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This morning on both Australian TV and radio it was reported that there are fresh calls to have equipment examined in ABC studios as a result of still another case of breast cancer in an employee who worked at the same news desk as many of the other women who previously found that they had the disease.

Will we finally see an adequate investigation of the EMF emissions given off by the type of equipment used at the Toowong studios and still used in other studios as well? And what will be the acceptable "reference level" for any such investigation?
Unfortunately an adequate investigation is unlikely according to the below article. In a stark example of corporate damage control MARK SCOTT ABC's Managing Director is all to willing to revisit past mistakes by placing "our care in the hands the experts and the specialists on this. If they think that there is benefit in doing further testing on equipment at these new premises that we've moved to, then we will follow the expert's advice."





Excellent questions and comments on the situation.  Now, some more observations.


Background: I am a retired aero-space engineer in Quality Lab Nondestructive Testing for over 30 yrs, with  a patent in Electrostatic Cooling of Aluminum Welds, and over 40 yrs of Networking (and collecting info) about the Healing and Hazardous aspects of EMFs.  Pulsed EMFs have been used successfully in healing therapies since 1849 (with little or no side effects, compared with drugs)


Hazardous aspects first came to my attention in 1957,  with microwave-activated spyware in the conference room of the American Embassy in Moscow (and consequent personnel health problems)....then a woman's electrically hypersensitive (EHS) situation (and solutions) showed up in 1965.  In 1974 the first research reports of potentially future problems of low level long-term microwave exposure was reported from Canada.  Around 1978 two very good epidemiological reports by competent Ph.D's (never published...too controversial, of course)  were sent to me.  These showed a high statistical correlation of various health problems with long-term microwave exposure, primarily various types of malignancies.  These occurred in individuals living in urban developments built on the hillsides adjacent to several airports in valleys.  Of course, the people in those homes were exposed for years to the radar microwave emissions of the rotating control systems used on the ground and from the airplanes, relating to airplane landing, takeoff and guiding beacon equipment. There were no health problem correlations with urban home developments around airports when all were located on level ground. 


So, you can see the health problems of uncontrolled EMF long-term exposure have been around a long time, but not enough bodies were falling to attract we are paying the price for our neglect of the natural low-level (almost to quantum level) environmental and  informational electrical, magnetic and chemical factors affecting all living systems....which are now being swamped by the intense artificial uncontrolled EMFs of our technology.



For radiation conversion charts, shielding materials, instruments and valuable information, check out in Canada.  They have an inexpensive microwave detector. 


For info on cellphone radiation intensities (highest and lowest) see   If you have to have one' the best cellphones would be low radiation, flip-top, external antenna, speaker phone, air-tube headphones.  Cellphone shielding from 


Number, location, height and owner of Microwave towers and antennae within 8 miles of your address in the USA can be found at


O, BTW, there is a designated "quiet RF zone" of thousands of acres, some accessible to the public, in central western Virginia, designated by the US govt to protect the sensitive antennae for satellite and space exploration probes transmissions  (Voyager at 8+ billion miles out, transmits with energy equivalent to a 60 watt light bulb!)....this is roughly in a rectangular area from Lynchburg west to VA/WVA border up to Stauton and then east to Charlottesville.....lots of valleys and trees around and a lot of religious retreats (which require an EMF-quiet area)


Note that since humans walked this earth there have been cases of light, sound, emotion and evoked images which have been stimulated in the brain by  the natural EMF of the earth.  Now, guess what our uncontrolled artificial high energy EMFs are doing to our heads and health!!..


A super conspiritorial agency, affecting our brains deliberately (mind control), and world wide, does not have to be the scape goat for such phenomena!  ...there are other possibilities...that's why the location of sacred places, vision quest locations and healing spas were, and are, located near natural EMF energy sources in the earth (magnetic anomalies, highly chrystaline rocks, and earth faults emitting microquake piezoelectric energy at full or new moon earthtides due to rubbing of quartz rocks!.)  Shamans, priests, priestesses, healers, soothsayers, creative persons are influenced (as well as animals prior to quakes).  Bird, bees, frogs and even some humans are picking up on this. 


Now we have overwhelming artificial EMF's (combined with pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals) which are messing up the environment (and our minds) big time!!  These toxic elements, causing health stress and immune system overload, are collected one molecule at a time over your lifetime, until health problems in body and mind show up, generally around mid-life. 


Women are far more sensitive than men to various unknown EMF frequencies, intensities and wave forms...or at least, in my experience they admit it, investigate it, talk it around, and sometimes check it out with inexpensive Gaussmeters and the Trifield broadband meters (which give some indication of problem areas).....A figure of about 80% women to 20% men, appear electrically sensitive,  so far....Population now at least a conservative 3% affected thruout the so-called industrialized world, by Swedish and Canadian estimates. 


In my opinion, many electrical hypersensitive (EHS) men seem to internalize their sensations,  feel that it is scary or weak to admit the strange feelings and mental symptoms they are having...understandable that they get no support from the medical and psychological profession in this country! how can these weird feelings be explained??  Having no one who can give them an explanation of the causes of theirs problems, they feel they are being driven crazy by harrassment, as experimental targets of government mind control....Many of the symptoms are basic psychophysiological results of excessive sensitivity to microwave and lower frequency EMFs which only get worse with time...One solution for some of this is : Get out of town for a couple of weeks...see if you can find a hunting cabin in the wilderness in a valley somewhere where cellphones will not work and there is no electricity...see how you feel after a few days....


Most sensitivity now is caused by long term exposure to pesticides, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals, accumulated one molecule at a time for life, then combined with uncontrolled strong environmental EMFs in office, home and bedroom (especially in city environment) about age 35 or so the immune system coping ability is compromised, and problems start showing up, (especially with women and all the estrogen-mimic chemicals in pesticides and some common plastics).   I think about the long-term health effects of lead, asbestos, PCBs and DDT at this point.


Please note that I'm not saying that EMF  mind control does not exist, I'm saying that there are also natural explanations to the sound, voices, lights, emotions, and evoked images that can occur with uncontrolled EMFs natural and artificial (especially artificial now).....We need to know more about the how's, why's and differences of this phenomena.  I've experienced the above phenomena and have been associated with others researching this phenomena for at least 20 yrs.


Lots of other info and links may be found on my website at  


Oh, BTW, there is a strong possibility that breast cancer rates will drop, starting about a year ago, as the new, grounded, thin body LCD screen computer monitors and TVs have become more and more a part of offices and homes.  Compared to the spectrum of pulsed radiations associated with the CRT imaging tube of the older "big box" monitors and TVs, there is virtually no magnetic or electric field radiating from an LCD display! ... provided the monitor or laptop is grounded -- most monitors are, most laptops are not.  You can ground your laptop with a ground wire or a three-wire grounded printer. This will eliminate your "floating ground" of several thousand volts on the regular laptop screen.  Also, the Wi-Fi search function of a lap top is normally turned on any time you are using it, putting microwave radiation into your can turn it off (except when you need Wi-Fi) with a switch somewhere on your laptop.


It also seems that EMF radiation and microwave exposure make the breast cancer treatment drug, Tamoxifen, ineffective.   Ref:  "The Breast Cancer/EMF Connection:  Melatonin, Tamxifen, 50-60 Hertz EMFs, & Breast Cancer", by Don Maisch,,


It appears to me that it still is going to take time, before action is taken to reduce artificial chemicals, additives and EMFs in our asbestos, lead, DDT, tobacco, mercury, etc. etc.....not enough important, influential, rich, curious persons affected yet!!   


The Internet and you people in the various EMF list serves, by sharing your experiences and what works for you, are gradually attracting public attention!!.  My consulting and home/office/property EMF assessment work has been increasing every month these past couple of years.  KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK OF SHARING AND CARING....THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN BRING ABOUT THE NECESSARY CHANGES...AND, IN MY OPINION, (and experience) BECAUSE OF THEIR GREATER SENSITIVITY, COMPASSION AND CONCERN ABOUT LIFE AND THE ENVIRONMENT, IT WILL BE WOMEN WHO WILL LEAD THE WAY. 

James B. Beal

EMF Interface Consulting