Betreff: chemtrails and geoengineering--3/19 update of replies--FASCINATING!
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Here are a few recent updates from concerned friends:
We accepted Bryan's offer to provide the CD & received it from him on our return from Death Valley, 3/15.  It is truly amazing ... and VERY well documented.We recommend you contact Bryan & take advantage of his generosity.  He's at Bryan Doherty <
--lou & dr. bob
From: BryanD
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Subject: Re: Chemtrails Blocking the Sun???!?--poll requested

If you want I can snail-mail you a copy of the "aerosol crimes" video.  It's a real eye opener.  Anybody else here in this discussion group want a copy?  I'd be glad to make one for ya.  Send me your mailing address.
I don't know who the"Paul" is that Tom's responding to here:
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From: Thomas R. Ascher
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Subject: Re: Fw: chemtrails and geoengineering

  Hi Paul:   I circulated that material on chemtrailing, not necessarily because I agree with the author, but because I wanted to do something to elevate the level of consciousness on this issue.  We have to do something to get people to start asking questions.  I have a good friend who retired a few years ago as a command pilot for a major airline.   When I showed him the contrails in our sky THAT TURNED INTO A CLOUD, he was stunned.  It was like a light bulb exploding in his head.  This guy had been flying jets (including for the USAF) for forty years and never noticed.  So, even those who should know, are clueless. 
                Frankly, I agree with you.  This business about chemtrails being used to correct global warming is pure B.S.  It's like saying we have to poison the earth (fluorine, barium, aluminum etc.) to save the earth.  I am not buying it.  But, nevertheless, this phenomenon is real.  Chemtrails exist for some purpose.  I agree with Dr. James Bowen, that this is probably a binary weapon.  The spraying is probably designed to weaken our lungs.  (I know it does a number on my lungs.)  For what???? What comes next?  Who knows.  A super bug????  All I know is that I have been choking almost continuously since March 2d.  On that day, and the two days following, central Colorado got blanketed with chemtrails.  This time my reaction was the worst ever.  Yet,I am not sick.  I feel pretty bad.  My lungs and bronchia burn constantly.  (Initially my eyes and nose were burning.) The irritation never seems to stop as my body keeps trying to expel the foreign substances in my lungs.  Could it be some natural airborne contamination causing some sort of allergic reaction?  I Doubt it.   This is the middle of winter in the Rockies.  There is nothing growing here except the snow on my porch.   I am at  8,000 feet.  People with allergies come from all over to live hear just because the air is so pure.  You can easily see with the naked eye over 100 miles in any direction.  
               Yet, a lot of people have this problem i.e., chronic respiratory irritation.  But not everybody.  Why?  I think it has to do with the strength of the immune system.  I know that mine is very strong.  I take a lot of things to detoxify-----i.e., green foods loaded with chlorophyll.  But, bottom line, I just don't know.   My friend, the answers are "out there."  And, I suspect that we better find them soon.    Tom.
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Subject: Re: Fw: chemtrails and geoengineering

I think this story is a redherring. Those at-the-top know bloody well the Global warming story is just another  hoax.
SECONDLY, How the hell can they have literally hundreds and hundreds of aircraft spraying the whole damned world DAILY, burning up thousands of tons and tons of fossil fuel and not be ADDING more to any global warming than they are combatting?

I have seen these alleged 'chemtrails' all over the Pacific Ocean, the Indian ocean, the middle of Australia, in New Zealand all over  the world. 
I spend months a year in Australia as well as Germany...I see these so-called 'chemtrails' everywhere, just HOW MANY aircraft and crews are up in the air , EVERY DAY?
What do these aircrews DO when they are NOT flying chemicals??    Commercial crews MUST observe rest periods, so it can only be out-of-work or rostered-off military flight crews??

Why is it that two years ago when I called a Laboratory in Sydney  that does environmental checking of the water/air/earth in and around Sydney that they have NOT noticed any significant or UNusual changes in their measurements?   

The story of global warming is bull.   The average temperature at the Poles is MINUS 40 degrees down to MINUS 50 degrees, SO WHAT if the world gets 1 Degree warmer ??
Does anyone know how COLD it has been in Northern Europe in the last few months??  I returned from Sydney to Hamburg in February....In Vienna the aircraft slithered up the runway on the snow and its been snowing ever since, we've hardly had a day over plus 4 night its been mostly down to minus 17 degrees that's as cold as your refrigerator freezing compartment.  So just WHERE is the Global warming?

I know people who were EXPERTS on the Moonlanding but they could NOT explain how the Astronauts survived 250 degrees Heat during the day and MINUS 250 degrees at night in those silly Hollywood suits they were wearing....

If this guy Phelps INVENTED all this stuff WHY doesnt he get on TV...CNN or hire his own Cameramann to film  an interview...Go to the major Newspapers PROOOOVE who he is,  and blow the whistle?
from Ellen:
Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2005 10:44 AM
Subject: chemtrails and reengineering

So I just saw a really good video on chemtrails on the Alex Jones site and read a 92 page website by a chemtrails whistleblower named Jim Phelps, who explains what they are and why they're doing them.  He says he invented the technology for that and for HAARP, but he's whistleblowing because it's all been kept secret by the "invisible government" and it's dangerous and should be open to public debate.  He says they're seeding the clouds with titanium to get it to rain so the fluorine will fall out of the sky, reducing global warming.  The problem is, it then falls on the earth and goes into the food and water.  Fluorine/aluminum compounds are highly toxic and are causing auto-immune diseases, Alzheimer's, etc.  The fluorine is there because of industry.  The real solution is free energy, alternative energy, etc. but they're protecting the oil cartel.  The site is
He's got a bunch of shorter sites and articles as well.  Here's something from another source that's good --
‘The intentional large-scale manipulation of the global environment. The term has usually been applied to proposals to manipulate the climate with the primary intention of reducing undesired climatic change caused by human influences. …(G)eoengineering schemes seek to mitigate the effect of fossil-fuel combustion on the climate without abating fossil fuel use; for example, by placing shields in space to reduce the sunlight incident on the Earth.’ (Keith, D. W. 1999. Geoengineering. Ε?ncyclopaedia of Global Change. New York)
Systematic presentation of the main geoengineering proposals that have been put forward (and many of which are already clearly being implemented, though without official acknowledgement), are to be found in the American National Academy of Science’s report ‘Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Bases’, ( where the official conclusion by the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research is that the most effective global warming method of mitigation (corrective) is the spraying of reflective aerosol compounds into the atmosphere utilizing commercial, military and private aircraft.
1. We support the Protocol of Kyoto as a minimum first step towards a solution of the problem of catastrophic climate change.
2. Geoengineering measures are not a solution. The proposed cures are worse than the disease.
3. Geoengineering takes present structures of uncontrolled and limitless economic growth as an unquestionable fact of life.
4. Official acknowledgement of the existence of geoengineering plans, even if only theoretical, is a step forward from the dogmatic denial that global climatic changes have economic and social roots (a viewpoint still predominant in the USA). The danger exists, however, that the same spirit of fear-mongering and hysteria that characterizes the ‘war on terrorism’ and the nuclear arms race may also be introduced into the approach to climatic changes.
5. Geoengineering plans are being implemented behind our backs and over our heads. Every citizen has a responsibility to inform himself/herself about this and take the appropriate measures, both individual and collective (for example by introducing and promoting the subject in organizations of active citizens).
6. In the face of the huge problem of ongoing destruction of the ecological system of the planet, ATTAC remains open to the search for suitable scientifically-accredited solutions, so that a proper human-centred approach may be adopted, promoting a harmonic relationship between the natural and social worlds.
from bill:
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> This is just a list of mostly folders with indexes in some, and each
> folder
> can be ftp'd off this site as follows: (Address)  -- the
> user
> name is: user1  --  the password is:  ct1ct1ct1 .  The information is case
> sensitive too. Any ftp program should work. The text in these files is
> plain
> text when possible and can be opened with many document programs. The
> photos
> are jpgs. For the most part these files are all fairly large.
from Tom:

The Spraying Continues
With Nary A Peep From The Lemmings Below

Jim Mortellaro
A number of years ago I wrote to Jeff, explaining that Barium was being used in Chemtrail spraying. Barium is an insulator. It does not conduct electricity, which is why it is used in circuits as a substrate, in capacitors as an insulator and in many other applications.

Add certain elements to Barium and voila, you've got any number of properties which exhibit varying degrees of electronic properties.

Unless we know exactly what the consistency of the barium salts and compounds used in the spraying, we cannot determine the properties. We haven't a clue as to what this spraying is all about. Sure, there are many possibilities, but no sound conclusions to be drawn.

Let's take a look at what we do know. The skies are being sprayed before a front comes through. Day and night, the spraying continues. Occasionally, the spraying continues even if there is no front on the way. And to add insult to possible injury, the skies remain clouded even during non-spraying times.

I've been an amateur astronomer for many years. I moved to the country, the REAL country, three years ago. The skies here are unbelievable for viewing. No light noise at all. None. We are far enough from cities and shopping areas to have a clear look at the Milky Way on a clear night.

Lately though, there is no such clear night. The Moon has a halo around it similar to the Sun after spraying. Enough to cloud up the telescope with sufficient light filtering to take the joy out of being outside in four feet of snow and subzero temperatures so that I may see the Seven Sisters [Pleiades] and various nearby bright galaxies. No longer. So the spraying has left its mark on our skies even when there is no spraying. Not good. Not good at all.

Radio communications appears to be affected as well. Whilst there is no firm proof that spraying is the culprit, the evidence points in that direction. Bizarre radio communications glitches take place all the time; such that we've never seen this happen before under any condition of the sun-spot cycle. To say this is strange is an understatement.

Perhaps the combination of spraying and HAARP combine to effect these bizarre happenings. I don't know for sure.

On March 4, 2005, the spraying was very heavy. Attached is a photo for your viewing.

Believe it or not, that bright spot in the middle of the fourth wire from the top, is the sun. Really.

And we began the day with the wonderfully blue sky shown above.


There are several damnably interesting things about the aircraft leaving these trails. For one thing, they are flying at a phenomenal altitude. Even the jumbo jets on the way from Boston and New York have reached altitude and these commercial jumbo jets are well beneath the chemspray aircraft.

Even so, these aircraft are flying at a very high speed. You can tell this because the commercial airliners are traveling much slower than the spraying aircraft. And they are well under them.

In addition, the aircraft are not only flying at a high altitude, but they leave NO NOISE behind. None! This in itself is most amazing, as even the jet aircraft flying from Europe to the West Coast of the United States, also flying at a high altitude, always leave their sound behind them, reaching the ground long after the plane is overhead.

But not the spraying aircraft. This equipment must be very special indeed. No sound, flying much faster than their commercial counterparts and at a much higher altitude and completely silent.

This is what we know. We know lots more, but the point to be made here is what we don't know. And what we don't know is why they spray, what they are spraying and how the equipment used is so vastly different from commercial equipment. Silent. High flying. Fast. Leaving behind God knows what. For God knows what reasons.

Seems to this writer that the screen of secrecy on this phenomena is higher than usual. We want to know why. We are entitled to know why. Yet, the lemmings who are citizens of this and other nations remain silent. Rarely looking up. And rarely giving a rat's behind. Maybe these planes are spraying lemming juice. Maybe.

Jim Mortellaro
from Nicholas:
From: Nicholas Costanza
To: Lou & Dr. Bob Wynman
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 9:40 AM
Subject: Re: Chemtrails Blocking the Sun???!?--poll requested

Dear Bob
     Looks like no one is interested in chem trails. I personally can't see our goverment doing something like that on purpose. But if it is true, what can you do about it? I guess the only thing we can do is stick our heads in some sand and kiss our you know what goodbye!
from carlanne:
To answer your poll:
1.  Definitely intentional
2.  Combination of all of the above.......
3.  Definitely to weaken immune system for forthcoming flu epidemic they have planned for us and forced vaccines which will only worsen it.  That coupled with Codex which is set to go down in this country "soon" primes us like sitting ducks.
Just my thoughts - but think the above scenario is the most probable one and ties in with those 40+ dead microbiologists.

from Brian:
 Hi Bob + Lou:
 You were asking for input:
 1--Have you noticed these white trails, laid down in your skies in
 crosshatched patterns that spread out & cover your sky?  (if yes, where on
 the planet have you observed them?)
 YES: plus any other areas visited - but then
 again I am always looking...

 2--If yes, do you believe them to be:
     A--ConTrails (condensed water vapor, ice from the normal functioning
 jet engines)?
     B--ChemTrails (intentionally-sprayed chemicals)?
     C--Non-existent or imaginary?
 B - The illegal high altitude spraying by large military type aircraft of
 unknown substances - commonly referred to as 'chemtrails' - that is unless
 there is an occasional mis-identification.
 3--If yes, who do you believe is responsible for sending those planes up?
     A--Your government?
     B--The military/industrial complex?
     C--The pharmaceutical/medical corporate bureaucracy?
     D--New World Order/Illuminati Power elite?
 E - All of the above... because it could not take place without the
 approval or participation of all listed.  Perhaps all staffed and crewed
 by - well, another time...

 4--If yes, what's the purpose/intent?
     A--Benevolent weather control in order to prevent greenhouse effect,
 save the polar ice caps, etc.?
     B--Malevolent weather control for warfare purposes?
     D--De-population by means of weakening immune systems, spreading
 E - Again - all of the above at different times and places - certainly
 when combined with other advanced technologies.
 On the subject of health:
 This evening my wife and I watched the local CKVR TV "news" as we had
 dinner - mostly for more on the Alberta Mounties story.  But then they
 trotted out one of their "health specialists" - Dr. Geoffrey Bond:
 He explained the latest health problem besetting the good folk of the
 viewing area: "walking pneumonia" - enter that in the quotes in Google.
 Read this one that is more or less a transcript of the local copycat show:
 Sound familiar?
 Now Google this: "walking pneumonia" chemtrail
 The good TV Doctor might find this (for example) of interest:;read=64231
 Cough, cough...
 Best regards,
 "If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed;
  if you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed."
              - attributed to Mark Twain (1835-1910)
my reply to Ralph:
Yes, Ralph, if it's been measured it's fact, if not, it's opinion.  Seems
like the chemtrail thing is mostly opinion.

However, the theory that they're just normal contrails from regular
scheduled commercial jet flights does not explain the facts that:

1--on those two days in January on the Colorado River, the weather
conditions, as far as I could tell from & from observations
from the ground, was pretty much the same as it had been for the week before
& was during the week after.

2--on those two days in January on the Colorado River, planes deposited
white trails in a cross-hatched grid across the entire sky & those white
trails remained & spread over the entire sky, dropping the temperature &
causing Lou & me forgo our usual shorts & t-shirt attire in favor of long
pants & jackets.

3--on the rest of the days we stayed in that location  ... in other
locations, including back home at Tahoe, we observed the normal amount of
random jet traffic, which

    a--left white trails that dissipated within minutes or an hour & which
did not expand to cover the sky
    b--did NOT fly in parallel/perpendicular grid patterns.

I'd much prefer to believe that your idea is accurate & after not seeing any
of whatever they are for over a month, but after seeing the same routine
repeated again two days ago, I'm again concerned & a bit frustrated by my
lack of ability to explain what's happening ... & the experimental research
you suggest is even less likely to be done to prove your theory, since
proving that the chemtrails don't exist would not create any literary

Interesting times.


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From: "Ralph"To: "Lou & Dr. Bob Wynman"
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 2:56 PM
Subject: Re: Chemtrails Blocking the Sun???!?--poll requested

Struck me after I wrote this that there's a precedent to the theorizing.
Anciently, men unable to comprehend the structure of objects in the
sky, sun, moon, comets and stars came up with a theory that they were
gods.  Some good, some evil.  There was no way to prove that divinity,
but if they expounded that theory sufficiently, people began to accept
it as truth.
Then along came science and whole slew of new theories came forth by
folks like Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and slews of others whose
theories all pretty much supported everyone else's.  You might say that
all of that was proved when we orbited earth, then the moon, then other
Today nobody fears the sun, moon or distant comets.  They aren't gods;
they are just matter.  The old, old theories were all debunked. We know
what the stuff in the sky really is.
The way to prove that the white lines in the sky are either contrails
or evil chemtrails, by scientific analysis, is a walk in the park
compared to putting an artificial satellite into orbit.  It can be
done.  Figure a cost of $20,000.  Maybe twice that, if they want to go
crazy on the sampling gear.  No matter which figure you pick, if the
theorizer proved chemtrails, the book sale royalties to him would make
him over 100 to one on that investment!
But instead of spending that to prove their point, the theorizers just
keep theorizing and expounding.  Seems to be a very deep sort of
non-scientific, societal regression to me.
You had to have studied science to have held your profession.  You can
differentiate between fact and theory.   I've yet to find anyone
willing to put their money where their mouth is on the chemtrail
theory.  And that bothers me, as I'd really like to know - one way or
the other.  But I'm not about to see evil on unsubstantiated theory.
There's plenty of evil for me to think on, where fact is quite
from Louise:
From: Zeus
To: Lou & Dr. Bob Wynman
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 7:30 AM
Subject: Re: Chemtrails Blocking the Sun???!?--poll requested

If you do a search on Google
you will come up with more than a million references to chemtrails.  I think they are a combination of weather control and contain something to make us more docile as well as weaken our immune systems ready for anything else (such as flu pathogens) that will be sprayed (depopulation).  People say barium and aluminium oxide is in the trails.  I can send you some emails and pictures as I have been watching this since the Iraq war when it really started.  Really make me sick and of course impossible to be a 'breatharian' with such filthy air.  The other day I found all this white powder on my car!
I should have scraped it off and sent it to a lab!  Then it recently snowed on and off here in London and afterwards I found white wet marks that had dried all over the car - snow doesn't leave white marks!  So goodness knows what was in that.  When I went to another part of Britain a few weeks ago I saw the spraying there too - so it is all over and apparently in many countries.  Can you imagine how much this must cost?   What a shameful waste of money!
I also noticed there was intensive aerosol spraying as you describe in November 2003 when there was a flu epidemic in the UK and I feel sure that it was something in the air that filtered down and was breathed in.  You have to make sure you breath through your nose only when you go out in this air.  It's an outrageous scandal just like the virus fraud (a further Zeus email on this subject coming out to you shortly!)
All best,
from Mike:
From: "mike whatley" <>
To: "Lou & Dr. Bob Wynman" <>
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2005 2:49 AM
Subject: Re: Chemtrails Blocking the Sun???!?--poll requested

> Bob,
>    I have witnessed the contrails most of my 50 plus
> years. I have also noticed weather changes all of my
> 50 plus years. Growing up between 4 major airports,
> ironically 1 east, 1 west, 1 north, and one south of
> where I lived, I always figured the location of said
> airports were the reason the contrails "crosshatched"
> the sky. When the weather changed, I always figured
> golly, the weather changed (which it also did on the
> rare days there were no contrails). When the contrails
> changed as far as speed of dissipation or width of
> appearance, I figured the upper air winds were
> responsible. I have no knowledge of anything tying
> these 'phenoms' together altho I am sure some believe
> it. For me? Nah, I prefer to put my efforts toward
> things I can do something about.
> Mike
from Cheryl:
Hi Bob,
I haven't seen anything like these chemtrails anywhere I travel, which is mainly between Roseville and Natomas, and down to the Monterey Peninsula.