Betreff: epidemic?
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Betreff: epidemic?
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Doc:  As I read through the various reports re ALS on your website ( ), I can't help but think at the same time about what is being reported on the Alzheimers' Forum.
Persons seem to generally accept that their own early Alzheimers is "genetic" and will often site this or that relative was diagnosed.
As you know, only about 5% of all cases are anything but environmentally caused.
Congratulations on your new book, "Surly Bonds," by the way!!!  
I am thinking that the symptoms that are continuously discussed on the Alzheimers' forum in many of the most severe cases fall more into a category of ALS and/or Parkinsons and note that some of the caregivers report patient as " having symptoms of Parkinsons, etc.
There are way too many persons being reported as Alzheimers in persons under age 50!!!  
Big Pharma will be helped even in the midst of increasing lawsuits because most persons blindly follow their doctors' advice believing that the FDA would not allow statins to remain on the market and they apparently can't relate to the possibility of electric items close to beds as being harmful (with the exception of those who interact a bit more closely with me or other EMF activists or Alternative Docs or friends of those who know).
I note in my conversations while traveling about that many persons will say "oh, my parents had electric clocks on their headboards or nightstands....."   They are saying this so as to defend that doing so is o.k.   Some even assume a more rigid stance, adamantly stating "...AND....there is a clock on each side of the bed!!!   
Dr. George Carlo's docu-drama "Boiling Frog Principle" (cell phone issues) is now apparently being delayed once again.  Was scheduled to come out in 2007 after Hollywood took it over and the 2006 release was postponed. 
I am also anxiously awaiting Michael Moore's release of "Sickos" in the upcoming year.  As you know, I reported your work re statins to him.  I received an email (perhaps you did too) saying " will be surprised..... " and he also mentioned that he read every single one of the thousands of emails he received regarding the sorry state of our health system.
I definitely see the need for lawsuits to stop the carnage due to statins but still believe strongly that the issue of taking statins in situations of EMF/EMR chronic, prolonged, toxic exposure particularly at night due to electric items and some telephone equipment on nightstands and headboards PLUS the increasing use of cell phones, cellular antennae everywhere, wiring and grounding problems and high frequencies on electrical wiring,  must be considered as "deadly combinations!!!"
Same for those who live less than 300 ft. from high voltage powerlines.  The 2002 EMF California Report found connections between milligauss readings as low as 4.0 milligauss and brain cancer, ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), Leukemia and miscarriage.
You are 100% correct that ALS is an "epidemic!!"
Alzheimers is an "epidemic!!!"
Type II Diabetes is an "epidemic!!
Asthma is an "epidemic!!!!"
All of these problems and more are related to low level chronic, prolonged EMF/EMR exposures.   This is a dangerous and desperate situation and someone somewhere somehow must get through to a senator who can force the release of the EMF Interagency Committee Report to Congress!!!
You are also correct when you state on your website that some ionizing radiation might be good.   Certainly radiation that zaps a cancerous tumor can be considered to be good.  But, an examination of the available research regarding chronic, prolonged, low level ionizing exposure such as in X-ray workers, etc. reveals adverse effects in regard to various white cells -- neutrophils and lymphocytes in particular, that are consistent with mostly anecedotal reports of those chronically exposed to low levels of nonionizing radiation (EMF/EMR).
As with radiation treatments, when exposure is withheld to allow for recovery before proceeding with the radiation or chemotherapy regimes, the same holds true for victims of chronic, prolonged, low level EMF/EMR exposures.  Persons report improvement or disappearance of symptoms and some have proof of white blood cell changes, when going to locations with less EMF/EMR exposure.
As Dr. Gerald Goldberg (author of "Would You Put Your Head in a Microwave?") told me on the phone the other day -- "if something results in improvement, it is considered in the medical profession as treatment...."
My grandsons were moved away from electric meters.  Their overall IGG levels rose dramatically within five months and their symptoms of asthma and chronic sinus infections improved significantly.
My guinea pigs were moved away from electric meters.  Their "asthma" went away (although one out of each set of two died within 30 days) and the survivors' white cell counts returned to normal.
As you know, prior to discontinuing Bud's Lipitor, I moved his electric clock radio.  His next neuropsych test showed "improvement."    Pains in Bud's legs disappeared after discontinuing Lipitor although he still experiences night cramps even tho not as frequently as before.
There is a deliberate, planned effort to NOT do the blood studies that will prove what I am reporting (others have reported similar facts also).  There have been some red blood cell studies regarding EMF/EMR but the studies that prove the link to Leukemia (the most widely recognized cancer due to bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki even over 50 years later) are left undone -- "white blood cell changes!!!"
Earlier Japanese/American and Russian studies had no problem doing the appropriate studies to prove the connection to the radiation and the increasing Leukemia cases.  Since the late 1990's, I can not find a single study on low level EMF/EMR and white blood cell changes.
The EMF RAPID Report reluctantly concludes that EMF's should be classified as Class 2B carcinogens.  The EMF Interagency Committee Report, however, contains "specifics" regarding the connections to immune deficiency and Leukemia.
Prior to "the cover-up," even the American Cancer Society distributed information about moving electric appliances away from close proximity to beds.  The questions is, "WHAT test proved that is is no longer necessary to move those appliances!!!???
As you know, "the test" is not a test at all.  It is greed!!!
Keep up your good work and take care!!!  Joanne
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