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Ohita District Court: An Elementary School Girl's Testimony Moves Court Audience

On 25th July 2002, a fifth hearing was held in the Ohita District Court House and a eleven-year-old elementary school girl took the stand. Her fiery testimony against NTT DoCoMo - coming from a child - had a profound affect on the audience. Since it was during the Japanese summer holiday season, the large Ohita District Courtroom was filled to the brim with 35 children and 80 adults, many of whom were the children's parents:

What I want to say to this court is that I believe 'health' to be very important. And 'to live' is also very important. These two precious things may be lost due to exposure to microwave radiation. I can not allow this being exposed to health-damaging microwaves. I have to tell you what I really want to say here in this court. That is why, I decided to take this stand. I feel my future may depend on this trial. I also feel that it is not only my own, but also many other children's future are depending on the outcome of this trial. If microwaves are dangerous enough to cause leukemia and cancer... then it really feels like the end of the world for us children.

Fortunately, some adults in our area have helped us to understand the dangers of microwave radiation and have given us this chance to bring this issue to court. I can not forgive NTT DoCoMo's (Kyushu Branch) for its lies and the violence it has enacted against us. I myself felt like I had to do something. So I decided to express my opinions here in this courtroom.

First, I would like to talk about Haruki. Many children live in this area. We are working hard to fulfill our future dreams. Please imagine how you would feel if you worked hard from your childfood just to become sick with leukemia or cancer because you were exposed to microwaves from a nearby cell phone tower?

Just the idea that microwaves are harmful was enough to make me scared. If microwaves are harmful, then I might have to hear bad news about a friend who got leukemia once we were grown up. Who would be happy to know such news of one's friend? No one. Who would be happy to attend to a friend's funeral? And what if that person were still young? We have to realize that such a sad story might actually happen on us and the children who are yet to be born.

Furthermore, NTT's response to cell tower erection is irrational. They do not take into account the results of any scientific experiments and just tell us it's 'safe.' The best excuse for them is that the exposure level is only one three thousandths of the government standard. However, from my point of view, they rely on a very lax standard determined by the government. And I know that the government standard is way too lax to protect our lives. Who can accept such standards? Is it safe enough to protect our health, dreams, and future? Who are you if you do not question such a lax standard?

Yes, I understand that NTT DoCOMo Kyusyu is pleased to receive money for R&D on how to market cell phones to youngsters. Yet, NTT seems to have no interest in safety studies.

Then, I realized one more important fact. We, the children in this area, are the test animals for NTT. I feel that NTT is making a real experiment by exposing us to microwave radiation. However, I can not sacrifice my life for such dirty dealings.

We have a dream and a strong will to live. We are the children who need to create a future society. We are not the test animals for business people who are crazy to earn money. Our life will never be for their interests.

Furthermore, I can see right through NTT's irrational behavior. I believe that normal people want to avoid something that is dangerous or likely to be dangerous. They would not want to accept something that is clearly dangerous. On the other hand, NTT offers us something dangerous so they can earn money. They are earning money so they can allow microwaves to be emitted from the tower. Isn't that strange?

I believe NTT has no right to put cell towers in our midst that may deprive us of our lives. NTT is an irresponsible company that uses the government standard as a lame excuse.

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