Betreff: Bees immune systems damaged
Von: Martin Weatherall
Datum: Mon, 7 May 2007 23:46:48 -0400

Here are another three interesting stories about honey bees dying or vanishing. 
In the Australian story researchers have dissected bees that have died and they have found that their immune systems have "totally gone to pieces".  "It like they just lost their immune system and anything will kill them".
For anyone who has looked at the evidence of human cancer cases (and pets) around cell phone antenna and strong sources of electromagnetic radiation, this will not be a surprise.  There is evidence of DNA damage, cell damage and changes in blood composition etc. from EMR.  I have strong reasons to believe that it was exposure to high levels of EMR that compromised my own immune system, made me ill and caused me to develop prostate cancer.  Damage to the human and  animal immune systems, by EMR, has been shown by much research.  I have little doubt that the immune systems of bees can be damaged by EMR.
It is interesting that honey bees in Australia are not being harmed as they are in California.  I would place a bet that the environment in California has far higher levels of electro magnetic radiation than found in most of Australia.
The second article is about - "Taiwan, the latest country stung by vanishing honey bees".  This is interesting because several months ago there was a news story from Taiwan which stated a large number of citizens were suffering from the effects of electro magnetic radiation and many antenna masts were being removed.  There has been widespread debate in Taiwan about EMR, and the removal of base stations.
The third story is about GM modified foods and their possible influence on bees.

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