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Subject:    Autism  -  electromagnetic radiation stress  -  Mariea 2007

To All:    Increases in cell phone usage, more masts, computers and WiFi can not be ruled out as being associated with increases in autism, Alzheimers and countless other health problems.   However, there are compelling reasons why it is necessary to determine the numbers of children diagnosed with autism who are (or were) sleeping close to electric appliances, telephone equipment, electric and gas meters, improper wiring, high frequencies on electrical wiring as well as waterpipes that may be over, under, or next to childrens' beds.  


"Informing the public," is, of course "vitally important!!!"    My question is, who is going to help accomplish this since mainstream media, government, cancer societies, the Alzheimers' Society and so far, several appeals for help from groups associated with autism, all either minimize and deny and/or "completely ignore" the serious issue of informing parents, doctors  -- the public -- of the need to reduce nighttime exposures!!!l


Today, my husband and I met a young mother of a child who has been diagnosed with autism.  Due to the frantic nature of our conversation upon learning her son with autism sleeps with his head approximately one foot from their home's electric meter, there will be a delay in acquiring additional information.   Turns out this mother has two boys -- both of whom have slept between two electric meters -- one for the main electricity source to the house and a separate electric meter for an air conditioner that is located on the ground below the boys' bedroom. 


Plans are to return to this home to help her reduce her sons' nightime EMF/EMR exposure.and to discuss how this distraught mom might be able to help others by  promoting awareness re the need for distance between beds and electric items. 


I am withholding this mother's name to respect her privacy.  I believe she will become quite active based on her shock and anger upon learning that something like an electric meter may have promoted the development of autism in her son!!!


"Mom" said she attends a fairly active support group.   The group has come to the conclusion that "something in the environment," is causing autism and that the group accepts that causation is not based entirely on vaccines -- "thimerosol or not....."   


"Mom" did say before we parted -- we each had previously scheduled appointments, "I think that bedroom needs to be turned into an office!!!"    Time did not allow obtaining information as to the health of the other boy.  I expect to learn more soon.    


The post re Dr. Mariea's work and comment re collaboration with Dr. George Carlo are included below my sign-off information.   I believe this may have been posted by Klaus/Omega in the past but am unable to locate the link at this time.    Take care  -  Joanne


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Cell Phones, Computers and WiFi

Post  -  Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

We have often thought about the link between technology and Autism’s rise. Computers and cellphones, their growth and prevalence mirrors that of Autism diagnosis. This is the first of hopefully more looks into this area.

       A new report is claiming to have found a link between the rise in autism in the USA, and the rise of the use of wireless technologies,specifically mobile phones. Tamara Mariea, founder of Internal Balance, is releasing findings from more than five years of research on clients with autism, and other membrane sensitivity disorders which claims electromagnetic radiation stress is one of the potentially major root causes of the explosion of autistic cases in the past two decades.

      People who visit the Internal Balance clinic are “detoxed” in an electromagnetic radiation clean environment.

In simple terms, Mariea explains to parents struggling to help their children that what her research is pointing to is with more cell phone towers being erected, more cell phones in use globally and more WiFi technology utilized, the risk for autism continues to rise.

 She says that Thimerosal - the mercury containing preservative in scheduled children’s  vaccines - has for the most part been eliminated from regularly scheduled childhood vaccines, according to public record and that the incidence of autism should be decreasing based on progress made in that area in recent years. But, it is not decreasing, she says. This is where Mariea and Dr. Carlo began to collaborate in the search to find what the larger contributor to the increase in autism is.

      They say that the epidemiologic curve of autism parallels too closely with the increase usage of wireless devices to not look at it. Mariea’s soon to be published paper will include her research which explores electromagnetic radiation as a cohort effect with heavy metals as a strong component of the etiology of autism.

      We shall have to wait and see if the report has any credible findings when it is published.    # # #