Betreff: Bee crises (CCD) related videos
Von: Tom Unrelated
Datum: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 21:31:48 +0200

Some guy from Florida (USA) talking about Colony Collapse Disorder:

Interesting answer:

There are a few videos about the matter, though I agree with the guy from
Florida, you'd think there should be more. Interesting enough, one video seemed
to have been produced to tell that it has nothing to do with cell phones at

Some more news:

Others relate the problem to chemtrails:

GM food is blamed here:

>From what I read so far, there might be a few causes, though mobile phone and
alike gadgets, seem to play a key role, taking into account the
reports of breaking down bee immune system!

There is just one special kind of bees that can pollinate vanilla:

No other insect not even other bees are able to do it! I am sure you'll find
more videos.