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Von: Christine Aschermann
Datum: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 23:08:08 +0200 (Westeuropäische Sommerzeit)

I suppose this  mail resp. the link in it  by Niek van `t Wout is very important   (trees are not able to run away...)

Hello Christine,


I agree on sending my letter to others who are concerned about the tree damages that occur the last 5 years.

Because of its rapidly spread these last five years and because we don't have a scientific explanation for these tree damages we must know what is the cause.

EM-fields are one of the external changes beside air pollution and climate changes. Personally I believe that EM fields is the cause. But we have to find scientific prove for this.


I hope you can understand that my personal view can be different than the view of the municipality I work for. A municipality can only express herself at base of prove and substantiating or scientific investigations. The municipality I work for is concerned about the tree damage and tries within her possibilities to solve the questions about tree damages.


Please let everybody send pictures of tree damage to 

The pictures will help me to get the right attention of this problem.


Best regards,


Niek van 't Wout    

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From: Christine Aschermann
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2007 1:04 AM
Subject: Trees

Dear Niek,
I have got your letter by Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam, a  colleague of mine. I would like to send it to other people in my distributor, especially  people in other countries who are fighting against mobile phone technology- do you . agree?
I have recognized the changes in trees the last 4-5 years, first only in the direct neigbourhood of the antennas , sometimes with really silly appearance (yellow  and thin at the top, below green because this part is hidden by forest), but last summer  I found these changes  almost everywhere in Germany- Black Forest, Harz- Göttingen- in Franken and in Allgaeu where I am living. I took some pictures, I `ll have a look on them if they are suitable for you.  In my village you have to stay on the street if you like to phone mobile, but television radiation  is rather strong. In the neigbourhood of the tower, in a fen a whole forest of birches  had died.
I am glad  that you  interested in this matter.
Best regards
Christine Aschermann 


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Betreff: tree damage
Von: "Niek van 't Wout"
Datum: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 00:28:51 +0100
An: , , "Dr. Cornelia Waldmann-Selsam"

Dear Christine and Cornelia,


it's been a while but there is more news about the tree-damages. I hope you still visit the site This site give you much information about all kind of tree damages. As you can see many pictures which you send me can be seen.


In the Netherlands the university of Wageningen has done an investigation on malformations of stems. The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn asked for this investigation. Here I give you the link to a short version of this investigation.



Gradually more and more people recognise the tree damages. For this moment no cause is found. Recently I have told the people of the university that the tree damages expand rapidly. Even in this winter we noticed growth. We noticed that at 17 trees, which we monitor for about 6 months now, in the period of November till March several (more) barkbulbs have grown. This is abnormal. Trees grow in the period that their leaves produce the hormone auxine. Dr. van Lammeren (University of Wageningen) could not believe us at the beginning.

Right now I have make a document with pictures for the University. Also the university has started at our request an investigation in which we will prove that bark bulbs grow fast and threaten many trees.


More and more information will arise that something is threaten human, animals and plants. The next step will be an investigation which must prove that there is scientific prove in the relation between tree damage and EM-fields.


It’s a long road but we must not stop. Please let me know if you have relevant information that I can use at the investigations. As you can understand at certain moment the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn can not pay all the bills of this investigation. There for we have published the investigation of Wageningen in several science magazines. We hope that more municipalities will help us to pay the investigations.


For this moment the government is not convinced and therefore prove that there is a relation between tree-damage and EM fields is necessary.


Please keep sending me photo’s and asked everyone also to send there photo’s.




Niek van’t Wout