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Part Three of Douglas Fischer's "The Body Chemical" (access info below) is very interesting and provides insight into some of the thinking re various exposures.  Not surprisingly, EMF/EMR concerns are not addressed.


In the last paragraph, Dr. Wigle, the Health Canada epidemiologist, is quoted as saying:     "We should not be arrogant or ignorant.   Arrogant in the sense that we think we know a lot about the significance of these contaminants, or ignorant in not admitting what we don't know...."


I have no information as to how much Dr. Wigle might know that he, like so many others, isn't "openly sharing" -- I have no facts as to whether Dr. Wigle is aware that EMF/EMR interactions and reactions are "well-known" amongst the scientific community but I believe he most likely did or does now  (the article is not dated and I wasn't able to copy and paste.....last update was 3-18-2005.....).......


Dr. Sheila Zahn, deputy director of the National Cancer Institute' division of cancer epidemiology and genetics is quoted as saying:    "We're all confident environmental exposures of some sort do cause cancer.......but it's very difficult at these very low levels to know what is going on......we don't have good answers........"  


I often refer to the information that was sent to me back in 1993 by the local office of the American Cancer Society.  One of the most important items is a "USA Today" article recommending moving appliances away from beds.   That item contained a file number with the letters RAD!!!


There are many important comments in Part 3 of "The Body Chemical."  Too much to quote at this time.   One of the items is:   "....we have metals, nicotine and benzene in our blood.  Phthalates, used to make our plastics soft and dissolve fragrances in our shampoos and lotions, filter through our kidneys........" 


The above statement re plasticizers is serious enough when considering that exposure alone.   But, I recently wrote about a couple in our adjacent suburb (Blaine, Minnesota) who were both diagnosed in the past three years with Alzheimers.  Their daughter said they bought the new Select Comfort 5000 bed with "heated mattress pad" three years ago.......   This is potentially a "4-part toxic combo" -- the chemicals that already are present in one's body -- the resins in the mattress -- the electric currents and magnetic field emanating from the mattress pad -- reactions to medications -- and the added "probable adverse effect" from sleeping on top of an unnatural heat source (quasi thermal effect ?).  


Dr. David Savitz, a professor at the University of North Carolina and president of the Society for Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, states:  "If you can't measure it, it's a non-detect and you're not worried.......there's a ittle bit of danger, if you will of the information itself.  You could argue that by being aware of it, what could it do, other than help people to worry?    Or would you make a different choice?......" 


I shouldn't type in all caps (representing shouting) and I must respect all readers therefor, I will not swear BUT, I can assure everyone reading this that you will relate to my feelings when you read just one of the items I am including as a reference here re involvement by Dr. Savitz regarding EMF issues:


While I understand Dr. Savitz is specifically addressing the issue of "body chemicals," exactly who is Dr. Savitz trying to impress with the "flippant question" of whether one would make a different choice?   


I have a lot to say regarding the Oxford Journal article re Dr. Savitz but need to focus at this time on "The Body Chemical."    I will, however, add that whether chemicals are natural, inhaled, absorbed, ingested,  and/or "induced by EMF/EMR reactions/interactions,"  melatonin supplementation will most likely help everyone improve their quality-of-life.  Dr. Russel Reiter has eloquently presented the benefits of this powerful cancer-fighting and anti-aging antioxidant in his book, "Melatonin" as well as numerous studies.

Scientist Roger Coghill offers natural products that include natural melatonin.  Information is available by going to the following links: and


"The people aren't ignorant", Dr. Wigle.  "The people" challenge you to care enough about them to "inform" and to not be influenced by the dishonesty and greed that permeate society!!!      Best wishes to all for a "better tomorrow......"     Joanne


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