Betreff: Exclusive interview with Dr. Blaylock on chemicals in your food

Von: Dorothee Krien

Datum: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 18:27:41 +0100



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Dear readers,


Were you aware that food companies add chemicals to their products that stimulate hunger and disrupt normal appetite control?


It's a clever (but downright devious) strategy for selling more food and boosting the profits of food corporations.


But the truth about these chemicals -- known as excitotoxins -- is never explained to consumers. The food companies don't want you to know that these chemicals cause obesity, infertility, migraines and cancer, among other health problems.


Dirty food company secrets revealed!

Now, in an exclusive Mike Adams interview, Dr. Russell Blaylock reveals the startling truth about these common taste-enhancing chemicals: monosodium glutamate, aspartame, yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed proteins and more!


Download the full interview right now at:


In this tell-all interview, you'll learn:  

... and much more. Read it yourself at:



Check your food labels now
How common are these dangerous ingredients? Check the ingredients labels of the food in your pantry right now. Look for yeast extract, aspartame or monosodium glutamate. Also check for any ingredient that's hydrolyzed or autolyzed. If you spot any of these, you have excitotoxins in your food!


You'll find these excitotoxins in:  

As Dr. Russell Blaylock explains, these excitotoxin ingredients are known to promote:

If you suffer from any of these symptoms or conditions, it is imperative that you download and read this interview today . Get it at:

(Adobe Acrobat reader required.)

To your health,
- Mike Adams
Consumer health advocate


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