Breakthrough?  Asks ES-UK (charity 1103018) June ‘06


Potentially yes. Why only potentially we hear you cry? Well because on issues of this level of size and importance, with recognised implications, things only change mightily slowly, against extreme resistance. There is a counter-force that comes from resisting authorities and hundreds of millions of pounds of invested capital used to creaking and groaning with exuberant growth. Like a muscle–bound superman tearing off his garments as he expands, and not willing to be thwarted, we mean the Telecoms industry principally. Everything then depends on getting a fair examination of the unfolding science, a reasoning media and then application of the lessons learned.

So quite a few IFs and BUTs you could say, are in prospect.


Mixing our visual metaphors, just for fun; we are the little terrier with our teeth sunk firmly in the giant foot. The wind will start whistling out of his self-inflation as our scientific grip bites ever harder; any slight collapse, even a faltering in growth rate, is a significant event. A portent of limits.


Will it happen?


The formation of this new discussion group is key, the EMF-DG (Public info copied below) means there is at the least now a forum, a place and time where our issue is ‘on the table’, taken seriously, by scientists, with a view to developing ‘precautionary advice’. ‘Old Bill’, which is how I feel like warmly describing Sir William Stewart, has never wavered from his view that rapid expansion, of at least the microwave/mobiles aspect of our fears, should follow the ‘precautionary principle’.

‘Lamentably ignored’, as he said this has been in the reckless gold rush of new applications, and with his MTHR report cherry-picked as it also has been, nevertheless his estimation of the possibilities of health effects is still there. No ‘clean sheet’ bill of health has ever been issued by the HPA on mobile microwave technology and now with this, it is consideration of all exposures to electromagnetic fields as potentially carrying health risks.


 Read for yourself online if you can at:


EMF DG (here are some extensively edited minutes for those unable to get them printed off by a friend or family member)


Electromagnetic Fields Discussion Group (EMFDG)


Establishment and terms of reference

The Radiation Protection Division (RPD) of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has established a discussion group on electromagnetic fields (EMFs). The Electromagnetic Fields Discussion Group (EMFDG) is chaired by Sir William Stewart, FRS, FRSE, the chairman of the HPA. The RPD has a responsibility to give advice on protection standards for EMFs. It also needs to ensure that when information is presented to the public, it should be informative and address any concerns. It is intended that the Group should contribute to how such advice is formulated and presented.




Sir William Stewart (HPA)


Dr John Stather (HPA)


Mr Mike Bell (Chairman, EM Radiation Research Trust)
Dr Mike Clark (HPA)
Mr Andy Davidson (Tetrawatch)
Mr Michael Dolan (Mobile Operators Association)
Professor Denis Henshaw (University of Bristol)
Mr George Hooker (Department of Health)
Dr Myron Maslanyj (HPA)
Dr Jill Meara (HPA)
Mr Alan Meyer (Mast Action UK Services)
Professor Mike O’Carroll (Chairman, Revolt)
Mrs Eileen O’Connor (EM Radiation Research Trust)
Mr Alasdair Philips (Powerwatch)
Professor Alan Preece (University of Bristol)
Dr Zenon Sienkiewicz (HPA)
Mrs Anne Silk
Dr John Swanson (National Grid Transco)
Mr Chris Woollams (CANCERactive)  


Notes of meetings held are available.

Adobe PDF fileMeeting of 2 March 2006 (PDF, 94 KB, 8 pages)(here heavily edited)


Welcome and Work of the EMF Discussion Group

The Chairman welcomed Members to the first meeting of the Electromagnetic Fields Discussion Group (EMFDG). He said the Members he had invited to participate in the work of the Group had considerable expertise in relation to addressing possible health effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

They could provide a valuable input to the development and communication of Health Protection Agency (HPA) advice to the public in this area.

The members had a range of views on the health effects of EMFs.

It was important to keep the size of the group to a manageable number to enable a constructive debate.

The work of the Group is expected to cover the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum up to, but not including optical frequencies.

Sir William proposed that the terms of reference for the work of the Group should be:

to provide a forum for considering possible health concerns related to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and to provide an input to the development of HPA advice.

The RPD has a primary responsibility to provide a scientific view of how various radiations across the EMF spectrum can affect public health.(They advise the Dept of Health which advises GPs etc., ES-UK)  RPD also has a responsibility to ensure that when information is presented to the public, it should be informative and address any concerns.

Members agreed these terms of reference for the EMFDG.

RPD Report on Electrical Sensitivity (By Dr Neil Irvine, last year)

The document considered the definition of electrical sensitivity (ES) in terms of the subjective attribution of symptoms to exposure to EMFs at levels below those shown to cause adverse health effects and on which exposure standards had been established.


1 It was agreed that it was a step forward that this important report acknowledged that the condition of hypersensitivity exists (but causal links to EMFs are not, ES-UK) and that it affects some people in the population. The numbers of people affected in the UK are, however, largely unknown but it was thought by some members to be more than a few per million and could be a few per hundred.

 Some members felt it important that the condition is recognised and that means of prevention are further developed.

Various approaches to treatment have been tested and others are possible. The extent to which ES could be attributed to the presence of powerlines, radiofrequencies or other sources of EMFs was not clear, but hypersensitivity is known to be a serious problem for some people and these need help.

2 There was some concern that ES was being treated simply as a psychological disorder but some members expressed the view that the physical nature of the symptoms meant that it was more than that. Symptoms that appear to be caused by the condition included skin rashes, itching and head pains. EMFs may well not be the only possible factor in the development of ES; diet as well as other environmental factors and psychological triggering could also be involved.

In addition, people may have some underlying clinical symptoms, which could be exacerbated by the presence of EMFs or other agents, such as fluorescent lights or chemicals in the home. This needed to be examined further.

3 There was comment that the RPD document was limited in the extent of its coverage of the condition and that very few people have actually been checked for symptoms and sensitivity. It was clear, however, that there are people who do physically suffer, although the exact cause is not clear. Ethical aspects of nonvoluntary exposure to stressors (in the widest interpretation of the term) needs to be considered. (such as hurting ES people in the tests at Essex and Kings College, ES-UK)

4 It was noted that the report had not been able to access non-English language literature. Some members considered that this may cause bias in the coverage of the subject but was inevitable given the constraints of the project. (German and Swedish material largely ignored, ES-UK)

5 An Expert Group had been set up in Sweden to review the issue of ES. It had acknowledged that there was a syndrome that did need to be dealt with and methods of treatment developed. This was, therefore, considered to be a condition that could be defined, although at present it was not possible to fully identify the cause.

6 It was noted that at the Press Conference when the RPD report was launched, many of the media representatives had the view that concern about ES was being very much overstated. The journalists at the press conference were surprisingly unsympathetic and cynical about the need to advise people how to reduce domestic exposures. It was noted that speculation in the media on the content of the report before it was published may have impacted on the response itself. (or because the industry is lobbying the media, remember ‘Psychotic crap’ etc. ES-UK)

7 The hypersensitivity studies funded within the MTHR programme have had difficulties in recruiting sufficient numbers of volunteers. Some potential volunteers would not take part because of the experimental design involving increases in exposure that they considered would increase their symptoms. (Because it makes them ill in fact, ES-UK)

Other designs without this requirement may be possible. Those wishing to volunteer should make contact through Nigel Cridland at RPD, Chilton, who is the scientific co-ordinator of MTHR.

It may also be possible to carry out behavioural studies and to visit people in their homes to conduct studies there, rather than use the laboratory.

There appeared to be some analogies between ES and stress, both of which are factors in ill health and affect well-being. Some people are affected by environmental factors that they do not understand and it is often not possible to alleviate the symptoms by counselling. Various approaches have been used to alleviate the symptoms of ES. It should be possible to learn from anyone who had ES and recovered what might be appropriate to treat other people with similar conditions.

 The Chairman said that it was important that the RPD report had been published and that it acknowledged the condition of hypersensitivity existed, although it is not yet clear what are the various factors that trigger its development. There is an urgent need to fully understand the mechanisms involved. (For them ES cannot happen unless they know how, absurd, ES-UK) Required for the future are carefully designed and controlled studies to examine features of ES and how they might be caused and treated. Whilst this was not necessarily a role for RPD it may be one for the HPA that has a much broader remit than radiation protection and should be concerned with the well-being of members of the public. (Here they are desperate to avoid radiation as the cause, ES-UK)

If there are ways to control the condition of hypersensitivity, HPA should be able to consider how best to collate information on treatments that have been reported as being helpful.


 DECT Phones Questions were raised about the signals from DECT phones that are widely used in the home

 Ultrasound and Infrasound

Concerns have been raised about exposures to ultrasound and infrasound and how these are addressed. End of EMF-DG report summary.


Never forget however, say ES-UK as we reported from US Professor Michaels in our last Newsletter:


“DOUBT Is Their Product, says Michaels, scientific uncertainty is being deliberately created, manufactured, he claims, by profitable corporations to protect their activities from interfering public interest health regulation.”


What comes out of these discussions depends largely on what goes in.


And also on the politics;


For instance as said on the Mast-Victims home page by:

 Professor G J Hyland


Associate Fellow, Department of Physics, University of Warwick*, UK. Executive Member, International Institute of Biophysics*

Neuss-Holzheim, Germany.


“Sadly, people cannot rely on the protection of their governments in this field of environmental pollution, since governments freely admit to a vested interest in continuing to promote the growth of mobile telephony. In the UK, for example, the Government netted £22.5 Billion from the auction of the 3G licences, whilst the annual revenue from mobile telephony is currently around £15 Billion; clearly, it is in governments' interests not to find any problems with this bounteous technology.


Accordingly, we have, in the UK, the obscene spectacle of the government body responsible for protecting the public from adverse effects of electromagnetic exposure the HPA-RD (the old National Radiological Protection Board, NRPB) being engaged by the mobile phone industry to speak at meetings in support of the safety of their products: the industry knows that it will not be disappointed.


Neither can the public expect an unbiased hearing either in Public Inquiries or in the Civil Courts. For the whole procedure is biased in favour of the Industry, since a judgement against the phone companies would have potentially serious consequences not only for the continued, effectively unregulated expansion of mobile telecommunications, but also, more importantly, on government revenue - a situation that will not be allowed to happen, as has repeatedly been demonstrated.


Given their experience with official cover-ups in the case of BSE/CJD - with initial assurances of no risk and subsequent revelations of cover-ups - the public is now understandably wary of safety assurances from 'official' scientific sources in the case of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Quite justifiably, the public remains sceptical of attempts by governments and the mobile phone industry to reassure them that all is well, particularly given the unethical way in which they often operate symbiotically so as to promote their own vested interests, often under the brokerage of the very statutory (advisory) bodies (such as the HPA/NRPB in the UK) whose function it supposedly is to ensure that the health and well-being of the public is not compromised by electromagnetic exposure. This scepticism is enhanced when those with views contrary to the 'official' perceived wisdom are treated as mavericks who, at worst, should be silenced, or, at best, studiously ignored.

Official assurances of safety in the case of exposure to the microwave radiation used in mobile telecommunications is based on the fact that the levels of emission in publicly accessible areas in the vicinity of Base-stations are thousands of times lower than the limits stipulated in the safety guidelines published by the International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The nonsense of being content with such compliance is that these guidelines protect against what is here not actually a hazard - namely getting overheated; the intensity of the radiation is simply far too low for this to occur. At the same time, however, these guidelines neglect the most discriminating feature of all, namely the 'aliveness' of those exposed1. When (and only when) alive, the body supports a number of electrical bio-rhythms characterised by different frequencies; perhaps the most familiar are those associated with the activity of the brain and the heart. These rhythms are intimately connected with biological functionality, some being involved in maintaining the delicate balance of biochemicals essential to health, whilst others play a role in the transmission of biological information essential to maintaining well-being.”    End.


We can add our case studies from you to Neil Irvine’s literature survey, actual real-life reports of your suffering, but little more.  And they may be dismissed as ‘anecdotal’, so consequently ‘unscientific’! But please do send in your own brief summary accounts of being affected by EMFs, GPs and family reaction and so on, if you have not done so already. Sheer numbers help, we are up in the hundreds now, questionnaire details later.


Other news.

Ha! Ha! From our website News Update page.

Do we have here the CURSE OF ES-UK?

No sooner do we publicly and finally reveal the extent of abuse others dare to use, such as the admirable American Professor Andrew Marino, and feature on our website (and just below) his accusations of scientific fraud and lying from head of EMF research at WHO, Dr Michael Repacholi, than HE PUBLICLY ANNOUNCES HIS RESIGNATION! Yes, Reppie is gone!

Emilie Van Deventer who we met at the Prague electrosensitivity conference is his successor, we hope she is more scientifically neutral and proves politically tough and adroit. Good Luck Emilie, we liked you, and wish you well.


Repacholi and WHO, the criticism from Andrew Marino.

For the most incisive, no-holds barred, scientific and personal dismantling of the man and ‘quasi-science’ behind the World Health Organisation's posture on health risks from EMFs, Dr Michael Repacholi, visit this website; Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center

Written by: Andrew A. Marino, Ph.D., J.D. head of the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Phone: 318-675-6177 / Fax: 318-675-6186 E-mail:  We copy below for those unable to access.

This shocking indictment explains why it is so difficult for us to get any movement through scientific debate at the international level, and thus recognition, of our EHS illness. We have avoided words like 'liar' as not productive, and unscientific, but faced with these conclusions drawn by reputable and professional scientists all over the world (many signing a petition) we have to take notice. He details a devastating scientific case for his claims based on Repacholi’s recorded utterances and arguments.

It IS straightforward corruption for Marino. Paid scientists and functionaries are deliberately concealing the truth, distorting the value and relevance of studies, drawing wrong conclusions, Dr Marino says scathingly, and this agrees with what many of you have often expressed:

"At the bottom of the barrel is the EMF scientist who functions as a brainwasher to deceive the public, innocent young and old alike, into giving themselves cancer and other diseases. There is no purer example of such a man than Michael Repacholi. He is at the end of a historical line of change that must be recognized before science can once again resume its task of finding the best truth possible.

Repacholi acts as if he were invested as regards the natural world with powers like those exercised by priests over souls. Amazingly, people believe the daydream that he has the ability to identify true and certain knowledge regarding EMFs. He has perpetuated this myth, with almost no critical questioning.

Not only is there the myth of Repacholi's wisdom according to which he can see through the mist into the truth of things, but also the myth that absolute truth about exactly what EMFs do and how they do it can be discerned if only we looked in the correct fashion. He has succeeded in hiding any sense of the complexity of nature, so the ordinary person does not understand that the best EMF science could ever hope to do was to produce imperfect and uncertain understanding, and to achieve knowledge about EMFs that was only somewhat better than a guess.”  End.

So…, our ES show rolls a little more optimistically along the faltering road to EHS recognition, and eventually EMF limits, good advice, research, and treatments, fingers firmly crossed for the future, or does it? Breakthrough…….?  Well it seems unlikely if you accept the clear limitations of what scientific inquiry on EMF bioeffects can be expected to achieve according to Marino, we must live with doubt, a very uncomfortable prognosis for EHS sufferers. Great for those keen on keeping it unresolved at a minimum.

NEW:  ‘The Powerwatch Handbook’ to answer your EHS questions, from 01353-778814 published by Piaktus Books Ltd ISBN 0 7499 2686 4 is by Alasdair & Jean Philips of Powerwatch. To order a copy (p&p free) telephone 0870 161 0870. More information:

For our compilation of case studies/personal stories:

Electro Sensitive Questionnaire July 2006

The following outline questions may assist you when compiling your ES health history:

Name & location & occupation:  (for the avoidance of duplication. When we compile these details into the document we will code these details, such as F43lon, for female aged 43 and living in London)?

How long have you known you are ES? How did you find this out?

Now that you know about ES how long have you been experiencing ES symptoms?


Have you moved house recently and if so, were you becoming ES at an earlier address and if so what were the triggers? Does anyone else in your household suffer from similar symptoms?

Do your colleagues at work have similar symptoms? What is your occupation?


What is your current state of health and how stable is this?

Please list your symptoms, how often do these occur and what are your worst symptoms?

How helpful has your own doctor been and have you been referred by your GP for tests for your ES symptoms?

Please list any treatments either conventional or complimentary that you have tried and which have or has helped you.


How has your life changed since becoming ES, e.g. changes to your career and earning potential, lifestyle, diet, friends, family, travel?

 What are you now regularly unable to do?

What have you done to adapt your life e. g bought corded home phone, stopped using a mobile/computer/wifi internet connection/ microwave oven, other?

Have you shielded your home and or workplace? If so what shielding materials did you use.

Have you learnt anything about being ES that you could share with other sufferers?

Please mention any useful sources of information on ES, web sites, hand outs, books which we could recommend to other ES.

Would you be prepared to have your case notes included anonymously into a document, which will be used to raise awareness about electro sensitivity? Please write any additional comments on a separate sheet.

Please sign and date this form: MANY THANKS for your time and we look forward to having more ES news for you soon,  End.

Power to heal, power to harm

Says this Editorial from the Independent on Sunday 07.05.06


We are irredeemably in debt to electricity. It powers our economies and liberates us from drudgery. Such once-laborious tasks as cooking, washing clothes or cleaning the floor are largely accomplished by the flick of a switch. It has vastly increased our knowledge, enabling us to read easily after dark and opening the world's libraries at the push of a computer key. Every day, it saves countless lives, especially by powering hospital equipment, and entertains us in our millions, not least through television. No Roman emperor had slaves enough to do the work that electricity achieves for us each day.


And yet, as we reveal today, the slaves can revolt; the benefits also have a downside. Increasing evidence links the invisible "smog" given off by electrical wiring and appliances - and by mobile phones and their masts - to a bewildering array of diseases. There seems little doubt that it increases the chances of children getting leukaemia. There is good evidence that it causes other cancers in adults, as well as miscarriages. It may even lead to depression and suicide. Some people seem to become allergic to it, losing much of what it bestows on the rest of us.


None of this alters the equation greatly; electricity still saves many, many more lives than it destroys. Yet it makes sense to reduce the damage. First, ministers must recognise the problem: there are welcome signs that this is starting to happen after decades of denial. Next, they need to take action. For a start they should ban the building of new homes near overhead power lines, and vice versa. They should drive down the levels of radiation emitted by mobile phones, beginning by forcing manufacturers to display them prominently. And they should introduce measures to limit the smog given off by electrical appliances, especially those used close to people’s heads such as electric shavers and hair dryers. People should also be made aware of the danger and encouraged to take commonsense measures such as moving clock radios from bedheads, and denying small children mobile phones. As with every other form of pollution, it needs regulation, and it is high time this began.”  End.

The above is now the editorial position of this serious national newspaper; it represents what we feel to be a responsible and achievable balancing of interests. It stands in stark contrast to the mockery and ridicule we faced in the beginning at ES-UK on this ES issue, the disbelief, or rather belief in an outdated scientific dogma that ‘non-ionising radiation cannot hurt you’. This still persists with some commentators and far too many medical personnel and GPs, according to most ES sufferers, who know what makes them ill.  Most of all it exists with psychiatrists we are told over and over, who know nothing about this topic and EMF bioeffects but nevertheless grandly consider these physical responses are ‘all in the mind’.

For those unable to access these websites, which unavoidably is where a lot of the ‘action’ goes on nowadays, send us a SAE to below address and we will print out relevant material and post it to you, while we have resources. Or phone if you like.

Thanks for the many donations, and many over the minimum, your appreciation in this very real way keeps this show on the road. We now have new experienced help with grant applications, so maybe some will bear fruit again.

Stop press last minute additions:

By email from a scientific advisor with ES

 Energy Saving Light Bulbs & Health risk

Dear Rod, This evening (11/7/06) Via the B.B.C. 10pm news I sat & watched yet another ill conceived piece of advice; re alleged energy saving. I refer to the newly introduced low consumption light bulbs. I did some thorough tests, using: - (1) an oscilloscope; (2) an infrared detector & last but not least 3)my own physical responses.
 The oscilloscope test revealed that these bulbs emit a sine wave at
37KHz, in turn the 37KHz then modulates a strong carrier wave of infra red at aprox 550nm wavelength, this in turn, unlike the light from an ordinary light bulb easily & deeply penetrates the epidermal layer of the skin & hence causes a reaction in 'ES' subjects such as myself. In my own case this manifests as a head tightening sensation with mild disorientation & a very unpleasant feeling in the 'Solar plexus' area. Please warn other ES people about this. I did send a warning out some weeks or months ago, but foreseeing the possibility by the manufacturers &/or our 'all knowing big brother type govenment', I took the precaution of carefully measuring it this time. 
Best Wishes from J.R.
Edmund Wilson, an American intellectual was quoted in our Sunday paper referring to: “the deadly psychological insight into the infinite capacity of human nature for remaining oblivious or indifferent to the pains we inflict on others when we have a chance to get something out of them for ourselves”. Seems apt.

ElectroSensitivity-UK (registered charity 1103018) helping the vulnerable minority with ‘radiation sickness’, and reacting with health problems to electromagnetic fields, microwaves, RF etc. all 'electrosmog'.

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