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Posted by Vicki B....July 31, 2007 05:36 AM   -    Caregiver's Section of Alzheimers' Forum


My Dad is just home from the hospital so I am sleeping with my ears open. I have had the baby monitor for some time and feel that it is very useful. Tonight I HATE it.

Both parents have been awake since about midnight. Dad is very restless and keeps chattering to Mom. Dad keeps asking questions about things in the house like the dresser that has been in their bedroom for 20 years. He also wants to know if he is in a house. (this on I can understand with the recent hospital visit)

A few minutes ago he started talking about going to the bathroom. He has been back to it 3 times since midnight. Mom finally had to lead him to the bathroom because he could not remember where it was, could not understand the directions and has forgotten where it is.

for the last 4 1/2 hours I have been listening to the monitor and hearing the chatter between the parents and having it just rip out my heart

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RESPONSE BY JOANNE MUELLER:   (Alzheimers' forum post re baby monitor)...7-31-07:


Posted July 31, 2007 02:59 PM

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Dear Vicki: It may very well be "the baby monitor" that is keeping yuor folks awake!

You may have read one or more of my other posts re moving electrical appliances and telephone equipment away from beds. This includes baby monitors -- an endless list of "electrical possibilities."

It is the "radiofrequency radiation" -- monitors are on 24-hours a day. They interfere with the production of our natural melatonin.

EMF/EMR disrupts production of melatonin...melatonin is necessary for sleep.

Many expert place the monitors in a category of cordless phones -- also reported to be hazardous. I write all the time about moving the transformer boxes for all equipment whether apnea machines, monitors, cordless phones, electronic games or whatever. These things are all contributing to alarming increases in autism, Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative disorders.

By Walter Pierpaoli M.D., Ph.D.


The Medcross group - Scientist Roger Coghill - " ....we also believe health hazards of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, power lines and other sources are seriously understated.......we have developed our botanical nursery plots for the investigation of radioprotective food nutriceuticals ....." -

Please call or email with questions. I have been checking the forum a little more often lately -- would like to respond/interact more -- but have huge backload of EMF/EMR work including writing a book and "challenging the status quo...." In other words, I may not see a question on this post...(but I will try)..... Have a nice week, "better sleep" and take care - Joanne    (7-31-07)

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