Betreff: Appeal to U.S. President in 1999....will his wife care about EMF/EMR-tox...
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My plea in 1999 to President William Clinton  was never acknowledged.  Most of what I said  still applies today.
The EMF RAPID Interagency Committee Report (issued by a small group that finalized the EMF RAPID Conclusions for the $46 mil EMF RAPID Study) has never been presented to Congress.  I believed in man's humanity toward fellow man back in 1999.......
Magnetic field readings rose steadily in our home over seven years.  We often have readings that are well over 6.5 milligauss --  frequently as high as 10.5 milligaus!
Senator Paul Wellstone has since died in a plane crash here in Minnesota.  He professed to be very concerned about environmental issues although I was unable to obtain real cooperation from his associates.
Senator Hillary Clinton has announced her candidacy for the 2008 Presidential election.  She is a member of the new Alzheimers' Advisory Board Task Force.   Dr. Marilyn Albert from Johns-Hopkins University is also a member of the new Task Force.   Dr. Albert has not responded to my email plea-for-help:
An important question now is, " will President Bill Clinton's wife, Senator and Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton care about EMF/EMR-toxicity?"  Will an influential, U.S. politician ever stand-up and take responsibility for the chaos that exists today re EMF/EMR pollution?   Will Senator or President Hillary Clinton just turn her back on the millions of persons who might be helped by institution of "prudent avoidance measures?   Will she just "keep on keeping on?"   Will she recognize that the issue of health coverage for all is not possible without informing the public there are preventative and restorative measures that can be taken to limit and/or reduce level of harm due to chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR?
I have not been able to locate an email address for Senator Hillary Clinton.  Her website re "Senator" accepts queries from constituents only -- residents of New York State.  
Senator Hillary Clinton is a member of the Special Committee on Aging  ( http.// ).  Senator Clinton needs to know that "aging" is exactly what happens to one's cells when chronically exposed to low level EMF/EMR (electromagnetic fields/electromagnetic radiation) exposure. 
I wrote to the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP).  I did not hear from them nor did they refer my pleas for help to Senator Hillary Clinton........   Take care  -  Joanne
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Betreff: Appeal to U.S. President in 1999....will his wife care about EMF/EMR-toxicity?
Datum: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 15:13:28 EDT

A Letter to The President From A Concerned Parent
Joanne C. Mueller

President William J. Clinton
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500
March 16, 1999
Dear President Clinton:

Results of the EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) RAPID Study will soon be presented to Congress. Their presentation may conclude with a statement regarding "possibility" of a realtionship between ELF EMF's (extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields) and Leukemia in children. It appears the scientists based their opinions on the "new studies" without considering the plethora of information (evidence) from prior studies and medical journal articles.

Doctors admit knowing ELF EMF's affect immune functions in mice. Scientists know the pathology of diseases in mice is nearly IDENTICAL to that in humans.

A quick look at The National Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Communication Program Draft Strategic Plan, May 1993, prepared by U. S. Department of Energy, Washington, D.C. 20585 will show the many areas of concern including the "CONCERNS" referenced in the report as to what to tell the people/public and how much to tell the people/public.!!

The importance of our childrens' education is high on everyone's list today. How are they supposed to get a good education when many are being assaulted by silent, non-ionizing radiation they and their parents know nothing about? These children have headaches, asthma, sinus problems, ear infections, stomach problems, etc. and in the case of our family, the two grandsons with the "unusual immune deficiencies."

There is a HVTL (high voltage transmission line) only 50 feet from our bedroom window which produces electromagnetic fields throughout our home averaging 3.0 miligauss day and night. Epidemiologic studies by Dr. Nancy Wertheimer many years ago showed a link to Leukemia in children in homes estimated to have fields of 2.0 mgs. Dr. Wertheimer also noted many of the homes with ill children were close to power poles containing transformers.

Our grandsons improved after they were removed from their waterbeds which were up against walls where the main power source came into their homes. We do, however, believe they were affected prior to their births as result of our son and daughter "living under the lines" during their developmental years.

The power companies/"industry" has recommended "PRUDENT AVOIDANCE" long ago. Where pray tell are the Public Service Announcements? The industry wants us to believe concerns relate more strongly to appliances such as microwaves, computers, etc. and states "all homes have magnetic fields." That may be true when standing right near the appliance, but I believe scientists know that sleeping for many hours, day after day in ELF EMF's has a profound effect on a person's pineal gland therefor affecting all of the hormones in a person's body.

It is time to GET THE WORD OUT!! It is time to help other parents make changes in their childrens' bedrooms so those children can feel better and be able to study and play as well as LIVE!! It is time to let parents know it may be "prudent" to have their children step back as far as possible from the TV sets when playing video games. It is time for "experts" to stop giving false testimony in exchange for big payments from "industry." It is time for the power companies, installers of microwave towers, cell service providers, TV and radio conglomerates, etc. to take responsibility and work toward mitigating EMF radiation in populated areas. It is time for people to "follow their hearts and to do the right thing!" It is time to put ALL people FIRST!!! It is time for the government to allow the scientists around the world to conduct proper studies which consider what is already known instead of cutting off their funding when they get too close to the TRUTH!!

Our family's story is significant and probably unusual in the fact that we have lived "under the lines" for almost 30 years -- think I have heard most people move at least every seven years.

Today, I requested information from Senator Wellstone's office in regard to testifying before Congress when the RAPID Study is presented. I am not a scientist/researcher but I most definitely have been a "lab rat." I also have an unusual protein in my blood that has never before been characterized in the lab at the University of Minnesota.....

Sincerely yours,
Joanne C. Mueller    [  ]