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The "Newsweek" article below re burden of Alzheimers Disease gives estimates of numbers of affected persons and projected costs for the United States alone.  Imagine the "staggering numbers" when including estimates for other countries....!!!!    


Consider also that autism and other neurodegenerative diseases and disorders are not included in these estimates.   Also "not included" are the overwhelming numbers of "symptoms" being treated that are not being acknowledged as being related to EMF/EMR-related toxicity, or ES/EHS, and are basically "undiagnosed."


I have copied below the "response" (actually "a non-response") by Dr. Maria Carrillo (6-06-07) indicating "there is not much room to play.....[Alzheimers Association]..."  with no comment whatsoever regarding EMF/EMR exposures.


It will serve no purpose for me to directly acknowledge such arrogance and disregard for human suffering.   It appears that "Big Pharma" has "all their ducks-in-a-row" and without serious attention to the overall EMF/EMR cause (appliances, electric meters, etc., cell phones, telecommunications' antennae and  high voltage powerlines)  --  particularly re "close, chronic, prolonged exposures, by the World Health Organization (WHO), I see almost no hope that todays' children will be able to reduce the terrible outcome of this tsunami....!!!!!


Give your loved ones a hug while they still recognize you........   Joanne


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Physician's First Watch for June 12, 2007

David G. Fairchild, MD, MPH, Editor-in-Chief

Newsweek on the Burden of Alzheimer Disease

Alzheimer disease and other dementias could affect 16 million Americans by 2050 and could cost Medicare $400 billion annually as soon as 2030, according to the cover story of the current Newsweek.

The issue also provides a guide for adult children of people with dementia, covering issues ranging from housing, to advance directives or living wills, to financial issues, and including a list of resources.

Newsweek cover story (Free)

Newsweek caregiver guide (Free)


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Email received by Joanne Mueller from Dr. Maria Carrillo 6-06-07[response to Joanne Mueller's [6-06-07) appeal for Alzheimers' Association for release of  information to the public re close EMF/EMR exposures (electric meters and appliances) at night) also re ASMT Gene and melatonin: ]

Dear Ms. Mueller:
If the agent looks positive, clinicians will use it and if it works the NIA has committed to moving those studies forward.  Clinicians must use it in their trials.

There is not much room outside this for our Association to play.

Best, Maria


Maria C.Carrillo, Ph.D.

Director, Medical & Scientific Relations

Alzheimer's Association, National Office

225 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1700

Chicago, IL 60601-7633