Betreff: Autism and Alzheimer's caused by quackery

Von: Dorothee Krien

Datum: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 23:48:42 +0100


I posted the following on indymedia Ireland.



Originally, quacks were those who used quicksilver, the old word for mercury (German "Quacksalber"; "Quecksilber" is mercury) and quackery is what mainstream medicine is still practising.

They inject mercury into small babies and use fraudulent science to cover up that they have created the autism epidemic. Dentists still use mercury in amalgam tooth filling, thus causing Alzheimer's in millions of people worldwide. The damage done to society is enormous, nonetheless, doctors and dentists still have a high reputation. Both thimerosal and amalgam have never been proven safe,  yet claims are made that they are completely safe.

The FDA used urine tests to "prove" that mercury is safe to use in vaccines and dental filings, but the kidneys are not the major excretion route. A study done on children with amalgam tooth fillings showed that after two years no increase of mercury was found in urine, even when new mercury-containg  fillings were placed. This was presented as proof that amalgam was safe for use in children.  What it really showed was that after two years the pathway to excrete mercury has been completely destroyed. (See Terri Small's interview with Boyd E. Haley.
The preservative thiomersal/US thimerosal is still used in the process of vaccine making but none is added as a preservative to pediatric anymore vaccines in Europe and the US - but it is still used in the Third World. Flu vaccines still contain thimerosal that are recommended for use in pregant mothers and children.
Mercury from pregnant mothers' amalgam passes the placenta and damages the unborn child. In both autism and Alzheimer's a genetic factor is involved that inhibits the excretion of mercury. See J. Mutter et al (2005)

French researchers found that porphyrin profiles prove the toxicity of mercury in autistics. See R. Nataf et al (2006)

Although thimerosal has been removed from pediatric vaccines autism rates have not gone down drastically. There is a very obvious reason for it as microwave radiation from mobile masts and phones has increased in the past ten years. Microwaves are known to break down the blood-brain barrier (see resarch by Salford et al (2003), thus making toxins reach the brain directly, this shows similarities to the disorder of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) where a permanently broken down blood-brain barrier allows toxins like insecticides and solvent to reach the brain, thus causing severe neurological damage in even at very low levels.
See research by Dr Bodo Kuklinski and Prof. Martin Pall on the s-100 protein as a marker.

The amount of mercury babies get in their prenatal state is sufficient to cause autism, most likely even in cases where the genetic factor is not involved.
Mainstream psychiatrists have completely ignored all research done in the past thirty years. They go on using anti-psychotic drugs for the treatment of autism, Alzheimer's and MCS with reckless disregard of the fact that all these disorders are caused by neurotoxins.

Mercury poisoning is extremely painful and the neuralgic pain autistic children have to endure is heartrending to witness.

Instead of admitting their negligence and harm done to millions of human beings, the mainstream medical profession continues in their old way. They have completely lost scientific and moral integrity. Those who have the courage to speak out are often vilified and even struck off the medical register, they lose their job or quit because they feel they can't bear the pressure anymore.

Irish born Dr David Healy is one of the few to stand up to the pharmaceutical corporations that use their power to corrupt medical science. Many of his articles and lectures can be found on the website of the Alliance for Human Research Protection:

The International Medical Veritas Association founded by Dr Mark Sircus tries to expose medicine to the light of truth and integrity.
Sircus wrote the article "Mercury in the Air" that deals with the environmental pollution of the US.

It is not only the medical profession itself, the media are involved as well. Just how come that Robert F. Kennedy's article "Deadly Immunity" never made headlines in Ireland? Not even the golden Kennedy name helped to bring news of the biggest crime against a whole generation of children, committed by the medical and dental profession, to the Emerald Isle.

Kennedy's article was published in Rolling Stone and simultaneously. It was based on a study he wrote in 2005 "Tobacco Science and the Thimerosal Scandal". It makes very interesting reading and gives all scientific references.

Looking into these matters can be a wake-up call for many to demand a new medicine and a new psychiatry on human principles, taking regard of the impact of neurotoxins (mercury, pesticides, PCBs, uranium, plutonium, microwaves etc) on the central nervous system and how the depletion of the soil has led to deficiencies in essential minerals, how industrialised farming has caused a lack of vitamins in food, how high amounts of sugar cause vitamin B1 deficiency that leads to mood swings, irritability and aggression, how food additives like phosphates can cause hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, how medical and dental treatment causes mental illness.

Mainstream psychiatry doesn't even acknowledge  the Soul in the first place, it definitely is not a science. It is the continuation of the inquisition with different means.

A new psychiatry can assist those who are environ-mental. But there is a conflict of interest:, as there won't be much demand for psychiatrists if all environmental, nutritional and iatrogenic factors have been dealt with, the psychiatric profession will stay delusional and in constant denial about the real causes of mental illness in order to stay in business.

Recommended reading is Dr Jim Howenstine's article "Is Psychiatry Scientific and Dangerous"
David Kirby's book "Evidence of Harm" on the autism matter.

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