Betreff: Bees and GM-crops: Is this the lethal combination?
Von: ara
Datum: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 19:34:53 +0200

Dear Robert, Dear All,

Yes, bees look for a place to hide from EMF.
I give you an abstract of this website : In Austria, an inquiry was made via the beekeepers newspaper. Of them, 25 gave an answer and said that they encountered problems after mast installation in the proximity, like : 37,5 % have affirmed an elevated bees aggressiveness; 25 % have affirmed of bees tendency to leave the beehive; 62,5 % have affirmed the collapse of bees population. In the newspaper ?Le Matin? of April 4, 2007 in Switzerland, it says that in the airport of Lyon in France, they placed 10 beehives of 40 to 50'000 bees to test the pollution in the air. But I bet there is no question about EMF in the protocol... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Today, April 16, 2007, I had a phone call with Mrs Michèle Mouneyrac in the city of Besançon in France, because I red in the news that they placed 6 beehives in the city (within 40 other sites in France) to try to understand why bees disappear. In fact, a ?Chartre? was signed in Paris on February 13, 2007. You can find it at this address : In fact, there is not a strict protocol. Mrs Michèle Mouneyrac told me that they intend to make the inventory of the plants pilfered, and look for phytosanitary products and antibiotics residues on the honey. I just sent her an email with Koblenz study and other informations asking her to introduce measurement of EMF. I gave her copy of similar email I've send to the President of the French Beekeepers Association which never received an answer. I'm tired to cry : Mayday, mayday, mayday... I just wanna crash... Like a bee ! Take care all ! Philippe Hug Chairman of ARA CP 17 CH ? 1454 L'Auberson Switzerland