Betreff: Alzheimers...Manhattan "cluster"...toxic amyloid....2007
Datum: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 13:41:16 EST

Here is reference to article re persons in Manhattan developing Alzheimers at "three times rate......."  
The reference to "amyloid" and "trafficking" directly applies to adverse effects on cell signaling due to  EMF/EMR chronic, prolonged exposures.--  that is, "electrical/electron interference and disruption of functions of  the Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) thereby allowing for build-up of toxic amyloid fibrils and plaque." 
Celebrities and politicians are "not escaping the toxic EMF/EMR pollution" that invades every aspect of our societies!    What will it take for "those in power" to help deal responsibly and reinstitute "prudent avoidance measures?"       Is 2007 the "year of truth?"     Best wishes and take care  -   Joanne
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Betreff: Alzheimers...Manhattan "cluster"...toxic amyloid....2007
Datum: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 13:19:22 EST

Gene Variant Associated with Late-Onset Alzheimer Disease

A new genetic link to late-onset Alzheimer disease, detailed in a study published early online in Nature Genetics, has received wide attention in the press.

Beginning with the observation that a group of families living in Manhattan had three times the usual risk for Alzheimer disease, researchers screened some 6000 people from various populations for variations in seven genes believed to be potentially tied to the development of Alzheimer disease. A variant form of one of the genes -- SORL1 -- was associated with reduced production of a protein that directs the trafficking of amyloid precursor protein, which, according to the New York Times account, can be converted to a toxic form associated with the disease.

Nature Genetics article (Free abstract; full text requires subscription)

New York Times story (One-time registration required)



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