-hand this
election to the president, consider sending e-mails for electors (
copying to whomever) so that they know how folks voted.
Subject: I voted for _____________.
One more item about Kerry's concession. He knew it didn't matter.
It may have helped whoever is rigging the elections to put their
guard down a bit, which leaves room for the rest of us to rise.
"What impact does a candidate's concession speech have on the
Electoral College process?
None. A candidate's concession speech does not impact the States'
duties and responsibilities related to the Electoral College system.
On December 13, 2004, the electors will meet in each State to cast
their ballots.
The Supreme Court has held that the Constitution does not require
that electors be completely free to act as they choose and
therefore, political parties may extract pledges from electors to
vote for the parties' nominees. Some State laws provide that so-
called "faithless electors" may be subject to fines or may be
disqualified for casting an invalid vote and be replaced by a
substitute elector. The Supreme Court has not specifically ruled on
the question of whether pledges and penalties for failure to vote as
pledged may be enforced under the Constitution. No elector has ever
been prosecuted for failing to vote as pledged.
Today, it is rare for electors to disregard the popular vote by
casting their electoral vote for someone other than their party's
candidate. Electors generally hold a leadership position in their
party or were chosen to recognize years of loyal service to the
party. Throughout our history as a nation, more than 99 percent of
electors have voted as pledged."
The names of the electors is posted
Please forward to whomever could add ideas to this one, or help with
the implementation. An e-mail, phone, letters, more web pages and
banners campaign to the electors would at least bring more attention
to the problem of election fraud in the land of the free and the
home of the brave. As folks copy their correspondence to their
electoral representatives to the media, elected and appointed
officials, and, most importantly, to our neighbors, we the people
can send a message to the world that we did not elect this man in
the first place.
Prescott Bush, the president's grandfather, was Hitler's main money
man in the U.S. Like Hitler brought Germany to its knees, we are in
the same danger because of our policies. As a result of our faulty
election system, we have gone into other countries, killed at least
100,000 innocent folks in this war alone, took their oil and other
resources without fair compensation, while calling ourselves
protecting America. I am ashamed to be an American and am working
to put out the oil fire that is consuming us. There is no logical
reason for millions of folks to have lost their jobs, health care,
homes, credit ratings, lives and most importantly, freedom. It's
time to do better than that.
We've only begun to win."
can't prove the accuracy of the vote, `spoilage of some votes' (mostly Black American votes),

discouragement of some voters, CT07_1STLD_COX.html voting tapes found in the trash can in Florida,

Secretary of State,


this election was corrupt, and Boston Globe list., ing_errors_tallied_nationwide/ Electoral College , "No Legal Requirement ,
"Must electors vote for the candidate who won their State's popular
vote?, opular Electors Bound by State Law and Pledges,

December 13, 2004, .html#dec13 The names of the electors is posted ficates_of_ascertainment.html Prescott Bush, 3Dnosim/drleroyvaugha-20/002-1752605-0896018 J. Nayer Hardin, e-mail:
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