Betreff: We Must ASSERT Our Inherent God-Given, Unalienable RIGHTS.... America is OURS...NOT the 'elite's'...
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Subject: We Must ASSERT Our Inherent God-Given, Unalienable RIGHTS.... America is OURS...NOT the 'elite's'...

Gentlemen... and Ladies too,
 I read your posts....  I actually feel all of your frustrations. Because I have been there. And still am to a lesser degree, than I was once. The only difference now is, that I am doing my paperwork, filing and taking care of my own affairs in the courtroom/magistrates chambers.
 When you all get so sick and tired of these lying attorney's, the corrupt judges and magistrates.. you will then do, what I do. Go into the lions den asserting your "Inherent, God-Given, Unalienable Rights".
I know the sickening feeling that you all must get in the very pits of your stomachs.  That feeling that makes you want to literally throw-up. I have felt those very same feelings of sickness, frustration, helplessness, headaches, loneliness, heartache....for over 16 years now. I have gone through 5 attorneys and 1 guardian at litem<sp?>. I don't even have the presence of a good loving spouse to comfort me as some of you do. Don't let these trying times break-up your relationships. That is what the enemy wants.
Love each other...pray together..
 A 'person', outsider to this socialist/communist system, would think that the odds would have been in my  favor years ago, after at least the 3rd. attorney. But that was/is not so when you are labeled a "defendant"...and a Father. They, the courts and the female gender, ...and am not going to refer to them as women or mothers...because the majority of them...they are NOT. And please Ladies who are reading this and are in the same boat with us Dads... I am not referring to you. But I am referring to the ones who use their children as a meal ticket... or a tool to take revenge upon the Fathers. For they have no real understanding what a REAL Mom and Mother is. I can not understand how a parent can use their children the way these alleged custodial mothers do. And am speaking of the deranged ones... not the ones who are truly in need of assistance because of a real dead-beat fathers. And that goes for the dead-beat mothers too.
 My ex told me oh so long ago... right before our divorce ( that she wanted, not me) , she cupped her hand over her private part...(moving her hand in the fashion that you see Michael Jackson do when he's on stage gyrating around),... and matter-of -factly telling me... " As long as I got this...I'll get anything I want" ! 
Then she told me a little later...  " I will make sure you go down, make sure you loose everything you have, make sure the children will hate you, make sure no woman in the world will want you and make sure you grow old to be a lonely old man".  I will never, ever, forget that ! fact, that quote is exactly as she said it to me.  She also told me this.. more than once, when I would try and get the attorney and the court to give me equal custody....  " Keep messing with me in court and I'll have your f**king head blown off " . Neat huh?
 My girls are 23 and 18 now. Guess where they live for the last two...and four years, respectively ?
With 'our' home. The same place they started their lives in. They pay more out than I do to keep a roof over our heads because I can't. So I don't say they 'live' with me. We live together. They make more money an hour than my first ex and the second ex do now. I am very proud of my girls. they went through all kinds of b.s. while growing up. They were told at one time by the ex that,.."Your father don't care about you.. he doesn't give a damn".  And she kept them from me for almost a year. The court didn't to a thing! Neither did the shyster attorney I had.
 The second wife of only three years couldn't handle all the b.s. Plus... I think she was jealous when my girls came back home. she left,..almost two years ago... deserted me,...abandoned me when I had not even a penny in my pocket because the doctors disabled me because of the medical problems. The several doctors/specialists I had said,... if I kept working the way I was.."I would end up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life". That's a great thing to hear when you are only 44 years old. Am 50 now.
 My Social Security Disability check is garnished every month for over 330.00 frn's.  I have to live on 570.00 frn's a month. Can not even afford my medicine for my heart ..let alone the medicine to be able to walk without my cane. My home of over 22 years is in am fighting that also. My vehicle is a 24 years old..with its second engine of 425,000 miles.  And I could go on and on... BUT... the point is, that I am in a similar 'boat' as you. We must ALL compare 'notes'.... even if it is to just vent a little and realize that we are all getting screwed royal...without a kiss. We can exchange law... and how we write our Motions...Affidavits. When all the others in our 'boat' realize that we all have very similar circumstances  ...when the others realize that we all are wondering how we will make it to the next day... let alone the next week,....  and Thanksgiving is just days away. Will we have turkey hot dogs with turkey gravy from a jar ?..if we can even afford that!? Then well as us.. will start this fight in a real earnest and sincere battle the likes of the Great Peasant Revolt in England of 1381.
 When we wonder about how we could afford something for our children for Christmas,... and when you get headaches every single day and yearn for them to stop... when you can not sleep, when you yearn for a solution...yearn for that 'magic bullet'... you WILL finally come to the only solution that makes sense...and that is to learn this crap yourself...tell your attorney to "stick it where the sun don't shine"...get some balls and just DO IT ON YOUR OWN. If that sounds difficult to do... think about OUR Founding Fathers coming here and breaking away from the most powerful world force and nation of that time.... England. Most of OUR Founders were in business, some in law, some ministers, some teachers, farmers ...learned individuals who said to each other that ..things just can't go on this way,... being taxed, harassed and when their weapons were threatened to be taken away...when their stockade was looted..when the British started to kill the colonists.... they pledged their sacred honor to one another... they sacrificed their property...their time with their that one day their families would be free from the tyranny and oppression they had to endure at that time... knowing that when they would be finally successful... in creating a REPUBLIC.. NOT a democracy, like these lying politicians would have you believe, that Liberty would be theirs...and for their posterity. Their posterity is US !...and we are throwing it all away because we are relying on others we hired to stand up for ourselves...and that just don't work... because YOU..have to stand up for YOURSELF ...AND your FAMILIES.... That is called... CLAIMING YOUR RIGHTS!...and NO ONE... absolutely NO ONE can do that for you... but YOU yourselves! To have RIGHTS....YOU first have to CLAIM them...and do that by ASSERTING them.... ON YOUR OWN.
 The whole population at that time was not all involved either. It was only about 3% who actually participated in the Revolution. And I hate to say this..but there seems to be another on its way because I hear everyday, whether at the gas station, or the grocery store, the auto parts store, anywhere for that matter...people of all ages expressing discontent with what is going on in OUR Country. They know something is terribly wrong.   Are the majority of, "We The People" candyasses???... that we can't take the heat??.... that we can not stand together and tell these socialist/commie s.o.b's that 'We The People" have had enough...that "We The People" are not going to take it anymore?... that "We The People" Know we ARE SOVEREIGN!...  What are you afraid of anyway?? Make your peace with God...and go about your business. I am doing this not so much for me...but for my Children! I want them to have Liberty and Freedom... and the same for their Children also. I WILL NOT LAY DOWN OR SUCCUMB TO TYRANNY !
 It is as simple as that !  And if you are a Christian... and can not assert yourselves...than you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I would rather die fighting for Freedom, for MY posterity...than live a coward.
And you must understand this -  You must be willing to die for Freedom,...or you simply can not have it!
Until you have that attitude..that admonition, you will NEVER  EVER be FREE... and you will ALWAYS BE A SLAVE. Many of you have ancestors that were in this country from its start and still can't seem to grasp this idea of Liberty and Freedom, or the concept of it such as I have. I am only second generation American of  pure 100% Hungarian ancestry. My ancestors knew what Freedom meant then... it is in my blood.
It can not be, nor ever be made any other way. "They", the powers that be, will have to kill me first. Then I will Truly be FREE. The 'elite' don't like scares them... because I am willing to fight and die for Freedom and for my families Freedom. For My Country. They are not, They are NOT AMERICANS...they are cowards, who cringe at having to fight and the thought of being exposed. They hide behind their 'veil' in their secret societies and get the people to fight amongst themselves. Black against white.. red against yellow... Jew against Muslim.  They instigate, and laugh at how they manipulate us against each other. They plan and orchestrate all of these tragedies that beget more restrictions upon us that 'they' claim is for our protection...our own good. They practice the Hegelian Dialectic. They bring about the they can instill and install 'their' Order. The 'new world order'.  Is that what you want for your Children?
Is that how you honor your Founding Fathers?... or your relatives that fought for Liberty and Freedom, serving in the military? Maybe some of them never returning home alive? Or how you honor your God, no matter what altar you worship at, who gave to you your Inherent Unalienable RIGHTS?
 You must study America's history... you must study the Constitution... for if America falls, the whole world falls. We are the last bastion of True Liberty and Freedom in the World. There are still many good men and women in the service of Our government, whether it be the military, in the courts, the towns and cities or States we reside. Compared to all real Americans, there is only a handful of traitors who need weeded out... exposed and tried for their crimes against humanity....against "We The People."  For if you do not know your Country... Americas history, Her Supreme Law, Her True meaning of Liberty and Freedom, how then can you even begin to uphold your own..and your Children's own status of that of a Sovereign?  
 There is Right...and There is Wrong.  YOU.. have to do one..or the other. Which will it be? What will you bequeath to your Children?....Liberty and Freedom ?  ....or... Submission and Slavery ?
God Bless Each and Every One Of You....
And in spite of it all, Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, no matter what you have on the table to eat.
Some books to read for your research:  These books will give you a very wide scope of history of our country, law, some procedure in court records, secret societies & their agenda for all of us and the world, the mind set of our Founding Fathers regarding the Constitution & Liberty-Freedom.
"Behold A Pale Horse"... by; William Cooper,
"Patriots"... by; A.J.Langguth,... found at, Half-Price Books and Amazon .com
"Sui Juris - The Truth In The Record"... by; Pamela & Will Gaston,
"The New World Order"... by A. Ralph Epperson, Publius Press 3100 South Philamena Place, Tucson Arizona 85730
"The Federalist Papers"... by; Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay, first published in 1787-1788. ...and to the present day.  Any book store should have this.
"The Ruling Class - Inside The Imperial Congress"; Eric Felton, 1993, The Heritage Foundation, 214 Massachusetts Ave. NE Washington, DC 200002
"Emerging Viruses - Aids & Ebola"... by; Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
"A nation or world of people who do not use their intelligence are no better than animals who have no intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent."  
From the Illuminati's operators Research Technical Manual, TM-SW7905.1. "Silent Weapons For Quit Wars".. reprinted in the book,  "Behold A Pale Horse" by William Cooper.