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Von: Eileen O'Connor

Datum: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 18:35:18 -0000



Dear Amy


I am a trustee for the EM Radiation Research Trust in the UK , founder of SCRAM .


I’m also in touch with Bill Curry, do you want me to forward your communication to him?


I am a victim to long term exposure to radiation from a phone mast. Almost five years ago I developed breast cancer at the age of 38 with no history of breast cancer in my family and living a healthy life style..


I am almost scared to say that I am now almost five years clear of this terrible disease and it had an enormous impact on my life and the lives of my family. It has been a long hard battle not only against breast cancer, but also against the insensitive siting of the T-Mobile phone mast which was 100 metres from my home.  I now live in a cancer cluster which is one of many we have since discovered around phone masts after long term exposure.  Thankfully the T-Mobile mast was torn down on 5th November 2003, go to the following link for more information:


I have continued to campaign 24/7 and am now at the highest level. I am now a member of the EMF Discussion Group which is chaired by Sir William Stewart, Chairman for the Health Protection Agency for the UK; please see enclosed details which include a link to minutes of our first meeting in March. 

The EMF DG recently met on16th October, 2006 at the Health Protection Agency in London.  I gave a presentation to the group on mobile phone masts and health concerns. You can view this presentation on the Radiation Research Trust website.


If only I'd known about the research in connection with EMF's, I might have realised that it is not a good idea to live 100 metres from a 22.5 metre phone mast. Out of our tiny hamlet in Wishaw four other ladies developed breast cancer at the same time out of the 18 houses around surrounding the mast and one man died of motor neurone disease. I had been living next to the mast for over seven years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. If only I had been told about the dangers, I might have realised that the years of suffering with sleep problems, headaches, vertigo, skin rashes, heart palpitations and low white blood cells had all been connected to radiation from the phone mast. I now realise that I am electro-sensitive mainly to microwave frequencies from phone masts and DECT phones.


I have since campaigned constantly visiting the UK Parliament constantly and have met many MPs, including Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt and Solicitor General Mike O'Brien. Our Prime Minister Tony Blair has refused to meet with me despite many requests from a number of MPs.  He was quoted in the Birmingham Evening Mail as saying "he was more concerned about the damages to business and industry", could this have anything to do with the £22.5 billion pounds they took selling the licences to the phone industry? 


I have given evidence at many Inquires in the UK and have visited the European Parliament in Brussels with Professor Olle Johansson and Dr Gerd Oberfeld.


Sadly as you know Wishaw is not the only cancer cluster around phone masts we have since gone on to discover many throughout the UK and the world.


A UK Ex-Government Military Scientist Barrie Trower, trained spies in microwave warfare and has given out the following statement:


"This Government, some of the Government Scientists and this Industry will be responsible for more deaths in peace time than any terrorist group in the world ever!"


I have enclosed a short 8 minute film which is worth watching, just click on the flag and wait a few minutes for it to download, it will give you an idea of the campaign in the UK. It has now been translated into French, German and Spanish.


Thank you to French – “Next up” Campaign Group for translating the enclosed film into other languages for people around the world to view. The film was produced by a group of media students from the University of Central England and captures the phone mast campaign in the UK.





   Version FRANCAISE et/and ENGLISH   




   Version DEUTSCHE und/and ENGLISH




Please let me know if you wish to be included on my regular e-mail list, I would be happy to send out a call for people to send you their information and stories.


Kind Regards

Eileen O’Connor

Trustee – EM Radiation Research Trust   



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   Dr. Mercola obviously needs some educating. I thought at least two people contacted you because they c/c'd me on it. I've sent this to them again. Shivani and Klaus and Eileen, this is a reporter from the Idaho Observer in the US covering the EMF issue looking for people who have been adversly affected by cell towers, etc. Please everyone connect up...


Hi Blake,

I wanted to share with you Dr. Mercola's ghastly celebration of a future world so radiation-toxic that--as you say, surely few of us will survive. Mercola, who sells vitamins at cutthroat prices and who complains fanatically about trans fats and vaccines etc., is apparently nothing more than a microwave junkie. Ha. Hope it is HIS house that is next to the new Wi-Max transmitters he so hugely adores. He advertises at his site those idiot air lock head sets which are purported to protect callers from cell phone radiation. I ordered one to test and confirmed that radiation just pours out of the earpiece--a total scam as is the Bio-Pro.

No one on your list contacted me for my story, but thanks so much for trying to help. By the way can you send info on the NIOSH guy Joe Bowman per this April e-mail. Thanks. I wonder what Bill Curry is doing these days? I now know a crowd of people with brain tumors or early-onset dementia and nearly every family I know has someone dying of cancer or a member afflicted with some awful chronic disease. Meantime our microwave planners have only just begun.

Amy Worthington