Betreff: EMF/EMR "close, chronic-prolonged low level exposures....


Datum: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 01:18:27 EDT


Betreff: EMF/EMR "close, chronic-prolonged low level exposures....


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Dear Ms. Farrer or Ms. Joy     RE:  EMF/EMR "CLOSE, CHRONIC EXPOSURES           


I have been researching the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) for over 15 years.


Information regarding the importance of moving electrical items and some telephone equipment off of nightstands and headboards of beds has the potential of greatly reducing numerous health problems not only for senior citizens but for their children and grandchildren as well.


One of the alarming things I have discovered recently, in senior citizen apartments and other senior housing accommodations, has to do with electrical outlets being placed at "chair-rail height" which, when behind a bed or favorite recliner chair, may have a transformer box for a cordless phone, monitor or other equipment including apnea machines, etc. or an electric clock, small fan, or other electrical item, plugged in close to persons heads.  


Rather than repeat my appeals to others, I will provide links below regarding my background as well as information that more than justifies my concerns:


Alzheimers and EMF/EMR toxicity





http ://

 Urgent need to inform doctors, parents and others re EMF/EMR bedside exposures

Appeal to Dr. Kevin J. Soden, Medical Correspondent for NBC's "Today Show"..including fwd of email to Barclay Fitzpatrick, VP of Communications for Blue Cross (comments re "Sicko")...jcm 7-24-07     Hughes Institute/Dr. Fatih Uckun.  -  ".....conclusive evidence that inside cells,  electromagnetic fields can activate certain signaling pathways that have been associated with cancer....."



As you know, assuming you reviewed the above information, my grandsons rare immune deficiencies were rare because their cells were "aging....!!!"   While they were suffering as infants/toddlers as opposed to adults and/or senior citizens, it is obvious to me if a child that young suffers due to "aging," and they improve after nightly electromagnetic radiation exposures are reduced (electric meters in both instances), those facts as well as other details contained in the above references, are evidence of the critical need to inform all persons.  


The problem is, mainstream media will not provide coverage needed to help spread-the-word so that all persons can make informed decisions.  That help is urgently needed.


Since you are affiliated with the National Institute on Aging, you most likely know that there are many concerns regarding how to keep up with medical care and health coverage for rapidly growing numbers of persons over the age of 50.


Prescription medications are "raising havoc" for all age groups.  The issues surrounding EMF/EMR-related toxicity are not being addressed.  Pharmaceutical companies need to conduct proper studies that include evaluation of medications under conditions simulating close, chronic, prolonged exposure to low level EMF/EMR while persons are sleeping or trying to sleep.    Many individuals are rendered helpless due to doubling and tripling of adverse effects resulting from the combination of medications, formation of  free radicals in addition to lack of oxygen to cells and interference with cell signaling due to electromagnetic pollution.    The chemical interactions/reactions are much more complex, of course, but you most likely understand the point I am trying to make.


EMF's/EMR is harmful for persons not taking medication too, of course.  It is just that I follow postings on the Alzheimers' Forum and notice there are unending reports of medications intended to help patients (and caregivers) sleep only to have family members report the medications are not helping and that they suspect are making patients worse.


I know, in my husband's case, I discontinued his statin, Lipitor, and that, combined with moving his electric clock radio off of his nightstand, as well as introducing nightly melatonin before bed, that he not only sleeps very well, he now is said not to even have Alzheimers (after being diagnosed by a top neurologist here in Minneapolis, Minnesota)!!!   His neuropsych tests confirm "improvement" two years in a row after many years of decline re memory and cognitive function.  We both take a lot of supplements as well.


While I realize I am repeating some of what is written in the links I have provided above, it is important to do so in order to emphasize the need for "prudent avoidance announcements" to any and all organizations working toward improving the lives of senior citizens, their families -- whether the caretaker or not -- as well as to help staff in hospitals and nursing homes learn there are many "humane changes" that can be made to help  those who have contributed for years to make America the best it can be........  


Please let me know what else I can do to help.  I have requested to testify before Congress but am told by Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman, without the support of a group, this is not going to happen any time soon. 


The people can not afford to wait......the country can not afford not to deal openly with these very serious issues.     Take care  -  Joanne


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