Evidence this year (2005) of damage to human health and families being driven from their homes by the damage to health from base station emissions. Received by Gill Lyden

Dear (Deleted for Data protection), Luton.

We do not live there anymore. In the end we had to abandon our home (and place of work, means we were there 24 hours a day/7 days/week, 365 days/year ) The house is still standing empty 1½ years later. Why I wonder.

I still miss my house awfully.   But we did get lots of measurements on the Com monitor. With the mast only 28 meters away, our Com monitor lit up like a Xmas tree. (see attached photo, all lights are lit to the top of the scale). (Sorry.I do not have the photo. G.Lyden)

 But the thing is that UMTS is a Sinister thing. It is not the deadly silent radiation of GSM. It is very noisy indeed and probably even more deadly than GSM.  I first found out about the noise when they shut the mast down for repairs on the 180804 and then again on the 010904. It was like coming into the “EYE” of a Tornado, suddenly it was totally quiet after the raging storm.

Erik measured and there was no radiation. And then suddenly it all started again, and I felt physically that they had turned it on again, Erik measured and it was on again.

But the worst thing is, that we made a lot of effort to shield for the radiation, and managed to shield it away, but still, sitting in the spots where the beams came into the house we fainted and lost consciousness. There is still a big mark in the carpet of our TV room where my hot iron fell on the floor and melted the carpet fibre. We were very lucky that the carpet did not ignite and burn the house down, because we only came to quite a while later, and the room was full of fumes from the melted carpet.

I have never been so scared in my whole life.

Dr. Gerald Hyland went into the house just before our case came to court and measured with his Acousticom, and he said that he had never heard the Acousticom screech like this before. It was the highest reading he had ever had.

Best regards. Agnes.

 P.S. I have now moved us to a place almost at the top of the “Mountain” Malvern Hills, where there is 1.5 km to the nearest mast. (But even here, surrounded by conservation area of “Outstandin Beauty” where no progress is allowed, there is still a small private area where a greedy private person  plays a host to a mast, but as I say 1.5 km away).

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hi Agnes I read with interest your efforts to reduce levels of radiation in your home. I understand that you also use a com monitor as the basis for measuring relative levels of radiation in your home.

I have a  com monitor and used it in the past and found that its lowest reading of 0.7 volts per metre is not sensitive enough for the purposes of effective radiation reduction. In the end our group was fortunate enough to acquire a very sensitive home built acousticom type that is frequency selective.to use in our quest for reduced radiation exposures. We were able to assess the radiation levels of each different   frequency present and deal with each frequency in turn.



At least 2 serious studies ( one was pulsed and the other was non pulsed) indicate health effects at levels as low as 0.3 volts per metre and as that level might not register on the com monitor you might still have such levels of radiation in your home that might be bio interactive.


We have experimented with progressive shielding for some years now and are familiar with the immense technical challenge of keeping radiation away from people and have found that as the level of exposure is progressively lowered to the point that our very sensitive acousticom type meter does not register emissions that the health of the exposed subjects seems to progressively improve. Well being is a subjective factor and the criteria for assessing well being is productivity, earnings, days off work, looking after grandchildren, energy for home improvement projects gardening visits to doctors etc.

Perhaps you might need to get more sensitive instruments and go over your home and see if there might still be radiation leaking in despite your recent efforts.

best wishes

(Deleted for Data protection) Luton

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Did you by any chance check it against UMTS or Tetra rays? When we put alu-foil and steel netting on the inside of all our walls, and lead curtain netting before the windows, our com monitor did not measure radiation, but we still got sick, in the same spots as we had measured the radiation in. So we think it must have been the frequencies.

There is something deeply sinister about the frequencies UMTS sends out, and the worst part is that is very much worse when there is no traffic on the net. We had thought it was because of heavy traffic, but found out the hard way, it was the opposite. Can it be that the traffic disguises the pulsing when there is traffic, but when there is no traffic the pulsing is undisguised and the frequency beams really get into you. It got so bad we fainted.

 I am going to send you a letter my son Henrik has sent me. He has been working hard to find an explanation why, UMTS is so terrible. He is reading material on Radiation protection for Mobile phones from a manufacturer of the protection chip and tells me there is a lot in there to explain the reason  for the effects on people.

Best regards.