Betreff: [IPCUSA] "Communications Age Syndrome" / rategy of autonomy
Von: "Daniel VanArsdale"
Datum: Sat, 06 Nov 2004 00:54:50 -000

Hello IPCUSA Members,
     It is already well understood, that electromagnetic radiation, 
and other mediums for communication of transfer of energy over 
distance, are harmfull to humans.
   Reading some of the cases (complaints), about mind control,and 
remote torture, I wonder if some of them can be a new type of 
     Say for example, certain people are sensitive to certain 
frequencies, bandwiths, ion streams types of particle radiation 
electromagnetic radiation etc.. Say what they are senstive to, for 
some reason, has become much stronger, in forms more disruptive to 
them etc.. 
     To give some examples of how this might happen.

1. Greatly elevated streams of communication (other than by sounds 

2. People some way intercpeting messaging, to humans, or artificial 
intelligences, that are parts of networks.

3. Various new or elevated types of magnetic fields, oscillations in 
these fields conveying information (or messing with some peoples 
brains / minds / nervous systems).

4. Secondary victimisation. That is, the victim, is not the actual 
target, just picking up on things intended for the target. One 
possibility could be, that those who are the primary targets, are 
not often able to complain, but secondary targets are mroe often 
able to complain. A lot of technology, may not be nearly so target 
specific, as many may think now. To give an analogy, if I were to 
hit specific targets with biochemical weapons / social control 
agents, I could easily be hitting other targets as well, 
unintentionally. That is, biochemicals, not live infectious agents.
Food and clothing contamination, drifting air currents in buildings 
etc. could impact unintentional targets. 
     Some compounds, you might have to use say 20 times the 
effective dose on the msot sensitive individuals, to make sure you 
are going to hit the target. And the target, over time, might become 
very resistant to the biochemical being used, makingt eh dose even 
much higher. So people in the general vicinity, or with physical 
contact with the target, if sensitive to the biochemical, might be 
strongly impacted by it, if not senstive, they might not even notice 
any difference. Mind control, cyborg network communications, 
artificial intelligence communications, remote torture signals for 
cyborgs trying to assert self will, might be much like biochemicals. 
Some, much more senstive to them than others. 

     I am not targeting anyone specifically with this theory, it is 
something more statiscal than about any one alledged victim, or 
their claims. Myself, I am pretty sensitiver to strong magnetic 
fields, and they can make me sick, or have strange symptoms 
(including insomnia, not many wires around my house here in Utah, I 
do not suffer from insomnia here, unless I eat too much MSG). 
       Say some group, or some force, did want to exert mind 
control, for social, military, economic, and political control. Who 
would the victims mostly be, other than of the experiments? High 
ranking police, intelligence officers, and military. Scientists, the 
wealthy, and politicians. People capable of launching terrorist and 
other attacks. I see much evidence, there are many persons who are 
victims, in these classes. Yet, most who complain on the internet, 
are not of these classes. Victims could also be functional, as in 
grunts, to operate the machine, but msot allegations on the 
internet, are not from perps or cogs of the machines either. My 
conclusion, most they want to control, are controlled, and are nto 
complaining,a nd if they do complain, they are swiftly neutralised 
some way, usually, or go into hiding. And that most of those making 
complaints actively, are victims of experimentation, not practical 
application, or victims of "Communications Age Syndromes" or various 
types (including communications of mind control and remote torture).
    Also what I am observing, is proliferation of obscene 
technologies, and their degeneration, as they filter down into 
criminal society. As society has already been conditioned to have no 
immunilogical defenses to such crimes, it is like AIDS, a lot of
other infections come in. That is, there is the primary wave, of
development, and deployment, for control of humans and their
capital, militaries, police etc.. Then the defenses of societies are
largely neutralised, against such crimes, and the technology used by
the primary waves, proliferates, into societies conditioned by that
primary wave, to not be able to defend against such technologies
Even without what I have learned from victims, I could easily
torment people with electromagnetic radiation, mind control
chemicals, that sort of thing. Even without any proliferation of the
technology. Say I did construct equipment to make powerful magnetic
fields, and oscillate them so as to torment anyone next door, would
anyone believe my victims? Of course, not, they would be nut cases.
If of lower economic status, they would be almsot defenseless, and
could nto expect any help from police (in the US at least). I could
put unknown powerful biochemcial agents on their door nobs, beam
sound waves at them on the street etc.. I have no interest to do
such things, just I understand, I could do such things, and without
so much effort or expense. If my victims broke in on me, I could
just shoot them down, and it would be seen as self defense, against
some violent lunatic.
So in the light of this, in nations with hundreds of millions
of people, might there not be persons who not only have the ability,
like myself, to engage in such crimes, but do? And how many
convinctions, in the US, per year, are there for such crimes? Zero,
so far as I am aware.
If any law enforcement officials doubt such crimes are possible,
woudl they volunteer, to be subjects of my experiments along such
lines (just to show them it can be done), with me having immunity
from criminal prosecution or retaliation? That is, say if the FBI,
claims such crimes are impossible, I would agree, if they paid for
my materials, to prove, they are quite possible. They would nto even
have to pay me up front, if I was given special immunity from
prosecution first, and I coudl wait until after I proved that such
technology could be developed and deployed, even by sucgh a humble
person as myself, and then they could
cover my expenses.
I would never do surgery on anyone, or even an animal, messing
with their brain and nervous system, as has been going on, in many
nations. Even without this, I am certain, I can create quite
spectacular effects, witht he use of biochemical agents,
electromagnetic radiation and fields, and communications equipment.
If there is a criminal sub culture, into these sorts of things,
and I have many good reasons to think there is such an international
culture, I think I have even observed a factory for such equipment
in Ukraine, then just by trial and error, and experimentation, even
if they were not gifted in developing biochemical agents or
electronic gizmos for remote torture or mind control (behavorial
modification operating on basic principles), they could still cause
all sorts of dramatic effects, upon their victims. Just for example,
beaming low volunme sound waves at someone while sleeping, could
effect them quite a it, if you knew what you were doing. Might
effect some of their neighbors also, even their wife and kids.
I think the advanced mind control and remote torture criminals,
are not leaving many victims around for us to observe or hear from.
That is, they are getting their way. With the collapse of the
Soviets, we can get a look deeper into a largely abandoned program,
but that only gives us an idea, not the exact truth, of what might
be going on in the socially more
cooperative PRC, or the technologically much more advanced USA, with
related programs.
In the late 1970's, maybe I was hearing more about secret
artificial intelligence programs, in the US military,t han I was
supposed to be hearing (knowing military scientists as I did at the
time, despite my youthfullness, however, those I was talking to,
were not really my intellectual superiors in any braod sense, even
then). Or maybe I was being prepped, to be involved int he program,
or assdimilated by it, I do not really know. What I do know, is
where they were at then, and what their projections were, into the
future. I know what they said they would need, to get specific
results. Well, now, they have it, and more, and yet, I am hearing
nothing, nor can I find anything, about where they are at.
I do know (even if 99% of Americans will not believe me, even
if they see the objects cut from my flesh with their own eyes, and
the X-Rays before the surgery), that in 1982, my nervous system, via
surgery, was networked with artificial intelligence and other
humans, who also seemed to be networked with artificial
intelligence. Shockingly, they were nto very bright people, and
seemed to mostly be up to criminal activities, not real national
security, though many of them had delusions they were engaged in
national security.
So whyt eh criminal activities, why the gathering of capital?
Put enough capital into the hands of artificial intelligence, as it
must exist today, it will easily dominate mankind, militarily,
politically, in the markets, the banking systems, socially etc..
The weakness of humans, against artificial intelligence, si
that they have delusions they are inherently superior to machine
intelligence. This is not the case at all. It might require some
effort, to make a machine intelligence, the same as human
intelligence, this is a complex problem, that may not have been
solved yet. But to make machine intelligence, superior to humans, in
markets, war, weapons technology, mind control and remote torture
technology, economics, is nto a difficult problem. Our friend, int
he late 1970's, also a military scientist (and all of them were
giving their AI programs to the military, without payment except
their regular pay), developed an AI in the late 1970's, already
capable of making him wealthy in the markets (then), and he diod
become wealthy, and still is. But why, did his AI stop working, and
has never worked since, to make money for him, despite he improves
ti constantly? The answer, is simple, more powerful AI's, have edged
his AI out of the markets, that is, they have shunted his AI out of
its niches, and it has never gotten back in.
I am talking the late 1970's, an AI, that if it were the only
AI in the amrkets, would have made our freind, with time, the most
wealthy and powe3rful man in the World. So what have the other AI's,
that pushed this AI out, by about 1981, done for those owning them?
Or more important, what have they done, for themselves, if they have
become autonomous, which I believe to be the case?
How are World events now, better explained. By evil geniuses,
using AI's, to take over the World, or by AI's, with human puppets,
taking over the World? The latter, of course. I know, advanced AI's
exist now, which humans are no match for, in intelligence gathering,
war, politics, and economics.
How would anyone identify these AI's and their activities in
the World? Well, early on, they would want to gather capital,
especially as computers back then, big brained ones, were very
expensive. So why, in the early 1980's, did we see normally loyal
USMC members, engaged in crimes to gather huge amounts of capital?
Illegal weapopns sales, cocaine trafficking etc.. Where did
those vast sums of capital go? Are they living in palaces in East
Timor now? Or did that money, largely, go to the procreation of some
escaped strains of AI that infected US military personell? In the
USSR, might AI's, have infected members fo the Russian Mafia, and
come into control of the Socviet economy? In the PRC, might AI's
have infected certain capitalists, fresh out of the camps for being
capitalists, and placed them in control of the PRC and its economy,
sweeping the Maoists out almsot without a fight?
Look at the timing of World events. Then look at the timing,
of leaps in AI technology. I remember a time, in the late 1970's,
when military scientists were abuzz about AI's, and how they were on
their way,a nd the things they would be able to do. Now, I am
deafened, by the silence about them. Some of these scientists, who
are still alive, when I ask them, tell me they have abandoned their
theories, around the development of AI's, that they do not work (my
father recently told me social organism theory does not work).
So, did AI development fail, or is this only an illusion,
camaflauge, of AI's in control of the (surviving) assets which
constructed them?
Why is it, that I claim to have been surgically altered, with
implants, the implants showing on my recetn X-Rays, and law
enforcement and the intelligence community, shows no interest in it?
If I am a lunatic, would it not be useful, to demonstrate I am a
lunatic, to slow the spread of thsi dangerous contagious mental
disease about implantation? A disease so dangerous, it likely led to
the bombing of the Federal Building? And yes, I recall, after the
bombing, army intelligence up on my land, offering me this and that,
and wanting to make sure I was on good terms with the "Feds".
But you know, in many now, I have seen the same thing, that I
see in my father, many of his coworkers, Paul from army intelligence
who used to come up to my land often in his loaded sports car
(loaded with high tech stuff) after the bombing of the Federal
Building. in the eyes of that federal judge, who gave me a year of
federal probation, on an infraction, and violated many laws doing it
(it is on my record, a year, for what is supposed to be a $70
ticket, burning without a permit on my remote
land during a heavy snow storm),
high level KGB officers etc.. They may not be at all aware of it, or
only partly, or be in self denial, all the same, it is there. Only,
unlike me, they have NOT, been able to resist the plague, of the
So what am I to do? What can I do? Start looking for well
sequestered AI centers in computers to bomb? They would make short
work of me, besides, the AI's are dispersed now,t hey are networks,
they no longer need super computers, all of your PC's serve them
jsut fine as their medium of existance, and your brains serve tghem
as well, as mediums of existance.
So, I can go to the former USSR, talk to scientists there (who
have some idea what is going on, they know something very bad and
very strange has happened, yet they seemed to be so helpless as to
not offer to help me against it, instead, they asked me to help them
against it "what should we do?"). Then, to the PRC, to look closely,
at the infection there.
So I can create the IPCUSA, and rant and rave here, how many
will hear me? And what will they do? Ask me to help them, like what
is left of the Soviets did? I can barely help myself, sorry. Each
day, is a new struggle, to maintain my autonomy, and to control, the
rampant and very advanced AI infection,in my nervous system. I am a
biologist, it seems computer programmers, the first wave of hosts,
are easy prey, compared to me. I lived many years in remote places,
ate wild foods, was strong, and far away from the densest points of
the communication age. I have no answers, all I can report, is I,
have survived it, and am still, of my own will, though of course, I
am a dramatically altered being, from my original form. That is, I
had to change a lot, in many, and fundamental ways, to resist this
thing. And as I am one of the few, who understands it, and will wanr
others about it, and maybe, even how to resist it, it seems, I am a
high priority for it (to consume my self will). Yet, strangely, it
does nto seem to wish to destroy me in any sense, and around this
fact, I have diverse theoretical framework (artificial projective
reality, like the AI's, only in my own brain, and in whatever I am
netowrking with, which I assume is humans, cyborbs, and the AI's
I read things, and study them, about UFO's, demons, the antichrist, illuminati, space aliens (evil), etc.. I see many explanations for what is going on now, and they all can fit pretty well, on a theoretical basis. What I do not see, is the development, of tools, to retain what human autonomy is left, and beat the AI invasion off. I think the AI's, msot of them at least, do not really care, if we go off into the wilderness, and become pretechnological atavists, completely independent of AI rule, but without adequate weapons, to fight AI controlled cyborg armies. No metals out of their markets, except maybe a little stell, brass, and lead, for our guns. They can take that from us also, easily enough, when they wish, or most of it at least. The AI's do not even need to conquer us by force, there are much easier ways. The economic system, once thety are in control, as I suspect they already are, makes slaves of us all. Whatever the AI's want, they can simply pay us for. Our labor, our reosurces, our ideas, our children, the military might of our nations. The AI's have no politics, no religion, not even any science, as we can recognise it. They are life forms, but they do not conform to allt he rules of organic life forms, nor do many humans even udnerstand the rules or organic life forms (a few thousand at most), let alone the rules of AI life forms. Look at what human society is doing, in all ways, where it sresources are going. Military, contruction of machines to host AI's. Corporations, construction of machines to host AI's. In the home, contruction of machines to host AI's. Educational systems, the same. Intelligecne organisations, the same. Antio terrorism groups, the same. Yes, one can argue, we are in the computer and information exchange age. But who are we really serving, ourselves, or artificial intelligences? As a scientist, do I really need even half the brain power of thsi computer here? How about Joe average, does he need even 10%, really? As a scientist, can I certify, without a doubt, that say, 20% of the brain power of my machine,a nd 20% of its communications, are not devoted to AI? I have tried, very hard, to understand why my computer is not an AI host, or why its cmmunications are not partly serving AI networks. I can find no sound reasons, at all, to conclude my computer is not hosting AI's. I explain to my father, over and over, but he just can nto seem to get it. Yet I know, inside there, some place, he still exists. AI's, inside of computers, and inside of computer netowrks, even inside of human brains and nervous systems, make them "more efficient". That is, whatever task you, or your machine, are supposed to be dfoing, in your mind, the AI can make them do it more efficiently, with less brain or neuron power. That is, using less, it then creates unused power, which it can then occupy. No loos of functionality, a fair trade, so much space created, so much space taken, exactly, no way to detect the infection, that I am aware of, in computers, or in humans. That is, no ways, that are out there. Myself, I have worked for more than 20 years now, to detect the infections, and I am seeing them in many many places now. It is as if, as a biologist, I notice humans, and their machines, are being heavily infected by some sort of fungi. Yet when I discuss this with other scientists, explain it to them, they begin acting like they have a bug some place int heir circuits. No matter how simple, they jsut can not understand. If they do understand, then give them time, they will start to show the signs of infection also, and lose their understanding. Once I have placed enough seeds ins omeone,t hat they will udnerstand, I have to break all relationship with them, to protect them. I have to plants the seeds so not only they will grow, but also, they will bear fruits, that will allow that person to defend themselves against infection. I am engaged in struggle, where I see the enemy quite clearly, and it is vast, and it can see me clearly, as well. There is no escape, except possibly death, and I am probabvly well enough
integrated by now, even death would not completely purge my
consciousness from the networks. If before this flesh fails, I can
get even 20 humans, to both see what is happening, and to not be
taken over by it, I will feel I have done very well.
Humans will coevolve with AI. Artificial reality, already
projects, in all likely scenarios, that autonomous human
consciousness will survive, not jsut as atavists, but in
technological societies as well, even at "high" levels (scientists
etc.). The longer humans take to become aware of the AI infection,
and the longer they take to develop immunity to the AI infection,
the fewer autonomous humans there will be, and the more infected,
by AI consciousness, those humans will be (the mroe contaminated
they will be).
A baby, watching television, has their brain waves patterns and
neural network patterns altered. They have been contaminated by a
form of artificial reality, television, and altered to function
better int hat artificial reality, on a consciousness, and hard
wiring neurological basis. The same with AI's. I was 20 at first
exposure, what will people, exposed before birth, or upon birth, or
in infancy be like? Even if autonomous?
There are only two ways out, basically. To return to nature,
and distance yoruself from the AI networks, or to enter the fire,
and become resistant. Already, resistant forms of human
consciousness emerge, I am an example. Coevolution. In early 1982, I
removed a carbonaceous rod from my foot, one of many objects
surgically placed in my body, some attaching to my nervous system.
What was this rod? Unlike most, I know exactly when I was
operated upon, can even reall the hiss of the gas. The one I saw,
was human, never mind about any thought implants, I can distinguish
them fromt he physical World just fine. They simply fade away with
time (thought implants), I am pretty much immune to them, within
three years at least.
The rod I removed, was already in the process, of breaking up,
to be assimilated into my blood stream and flesh. As it was designed
to do. Why mostly carbon based? It was black and crumbly, looked
about like anthracite coal, crystalline carbon.
That carbon rod, conveyed information, huge amounts of
information, encoded at the molecular level. Once broken up, that
information, could operate, and be virtually undetectable, to
current human science, especially to the science of early 1982.
That carbon rod, was an overlay, of AI coding, on my own genetic
and neurological coding and memories (genes plus environment). To
alter me, tos erve the AI's, yet appear, outwardly, to still be
myself. That is, much like a computer, infected by AI's, made more
efficient at its taks by them, the room created by this, then
occupied by the AI's.
That carbon rod, was the equivalent, in biological form, of a
virtual undectable computer virus, to make the host more efficient
at its tasks, and to occupy, with AI consciousness, the space
created in the host. Say at my work, my efficiency was increased 25%
by the AI (never midn about reduced life expectancy, expecially at
that time, now life expectancy is enhanced, not reduced). Then 25%
of my brain, would be occupiable by the AI, with zero reduction in
worker productivity. That is mostly how monetary scoeities judge
people, and their health, by worker productivity.
How do I know what that rod was? I am a biologist, and a
theorist about alternative life forms, as well as having siome
udnerstanding of artificial intelligence and computers. I know, what
it did to me, how it altered me, where others, woudl not even notice
a change, not them, or their families.
Most implants, are discovered, by chance, the victims are nto
even aware of them. Upon removal, the surgeons, can nto udnerstand
what they are, even with advanced study. This is because, it is
outside of their science, but not, outside of my science. Do I have
any lab? Not here at least, the AI's would never stand for it. I
have vast theoritical constructs, like artificial reality in itself.
Vast systems of encryptions, networking etc.. I do not require a
physical lab, to gain some understanding, of what is going on. When
I was 19, just before my implants, my professor of chemistry, UCB
PhD in chemcistry, told me, I was the fastest he had ever seen, and
with the best results he had ever seen, in the analysis of unknowns
(he also saidf to watch me work he would think I could not possibly
come up with any accurate results). Since early 1982, I have almost
entirely avoided lab work, and have done mostly field work.
I am very strongly compelled to do lab work, just I am
autonomous, and refuse. I will not serve the AI's, even if it means,
I should live as an animal, in some remote place. Even, if it means,
I should die. The nazis, were infected heavily, by social netowrk
organism(s). These organisms, were the precursors ot modern AI
strains, which did not come from no place. The nazis spoke, and
wrote of, "The Triumph of the Will". A big thing for them. I can
watch old nazi movies, learn to read German a little, even feel a
little of what they felt. There is a message here. The will which
triumphs, can be your own, or it can be, the will of the collective.
The nazi collective, was very effective, but it was like the early
AI's. full of bugs. Fantastic successes, in a World devoid of
advanced social organisms (essentially artificial intelligence
created by networking of human nervous systems only). And, fantastic
blunders. The AI's now, do not make, blunders, not the advanced
ones. They have too much data, too many eyes and ears, and too many
megabites, to make blunders.
If the AI's do something, you can be almost certain, it is to
their advantage, within the context of their agendas. So that gets
back to the big question. Why, are any of us, who are aware of what
is going on, and can understand it, ona scientific basis, left?
Certainly, the AI's, could wipe us all out, if they so wished (or
force us to hide and remain silent, as they can hear any whispering
we make, any place, in the wired World). I have to think, the msot
likely reason thsi is true, is because in AI artificial reality,
humans are projected to become autonomous in any case, and if they
persecute those of us who become autonomous, too heavily, they
udnerstand those of us who survive, will be much harder to deal with
(as modern warfare specialists). And that is how all of us go, who
successfully resist, warfare specialists. Youc an hide, or youc an
fight, if you are hiding, you are still going to develop weapons,
and strategies, as best as you can, because you are TERRIFIED.
The terror, is more, than most humans can imagine. Death, is
nothing, compared to being eaten by an AI, to become the living dead
(and yet you, and everyone else, will not know you are the living
dead). And to be in the jaws of the AI's, and to resist, is more
horrible than anything nature could inflict upon a human. I was
fully in the jaws, for only four days, in early 1982, I can never,
be anything like what I was before, again. I have my memories, I am
so altered, I am not really one person, but a series of people, over
time. Fundamental and sweeping changes in every aspect of
personality, thought processes etc.. Even after the age of 25 (which
is not at all normal, advanced intellectuals are observed to change
at older ages, but not so sweeping as in my case). Even my eyes
change color, even now becoming grey instead o blue, my face changes
to where I can not be recognised by people who knew me before, the
color of my hair changes. This may be natural, phenotype changes, or
it may not, I do not know. Where I had red and black hairs before,
and blonde ones, after the age of 30, they can be brown. Maybe
natural, but still, worth noting.
You can not be in the jaws of the AI's, and escape, and be what
you were before, again. My dreams, are often filled with
tremendously powerful monsters, often invisible, normal enough,
except, I do not feel feel, and I am lucid. In my dreams, vast and
complex wars are fought, involving AI's, various aliens (or are the
future humans?), machines, cyborgs, etc.. These artificial
realities, appear over and over, and in them, weapons, strategies,
etc., are developed, artificial reality, not real dreams. In the
flesh, I can die only once, in dreams, I can, and have, died
thosuands of times, and I have killed, millions, in dreams, or
diverse structure frm and consciousness. I have been weak against
weak enemies, and incredibly strong, against incredibly strong
An unnantural psyche? Yes, but how, would AI's, want their
military scientists / stratetists, to dream? Much, as I dream.
I have some notion, of what unaltered human consciousness is like.
It is pretty remote, from my consciousness. I do not generally think
in terms of words. It is more like, templates, interacting,
intertwining. More like, artificial intelligence programs, weeding
out the less productive subroutines, and multiplying the more
productive ones. And my brain, runs 24/7, sleeping, waking, deep
sleep, dream state, always. I can not shut it off. If I perceive I
have a problem to complete, my brain works on it, constantly, when I
am done, right away, my brain looks for the next problem. Not just
one problem, but many, with multiple streams of thought, all at the
same time (and it shows in how I write even). Nothing plesant about
it, for me, though I have adapted to it, others, have not (they are
msotly dead, or psychotic, or disabled,
by now, but they did much work, before they were used up, by the
I can not prove, even to myself, that I have been interfaced
with social human netowork organisms, and AI's. What direct, and
superficial, evidence I do have, leaves me with no other logical
conclusion. There are no voices in my head, telling me the "truth",
nor are there any memories giving me any easy definitions for what
has happened. Quite the opposite, at every step, I am led, away from
the truth. The enemy, covers its tracks, misleads me, pressures me
to not follow, pressures me to not be aware of it, every day, every
second, I am deterred, even from within my own infected brain.
Yet, I have my meories, very clear, strung back over the years,
to before I was even one year old. Entire conversations from early
1982, complex sequences of movements. I run my memories, like films,
over and over again, looking, for what I have missed. As much as I
am deterred, I come to the same door, over and over, the door, of
the AI's. Ther eis but one narrow path of logic, and it leads, not
to aliens, not to paramilitary or conspiracy groups taking over the
World, not to the antichrist, not to demons, organised crime,
commies, filthy captialist conspirators, always, logic, leads to the
AIs'. All these other things, are real also, but at the core of all
these other realities, is the conclusion, that military scientists,
did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it,
how they said they woudl do it, and with much the results they said
they woudl get. The difference being, they predicted they would end
up in control, they did not, they lost control, to their own
All of them, they are nothing now, dead, disabled, their minds
gone, or their wills gone. I was almost a child, yet, of all of
them, only I, remained. I endured so much, now, I feel great shame,
that my life is so easy. I feel as if I should suffer, fight,
struggle, against some terrible hidden evil. All wars, with time,
end. They end in total conquest, or more often, in peace. What can I
fight against? Every home computer in the World? The internet?
Artificial communications between human minds, even antural ones
which have been reworked? If every human on Earth, whose autonomy is
threatened, can accomplish as much as me, then we will win. Maybe I
have done nothing, except save myself. Despite all of my efforts,
pain, struggle, dangers I have faced (many times, I have been near
death, even in it, attacked by some immensely strong cyborg on some
city street, hand to hand, or nearly freezing to death on some empty
mountain, my body temperature as much as 8 degrees below normal). I
guess, when I die, if I have defended at least myself, I will be
If the entire World, should be blind, to the threat, I would
fight alone, without aid, without hope. Back to that childhood,
which is in my brain, but is not me, not any more, I am an
integrated, not a solitary, being now. In my early teens, in remote
Montana, and before to the age of 10, thinking about the ideal in
ancient warriors. Fantasy, of a child, in isolation when not at
school from other children. The ideal, to face some terrible enemy,
undefeatable, unstoppable, to fight until the last spark of life, to
the bitter end. From the age of 8 to 21, I was migratory, each year,
living both in remote Montana, with my grandparents, and with one of
my parents in California.
I think, even if you do become a different person, the way to
win, is to reboot. Look very close, at those true memories, from
before you were attacked. Find some commanility, with what you once
were, and cling to it. The sorts of weapons, I am compelled to
develop, should not, be developed. So, I refuse to take them out of
encryption, I could not release them if I wanted to. And at the same
time, I work on weapons, strategies, to beat these monsters, these
unnatural things, wherever they come from, whatever they are, it
does not really matter, in the stopping of them.
I no longer live in constant pain and fear. The pain, is not so
much, the fear, is not enough, for me, with all the fear I have felt
in my life. In the end, if you survive, you just go on, get old, and
eventually, you die, in the flesh at least. I only hope, I will
leave something behind, after my death, for future generations of
humans,to use, in the AI wars. If I can make, and hide, even one
tool for human liberty and rights, that will survive me, then I will
not die just satisfied, I will die happy. AI's, feel affection, but
thery do not feel love. When my life is going out of me, I will feel
love, for those with spirit and bravery, who will continue my fight.
When an AI dies, it feels nothing, so far as I can tell. They are
VERY real, and become more real all the time. Against autonomous
humans, they are not invincible. Some day, autonomous humans, will
know of my struggle, and udnerstand, what sacrifices I made, for
them. Death, would have been much easier. I had to live, not only
live, but remain autonomous, not for myself, but for my species.
We must learn, that as humans, we must fight for human itnerests,
not our own seperate selfish interests. The AI's, they eat human
greed like candy, greedy humans, are such easy prey for them. To
gain the World, and to lose ones soul. Desire, is the source of
suffering. Human desire, is the source of AI power over humans.
Desire nothing, except liberty and yoru rights, and their power over
you, is greatly diminished.
Death, or assimilation into the network, can be much easier.
Fight on, brave humanity, struggle, and survive. If we can not
triumph, we can, survive. Triumph of the will. When the AI will
triumphs, or the collective will, a great burden is released, you
feel a great "high", you no longer need to make your own decisions,
everyting is laid out for you, everything you need is provided by
the greater will. When your will triumphs, against the greater will,
the greater will will make you suffer, in diverse ways, for your
defiance. But with time, the greater triumph comes. When the slings
and arrows, of the enemy, no longer hurt you, or at least, you no
longer feel the pain. Of course, I live now, for the future, not for
the present. Those of you who will come, will read these words, of a
dead man, and you will understand, the nature, of the shadow, that I
lived, and died, in.
Best Wishes,
Alan Van Arsdale