Betreff: Autism...."it was about time in 2005" and now look at the mess!!!!
Datum: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 20:21:49 EDT

Larry King ("Larry King Live" - CNN) on March 21, 2007, featured a program about the alarming increase in autism.
One of his guests was Suzanne Wright, the wife of Bob Wright -- they are parents of an autistic child and are co-founders of a group called "Autism Speaks."   [ ]  There is nothing re appliance concerns or EMF's on this site as of today, 3-23-07. 
Note that Bob Wright is Vice Chairman of GE and, in the past, served as Chief Executive Officer of NBC.
Is this "synchronicity" -- "a fortunate accident"  -   will the very tragic effects on the Wright's son possibly open any doors that may help "get the word out" re EMF/EMR exposures?  
Toxins are mentioned as causes of autism.  EMF's are "toxic....." 
Will this group of very influential persons join EMF activists everywhere to help improve the lives of millions around-the-world? 
Will a CEO of the giant company, "General Electric" even dare to mention the "E word" in conjunction with potential causes of autism and the alarming rates of all most other health problems?    Mr. Wright may not have been an employee of GE back in 1993 when I received that "USA Today article" from the American Cancer Society recommending moving appliances away from beds BUT, certainly, GE executives must have been aware of the warnings???
Autism Society of America was also mentioned on the show.  [ ]     A search of their site re electric appliances or EMF's brings up only one item re appliances and that has to do with "hand-on-contact concerns" re safety. 
A review of the "Autism Speaks" site (first reference above) indicates they have plenty of interaction with important scientific contacts. 
One day at a time -- "the canaries are schreeching loudly"  -- who will finally pay attention?  Take care  -  Joanne
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Bob Wright: ‘I want my grandson back’

The vice chairman of GE and chairman and CEO of NBC Universal talks about his family's personal crusade to cure autism

Bob and Suzanne Wright on Autism Speaks
Feb. 25: "Today" show host Matt Lauer talks with Bob and Suzanne Wright about their new Autism Speaks initiative and how families struggle with the condition.




By Bob Wright
Vice chairman of GE and chairman and CEO of NBC Universal
Updated: 9:34 a.m. CT Feb 25, 2005

Autism is in the news, and it’s about time. On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control launched a new education initiative designed to educate parents of young children about the early signs of developmental disorders such as autism. Among mainstream print media, The New York Times is following this story closely, publishing more than two dozen articles on autism in the past six months. Newsweek has made autism the cover story of its latest issue. NBC News has devoted significant airtime this week to exploring every aspect of this disorder, with reports on “Today,” “Nightly News,” CNBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, the owned NBC stations, as well as on this news Web site. Autism has also been featured recently in entertainment shows such as “Without a Trace” and “Scrubs.”

Why the flurry of interest? Here’s a clue: 1 in 166. That’s the chance a baby born today will have autism. This represents a dramatic increase from a decade ago, when experts estimated the incidence rate to be 1 in 2,500.

What explains this sudden increase? No one knows for sure. What is clear, however, is that autism demands more public awareness, more understanding, and more funding, both private and public.......

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Refer also to:    [There are no references to electrical appliances or EMF's that I can locate by a search on this site.  Check out scientific advisory member credentials re probable studies involving EMF's, in general, even if they haven't made the connection to autism.....jcm 3-23-07.....]