Betreff: Baby monitors....900 MHz, DECT, 2.4 GHz, powerful sensor pads
Von: Robert Thinker
Datum: Mon, 14 May 2007 01:21:46 -0400

DECT monitors are very bad news to be around babies.  DECT technology pulses at full power, all of the time, even when not in use, and I believe will cause a lot of problems with babies.  Also there is the Angel-Lite series of monitors that is like the sensor pad one that puts an EMF emitting pad under the mattress which is further amplified by the "Coils" in the pad.

All very very bad ideas!  I wish we had kept our old 49Mhz monitor.. We now use a 900Mhz one, kept on the other side of the room, and only use it at best, once every week or two.

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To All:    This website "Health Check Systems," has a number of infant monitoring devices.  The "details" are "frightening" -- the site would not allow for copying and pasting.  I am typing some of the descriptions below as accurately as I can.
SVAT GX5201      Color Wireless Nightvision  -  Video monitoring system.....allows you to see and hear...high quality yet inexpensive......includes a 2.4 GHz wireless color camera w/built-in microphone and infrared LEDs that let it see up to 10 ft,. in complete darkness, and a portable 2.5" color LCD screen....
BabySense Infant Motion Monitor......alerts you if baby's movement stops with powerful sensor pads that fit under baby's mattress and a high speed microprocessor control unit......
SVAT GigaXTreme GX-5200 Economical Baby Monitor, Wireless 2.4 GHz.......  Amazing new cordless technology brings you the ultimate in portability.....plug and plan install, large 2.5" TFT LCD screen.  Connect the monitor to a TV, computer or VCR for recording......
Baby Quiet Sounds Color video monitor from Summer infant .......   has 2.5" color LCD screen that zooms in and out .........parent unit belt clip......   900 MHz technology for superior clarity and range....infrared LEDs for night vision......
Phillips SCD-589 DECT Digital Baby Monitor with new Phillips DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications).......guaranteed zero interference from nearby monitors......remote features such as room temperature monitoring, starry nightlight and remote operation of 5 lullabyes to soothe baby...2 way intercom......
I knew there were infant monitors out there and have been warning parents not to have them close to cribs.  I had no idea that ANY of the monitors would be DECT units, wireless or that there would be a product such as the "powerful sensor pads under baby's mattress!!!"    
"Autism" being diagnosed every 20 minutes?"   "Autism" on the increase!!!   "ADD," "ADHD???"  These  products are outrageous!!!     Obviously "just moving items" across bedrooms will not be nearly enough protection.     Take care everyone.......  Joanne
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