Betreff: Breast cancer....heating pads on "list of suspects?"
Datum: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 02:14:11 EDT

Dear Olle:   Robert Riedlinger wrote yesterday about the possibility of Presidential Candidate John Edwards becoming involved in the EMF issue since his wife, Elizabeth's breast cancer has reoccurred.
Robert's email coincided with a conversation I had yesterday with one of my brothers.  His wife has been battling breast cancer for many years.  Her cancer spread to her liver years ago.  She suspected a radio tower as cause of her cancer. 
My brother mentioned his wife is suffering from terrible leg pains that they figure are probably "restless leg syndrome."   He also said his wife uses a heating pad whether sleeping in bed or on the couch.
I had reminded him that her bed remains up against the kitchen wall opposite refrigerator and also microwave clock when he brought up the subject of the heating pad.  I had managed to convince his wife, an RN in the obstetrical field, not to use an electric blanket but had no idea she would then rely on a heating pad.
I am now wondering how many women are using heating pads for menstral pain, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.?   When curling up in bed with a heating pad covering abdominal area, one breast or the other may be either on or very close to the heating pad.   The larger the involved breast, the closer to the source of not only prolonged heat even on low level (higher than one's natural body temp), but also the electric currents and magnetic field. 
I will be writing to the Edwards soon enquiring as to possible, close, bedside electrical items or telephone equipment.      Take care  -  Joanne
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