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The $100 billion a year mobile phone industry asserts that there is no conclusive evidence of harmful effects as a result of electromagnetic radiation. After being exposed to electromagnetic fields that are typical for mobile phones, the cells showed a significant increase in single and double-strand DNA breaks. The damage could not always be repaired by the cell. DNA carries the genetic material of an organism and its different cells. "There was remaining damage for future generation of cells," said project leader Franz Adlkofer. This means the change had procreated. Mutated cells are seen as a possible cause of cancer. "cell phone" radiation dna damage sar "cell phone" radiation sterility "doctor strangelove" "purity of essence" fluoridation sterility fluorosis sterility fluorosis cancer "cell phone" radiation numb numbness swollen and not : treatment treatments AltaVista found 220,000 results
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Cell Phone Facts - Consumer Information on Wireless
Phones (Information Provided By: FDA and FCC) ...
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value for my wireless
... can permanently damage biological tissues
including DNA, the genetic ... Often the term
radiation is used when discussing ionizing ...

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... to mobile / cell phone radiation and check if ...
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Radiation Hazards Cell Phones & Laws Tumor Lawsuits
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Mobile Phone Antennas and Human Health Questions and answers about whether mobile phone base station antennas are a risk to human health. ... Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) Base Stations and Human Health ... Author: John Moulder, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisc, U.S.A. ...
Cell phone radiation chart - CNET reviews Cell phone radiation - CNET Reviews not only brings you the best prices and reviews on phones but also mobile phone radiation charts and cellular phone radiation readings. ... (Updated January 25, 2005) Cell phone radiation levels ... this list are we in no way implying that cell-phone use is or isn't harmful to your health ...
celluSAFE Health - Cellular Radiation Linked to Brain
Cancer, Brain Tumors, Damaged DNA
Cell Phones linked to Cancer and other dangerous
health risks. Protect yourself and your family from
harmful electromagnetic radiation (emf) with
celluSAFE's Antenna Radiation Shield. > News > Technology -- Mobile phone radiation harms DNA, new study finds Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA in laboratory conditions, according to a new study majority-funded by the European Union, researchers said on Monday. ... the SAR limit recommended by the International Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection ... Click here for. cell phone alerts ... "cell phone" radiation sterility AltaVista found 45 results Peak Oil News and Message Boards >> Forums >> Open Discussion >> Cell Phone Radiation Harms DNA ... ... Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 10:12 pm Post subject: Cell Phone Radiation Harms DNA ... heat from laptops is causing sterility--or low sperm county--so really, temporary sterility ...

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Electromagnetic Radiation Health Risks

... be a cell-phone user to become exposed to the
radiation. You ... injuries, temporary and permanent
sterility, internal bleeding and other ... were found
with reduced sperm count. In a second ...
Electromagnetic Fields and Cell Phones 12/28/02 "doctor strangelove" "purity of essence" AltaVista found 19 results Dr. Strangelove - Movie Review and Sounds Review of the movie Dr. Strangelove. Also includes wave sound files and an avi video clip. ... The recall prefix is OPE, a variation of Purity of Essence that General Ripper was so worried about ...

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... 82 pure, essential – Doctor Strangelove, the code
for abort is "Purity of Essence" and refers to
fluoride in the tap ... DR STRANGELOVE. It's a variation on Peace on Earth or Purity of Essence. EOP. OPE. It's one of those...Don't you know that General ...

* fluoridation sterility AltaVista found 263 results Fluoridation: A Horror Story. By Wade Frazier ...
the hazards of fluoride are dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, sterility, birth defects, cancer and brain damage ... Pacific Naturopathic Retreat Center - Hawaii Toxic Chemicals Added To Our Drinking Water ... accounting for industrial fluoride pollution and water fluoridation, probably everyone is exposed to some form of ... Other symptoms of fluorosis include loss of appetite and sterility. ... Lunatic Conspiracy Targets -- Tap Water? ... No matter that the fluoridation of tap water reduces tooth decay ... claim that fluoridation contributes to a medley of health problems, from broken bones to sterility. But the ... Your Health and Sanity In The Age of Treason - "Tame" American Minds - Chapter 4 ... devised other means of vitiating the populace. Fluoridation of drinking water was found to be about the most ... water medication that would produce sterility in the women(2) and so ...
Flouride Menu ... my book, The Truth About Water Fluoridation, to the effect that the idea of water fluoridation was brought ... by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on ...

* fluorosis sterility AltaVista found 137 results Histopathology of myocardial damage in experimental fluorosis in rabbits ... HISTOPATHOLOGY OF MYOCARDIAL DAMAGE. IN EXPERIMENTAL FLUOROSIS IN RABBITS ... 6. functional sterility, 7,8 ...


1970 - 1971 Fluoride Abstracts. Fluoride Action
Network Pesticide Project.

... long periods, it was found that long-term
treatment periods significantly increased sterility.
... GL Waldbott GL and VA Cecilioni: "Neighborhood"
Fluorosis. Clinical Toxicology 2:387 ... ^ Nat'l Academies Press, Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride (1993), REFERENCES ...I Public Health Dental caries...

* fluorosis cancer AltaVista found 19,400 results Fluoridation - when the panacea becomes the poison...published abstracts The sign of fluoride over-dose (dental fluorosis) is now pandemic in fluoridated areas. When the panacea becomes the poison, when is it appropriate to stop? ... over-rated?, Dental Fluorosis, Bone, Neurological, Cancer/mutagenicity, Reproductive, Health Effects ...

^ fluorosis cancer AltaVista found 19,400 results Healthy Choices - Public Health Service Report on Fluoride Risks ... with "mottled teeth," or dental fluorosis, experienced fewer dental caries than persons ... possible health effects-cancer, effects on bone, and dental fluorosis-were addressed in ...


Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to
drinking water

... Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) has been shown to be
associated with radium in the ... dependent
relationship between the prevalence/severity of dental
fluorosis and fluoride ingestion ... ^ MAJOR FINDINGS1 ... conditions evaluated in relation to fluoride intake are cancer, dental fluorosis, and bone fractures ... relative mortality rates from cancer, including cancer of the bones and joints ... * " British Scientists Demand Cell Phone Warnings " By Kirstin Ridley 1-12-98 LONDON (Reuters) - British scientists are demanding that mobile telephones, an indispensable tool for millions, carry a health warning. Amid an explosive growth of mobile communications, concerns are mounting about cellular telephones' potential links to health problems ranging from headaches to brain tumors. ``In my opinion, and in the opinion of many scientists, anyone who uses a mobile telephone for more than 20 minutes [ seconds ] at a time needs to have their brain tested,'' bio-electromagnetics scientist Roger Coghill said. Coghill, who runs an independent research laboratory in Wales, plans to launch private criminal proceedings against a local cellular distributor in a test case seeking to establish a breach of consumer protection laws. Scientists say electromagnetic radiation from cellphones warms brain tissue and that some strains of mice developed cancer in tests in Australia and Finland while others became disoriented. But, despite research around the world, it is still unproven [ bullshit ] that cellular phones pose a human health risk. ``We can't categorically prove they will not harm you but that is not the same as saying they will harm you,'' a spokesman for Britain's biggest mobile phone company, Vodafone, said. ``There is no evidence anywhere in the world that suggests there is any cause for concern.'' Coghill demands what he calls a ``responsible'' attitude from industry and, as with health warnings on cigarette packs, calls a warning label on cellphone handsets [ to what effect ??? ] a ``reasonable, precautionary step.'' ``Mobile telephones are arguably the most radiative appliance we have ever invented apart from the microwave oven and people are putting them by their heads -- arguably the most sensitive part of the body,'' he told a news conference. HEALTH HAZARD OR HYSTERIA? The electromagnetic energy that fuels a cellphone is microwave radiation pulsing from its antenna. Human brains may absorb up to 60 percent of that energy, and although some researchers say those levels are far from hazardous, they are near the top end of international safety recommendations. Cellphone users have reported physical symptoms ranging from lack of concentration, headaches, numb skin and memory loss to brain tumors, which they said might be linked to prolonged use of mobile telephones. A telecommunications engineer in his late 30s, who requested anonymity, said he suffered a severe loss of short-term memory. Within months of using a digital mobile telephone up to six hours per day in 1995, he said, he started suffering from twitching eyes and numbness on the side of his head. [ EXACYTL Y!!! only it took *two * seconds for the numbness.. forty seconds for the tearing of the eyes] He has since been diagnosed with brain damage. ``I have been off work for 18 months but it only seems like three or four weeks,'' he said slowly. ``Tomorrow I won't remember what happened today.'' New Zealand biophysicist Neil Cherry says artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can pose a health risk. ``There is a growing body of scientific research which shows that very low, non-thermal levels of radio frequency and microwave radiation alters the basic biochemistry of cells, which have a potential to cause altered brain function, carcinogenesis and impaired immune system functioning,'' he said. WEIGHING THE RISKS The approved level of cellphone radiation is set by international bodies. In Britain, the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) -- an independent, statutory group -- sets the standards. Recommended radiation limits are measured in ` `specific absorption rates'' -- the amount of radiation absorbed averaged over one gram of tissue. The NRPB, which says the vast majority of studies have shown radiation levels from cellphones are too low to harm humans, recommends a limit of 10 milliwatts per gram. Proposed European guidelines are five times more stringent. [ good for them .. zero radiatoin is the ONLY way given the amount ofd radiation and the SAR ] Despite industry denials of any risks, public concern has prompted manufacturers to develop low-radiation phones [ AERO .. do you hear me .. AERO AERO .. NADA ZIP ... NOTHING sudden darth from cell phone syndrome..] and protective covers to shield users from much of the radiation. Some companies, such as London-based luxury gift store Asprey, already try to ensure mobile telephones used by its employees carry protective shields that cut down radiation levels. Some scientists say drivers who hang on their phones are among those at highest risk -- and not just because they could crash. A car acts like a metal cage and kick-starts cellphones' power levels so they can blast their signals to the nearest base station. [ WOW !!!! ] Some car manufacturers warn in their instruction manuals against using hand-held mobile phones without a separate external aerial fitted to the vehicle. Most are more concerned that the electromagnetic emissions from cellphones not designed or fitted to comply specifically with cars might interfere with the vehicle's delicate electronics. Others report they are also working on adding a direct health warning. THE ``LOW-TAR CIGARETTE'' OPTION But as cellphones come out of yuppie ghettos onto the mass market, some users are becoming increasingly addicted. Robby Walford, a 34-year-old flooring and carpets specialist, used a mobile phone up to four hours a day before being diagnosed as suffering from acoustic neuroma, a benign brain tumor. That was four years ago. But he still uses a cellphone now -- albeit with a radiation shield. ``My business relies on it,'' he said. London-based Microshield Industries Plc is among those to have developed a cellphone shield. It has a polyester-nickel layer, slips over the phone and the company says it filters out most emissions. But having been threatened with legal action by a cellphone manufacturer over allegations in its sales brochure, the firm says it is having trouble breaking into stores and can only sell its product via mail order and in some drug stores. Seeking to placate the cellphone industry, a spokesman said: ` `People won't stop using mobile telephones. We're offering people, in effect, a low-tar cigarette.'' [ ZERO tar ???.. READ my LIPS.. ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO radiation .. ZEEEEERO .. got it ? ] ^REUTERS@