Betreff: Adverse bioeffects on animals near a New Zealand radio transmitter (From Hargreaves / Ward)
Von: Don Maisch
Datum: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 09:13:50 +1100

Subject: Extract from Hidden Dangers doc that D Ward compiled  in 
2001. Thermoregulatory info here too.

1.      Health Effects Experienced Near A New Zealand Radio Transmitter

Wounds exposed to EMR do not heal well, increased heartbeat, decrease 
in blood pressure:-

Relevant EMR Research from Currents of Death page 68: - Refers to 
work done by Dr Donald S Gann a neurologist at the John Hopkins 
University School of Medicine in Baltimore, USA.

"Gann exposed anaesthetised dogs to 60 hertz electric fields of 
15,000 volts per meter for five hour periods, after inducing small 
carefully controlled haemorrhages in the animals in order to 
determine whether the fields would alter their response to the stress 
imposed by the haemorrhages. He found that the exposed animals 
experienced a significant decrease in blood pressure and a startling 
increase in heartbeat rate, as compared to unexposed control animals. 
In a 1975 report to EPRI (financiers of the study) Gann described his 
findings as follows. 

"The unexpected finding of these changes suggests strongly that 
dynamic effects resulting from exposure to electric fields may not be 
particularly subtle at all, but may be quite easy to detect. 

In addition to the findings with regard to magnitude of change, the 
variability of the heart rates of exposed subject was also 
significant, greater than that in unexposed subjects suggesting that 
the observations made by Soviet workers on conscious human beings 
exposed to high voltage electrical fields may be present in 
anaesthetised dogs. These results are clearly preliminary but also 
clearly demand further explanation."

EPRI's Advisory Committee on the Effects of Electrical Fields - 
decided unanimously that Gann's work did not require further 
investigation. They assured Gann that 'this decision in no way 
reflected on your professional competence" explaining " it appears 
that heavy University demands on your time has made it difficult for 
you to give sustained and intensive personal attention to this 
project which it needed very badly. We have noted with interest your 
preliminary evidence that the electric field can cause changes in the 
blood pressure and pulse of haemorrhaged animals and will see if this 
can be confirmed in an independent study." There is no evidence that 
the EPRI ever tried to replicate Gann's study.

We found with the horses that sustained wounds at Ouruhia that their 
healing rate was much longer than we had ever experienced before or 

A few months later a very valuable young horse, Thomas, came in from 
the paddock staggering and uncoordinated, opening and shutting his 
mouth as if he had been stung.  We rang the vets and they did 
everything but six hours later this lovely horse died and we were 
devastated. The vets never knew why.

Hot Spot areas monitored:-My daughter's dressage/show horse lashed 
out and cut her leg in the fence a few metres from where the young 
horse had bolted. She did this three times in the same area. She 
normally never kicked at anything and she never has since.  One of 
our best horses, (Champion show) was quietly standing near a 
corrugated iron barn and one of the builders saw him lash out so 
strongly he put his leg right through the wall and severed half of 
his tendon.

When Martin Gledhill from the National Radiation Laboratory later 
monitored there he found "Hot Spots"(higher levels) on this shed but 
within the ICNIRP standard. One of the winning racehorses stabled in 
that barn, with a direct line of sight to the radio tower, had to 
stop racing because he had heart problems.  He had been happy in his 
stable at first but as time went on he took a great aversion to it. 
Would not eat and broke out several times.  Another horse was in one 
of the "hot spot" stables and he grew bony lumps in two places and 
his tendon where it joined the fetlock became soft and swollen and 
later turned into a hard lump.  He was unable to race.  The 
veterinarian had never seen anything like it. He also took a great 
aversion to his stable and kept breaking out of it.

I had bought a yearling, which at two, won his first race so easily I
was offered 300,000 dollars to sell him to Hong Kong. We turned that
down because he had developed a problem we could not solve and knew
he would not pass the rigorous purchase vet inspection.

Problems with horses hooves :- Sometimes he would be so sore he could
hardly walk, but no one could find the cause. He developed skin
sores. He also seemed to be experiencing pain in his loins and
fetlocks. Other days he would be fine. The winter of 1995 he would
refuse (stand and buck) to go in the paddock next to the radio tower
where we worked the horses. He was a stallion, he became very violent
and difficult to handle when previously he had been gentle. His
hooves started to change shape and the farriers again could not find
the cause. We decided to give him a holiday and within a month he
was his old happy self, bucking and playing. Back in the paddock near
the "hot spot" barn he again became aggressive and walked as if he
was on hot bricks.

In 1997 after we had moved all the horses away from the farm he was
normal, so kind we could serve mares one week and race him
successfully the next. It is most unusual to have a stallion quiet
enough to do this. We used him to cover mares at Ouruhia and out of
four served only one was in foal. Since moving from there his
fertility rate is excellent. He no longer has trouble walking and
his hooves are much better.

Animals became Violent:-In 1999 I rented my farm to a farmer for
fattening stock. They were only there for a month and he did not
have a problem until he bought some cows and a bull. Within a month
the bull was going berserk, jumping into neighbour's property and
terrifying them. The farmer removed all his stock and terminated his

I used to rent a bull to service my heifers. Three times quiet bulls
arrived and within three weeks became so vicious we had to send them
home. They immediately became quiet again.

The bull had been in the paddock next to the radio tower and he would
not stay in that paddock. He preferred to be in the radio tower
paddock than in the paddock 100 metres away from it. (This behaviour
is an indication that "hot spot" areas are not in the area
immediately under the tower but further out.)

We had similar occurrences with another bull and the cow that went
blind. I have since heard of several other bulls kept in paddocks
within 1 kilometre of the radio tower that have become violent and
been destroyed.

Male animals at our farm became violent in certain areas of our farm.
Other people have experienced this with dogs, bulls and horses in our

Relevant Research:-The Federal Communications Commission reports that
the first thing affected by EMR exposure are the eyes and the

The effect on testicles may have caused the tension and anger in male
animals we, and others experienced. One male dog within a month of
the second FM transmitting became so aggressive it ate his smaller
friend. This dog lived approximately three kilometres from the
aerial where there is a cluster of ill people. They also experience
interference with their telephone and other electronic equipment.

Male irritability:- when the Ouruhia residents lawyer examined the
medical reports of 40 people, living in the area, she commented on
the quantity of men going to their doctor with symptoms of extreme

Is EMR exposure affecting the moods of men living near communication
sites, or power lines? Men using cell phones and computers,
excessively? Could this be connected to the high rise in violence in
the home? Only research will give us answers.

Animals loss of co-ordination:-When we used to work the horses in the
paddock next to the radio tower, they would be quiet when they
started but as they worked and began to sweat they would become very
fractious and difficult. This is most unusual, as fit horses are
often full of naughty ideas when they begin and settle as they work.
We experienced the opposite. Several times horses lost co-ordination
for no reason and fell over. It was always in one place. At that
time we did not know why. We were later told that the previous owner
of the farm had dropped dead (heart attack) in that area while moving
an electric fence. We also have the story of a fit Alsation dog
losing co-ordination after hunting in that area. This occurred two
weeks before the previous owner died.

The dog owner writesŠ. " 25th September 1989, our German Shepherd dog
had to be put to rest. Ten days prior to this she had been a
perfectly healthy, energetic, vigorous animal. Hunting rabbits with
me on the Stewarts farm at Lower Styx Rd, we hunted there once or
twice a week.

She lost the use of her back legs in total, and had lost control of
her bowels and bladder. The symptoms came gradually over the 10 day
period, the last few days of her life being spent in the hospital
when the vets said they could do no more for her. When she became
sick the best way to describe her condition was similar to animals
with "mad cow disease." The vets requested a post mortem. They found
no cause for her condition.

Another household at Ouruhia where a dog, and horse suffered from
similar symptoms, but they bled to death from the nose and the anus.
The symptoms are similar to those experienced by the US Ambassador to
Moscow who was exposed to low level EMR. He suffered from a blood
disease, nausea and bleeding from the eyes and has since died from
leukaemia. Two other exposed US Ambassadors died from cancer.
(refer Electro Magnetic Man, Smith and Best. page 141 for Moscow

Heating Effect Caused by High Humidity, Exercise or Pregnancy combined with EMR

Relevant Research :- Page 99 of the
Report discusses heating and EMR exposure-

"Normal body temperature is maintained by a complex control system of
heat loss or gain responses, including behaviour (Simon et al (1986)
at a so-called "set point" value of around 37degreesC. Body
temperature is maintained within a narrow range (=0.5 degrees C
fluctuation) by the processes of sweating or increasing metabolic
production. Data on thermoregulatory responses to RF or microwave
heating is obtained from experiments with passively heated volunteers.

Ambient conditions, such as high humidity and physical work, can
profoundly limit the thermoregulatory capabilities and exert a
significant effect on the ability to tolerate different whole body,
Specific Body Absorption (American National Institute of Occupational
Safety and Health and the American Conference of Government
Industrial Hygienists recommend an upper threshold limit value of a
rise in body temperature of 1 degree C.

This is endorsed by the WHO (1980 " it was recommended that rates of
physical work and environmental factors should be such as to limit
excursions of body temperature beyond 1 degree C. (Kido et al 1985)
reported mean increases in body temperature of 0.5 degrees C in
resting volunteers exposed to magnetic resonance abdominal scan for
17 minutes where the whole body SAR was only 0.8WKg. Heart rate
increased by 3 beats per minute. Calculations of SAR distribution
based on a heterogeneous model of the human body indicate that the
localised SARs in small tissue volumes could be 10 to 70 times
greater than the whole body average SAR during exposure to magnetic
resonance imaging (Orcutt and Gandi 1980)".

>From the ICNIRP report page 15.

"Both laboratory data and the results of limited human studies
(Michaelson and Elson 1996) make it clear that thermally stressful
environments and the use of drugs or alcohol can compromise the
thermoregulatory capacity of the body. Under these conditions,
safety factors should be introduced to provide adequate protection
for exposed individualsŠ"

After reading these reports it is not surprising that horses became
fractious and uncontrollable near the radio tower on hot days .Kido
reports EMR exposed volunteers heart rate rose when resting. People
and the animals were not resting when working on our farm but
undertaking hard physical work and exercise. The thick coat of a
German Shepherd dog may have affected its ability to dissipate the
heat of the combined EMR exposure and hard physical exercise of

Could the extra EMR circulatory load have affected neighbours mares
after the FM was added.

In 1997 he had five mares foal and only one was normal.

1. Thoroughbred mare aged 15years was put down after 9 months
gestation. The vet reported internal and vulva areas pulverised. She
had had 3 normal pregnancies.

2. Clydesdale, 14years, had 2 previously normal pregnancies.
Placenta and bag, (foal) born together. Foal dead at birth.

3. Pony mare, Foal born and mare distressed after birth. Uterus
and vagina separated at cervix. Advised to put down but within an
hour she improved. 3 normal previous foalings.

4. Clydesdale Mare Experienced same as above, Foal born dead.

Adverse Effects Caused by Combination of EMR and Drugs

C.S.I.R.O. report 'states that other physical and physiological
factors which reduce the ability to adapt to an extra heat load
include old age, obesity, hypertension, and effects of many drugs
such as diuretics, antihistamines, tranquillisers, B Blockers, and

Several of the horses that have never fully recovered had been on
antibiotics while at Ouruhia. They became very dull and starey eyed
and changed personality from being bright and intelligent to very
stupid and nervous. One developed large bony lumps on her face, and
body, that vanished six months after she was moved away from the
property. However her immune systems seems to be compromised and she
is not well. Two of our young horses, six weeks after gelding,
(anaesthetics were used) developed oozing sores which looked like
burns on their faces. The vet had no idea what they were caused by.
We removed the horses from the farm two weeks later and the sores
slowly went away.

The horses wear halters which have metal buckles and they also graze
next to wire fences which combined with the anaesthetics could have
caused the RF Burns.(see Hagaman for research on metal conducting RF)

I also experienced oozing sores on my mouth and hands after I had
anaesthetics for a hand operation. I was on pain killing drugs for
several weeks. At the time I drove the tractor for many hours which
would cause high reflection areas of RF as my hands were exposed on
the metal wheel.

I have an ongoing problem with my left hand now, not my injured one,
as when I go out in the sun or use my computer my hand becomes very
swollen, and the scars which are like burns on my hands, flare up
again. If I am driving the pain is so bad, sometimes, I have to
drive one handed to keep it out of the sun. A local farmer, who has
now moved, has a similar problem with his hands.

Reflection and Interactions of Metallic Objects with EMR

" Shocks and burns can be the indirect effects of high frequency EMF
involving human contact with metallic objects in the field. At
frequencies of 100kHz-100MHz (the upper limit of the FM broadcast
band) the threshold levels of contact current that produce effects
ranging from perception to severe pain do not vary significantly as a
function of the field frequency."

In the "Handbook for Professionals- Radio Frequency and Elf
Electromagnetic Energies by R.T. Hitchcock, R.M Patterson published
by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York City" page 184;

'A few studies have evaluated the interaction of radio frequency and
microwave energies with metal implants or metal objects worn by
people. Metallic objects may perturb the field, concentrating the RF
energy in the vicinity of the conductive object. This may lead to
localised heating such as that observed by Feucht, Richardson and
Hines (1949) These researchers found that wire implants and metal
plates increased measurable temperatures in vitro and in vivo
experiments with 2.45-GHZ microwaves. Larger temperature increases
were observed when metals were closer to the surface and with larger
metal plates.'

Cell phone Towers near Mental Hospitals and Hospices

The Nurse Maude Hospice, St Albans, has a cell phone nearby and the
Sunnyside Mental hospital where many patients would be on drugs and
tranquillisers, has one in its grounds. In the last few years there
have been reports of serious problems with violent patients at this
hospital. We found male animals, more than 3 kilometres away,
changed personality and became violent when the RF was increased at
Ouruhia Radio tower.

Cell phone towers are also sited near schools. These are not as
powerful as a radio tower but the frequency, I am told, by Professor
Kerdemelidis, (retired lecturer in Electrical Engineering at
Canterbury University) couples well with small children's bodies.
Many schools have metal climbing frames which could cause an increase
in RF exposure.

The C.S.I.R.O also reports 'the thermoregulatory ability of infants
is not well developed and pregnant women have an extra circulatory
load which may compromise their ability to dissipate heat.'

With this information available it seems criminal to us that a radio
tower is permitted near the junior school at Philpotts Rd, in Shirley.

In July 2000, after Professor Stewarts UK report was released, the UK
Govt contacted all British schools and advised them to discourage
children from using cell phones until more research is completed. It
also advised that the microwave from cell phone towers should never
cross children's playgrounds.

WHY have New Zealand children not been protected in this way?

The Victoria Park Microwave Tower, Cashmere, is situated close to
houses. Deaths on Cashmere are seen to be predominantly on the
ridges where the microwave beams are or could be directed to.
Research in Kansas identified higher cancer mortality and morbidity
when radar was directed to higher ground or high rise buildings.

EMR Researcher, Dr Becker says in Crosscurrents, page 212:-

"Microwave radar pulsed at 60Hz would have the same effect as 60 Hz
field alone, which explains the identical effect seen at ELF and
microwave frequencies. It also indicates that all intervening
frequencies, VLF, AM radio, FM radio, and TV will have the same
biological effects since they too are modulated."

2. Metal and EMR

3. Metal and EMR

Metal Framed Spectacles Perturb MW Fields

Davias and Griffiths (1989)

'Found that metal framed spectacles perturb microwave fields between
2 and 12 GHz. They determined this by locating a field probe,
(monopole antenna on a ground plane) near a human phantom composed of
lossy materials that stimulate tissues. The reception pattern of the
probe was compared when the phantom was fitted with eyewear and when
the phantom wore no eye wear. They demonstrated the difference in the
radiation patterns at the field probe when the spectacles were
mounted on the phantom. Their analysts indicated that the resonant
frequency of the eye wear was 900mHz and that of the spectacle
component (wing, hook, and rim) is resonant between 1.4 and 3.75GHz'

Penny says "I used to wear metal rimmed sunglasses while at Ouruhia
and now I have skin cancer where the metal rims were on the bridge of
my nose. My reading glasses were half rimmed metal which I wore
halfway down my nose while working in my office and sitting at a
window facing line of sight to the aerial. I have had one of these
growths removed from halfway down my nose where the rim of my glasses
sat. At the Ouruhia hearing Dr Coster, representing the Radio
Network, claimed that the reason why two of us had experienced nasty
sores high up in our noses was "because we picked our noses while
working with the animals." I have worked with animals all my life and
never previously experienced these sores. I do not have them now.

The surgeon did not think the growths came from picking my nose. He
was unable to remove all the growth but I have not had a problem with
it except when I have twice attended meetings at a school which is
sited near a cell phone tower. I was unaware of the tower but within
four hours my nose turned into a clowns red nose and the growth area
was very inflamed and painful for two days."

Objects such as Vehicles, Childs Climbing Frames, Prams etc, Peturb RF Fields

As soon as an object is placed within an electric field, the field
behaves rather like a curtain and drapes itself in close folds over
the object, leaving a clear space beneath. The field so folded can
reach values up to a hundred times that of the ambient, unperturbed
field. In ordinary working or living conditions, such an object might
be a car whose top is at head level for the person standing next to
it, a gate or a piece of equipment similarly placed at the level of
the heart, a child's climbing frame, or a pram with a baby inside.
The biological implications of such field enhancement are

Wire implants Increase Measurable Temperatures when exposed to RF

When at Ouruhia lumps appeared where the wire in my brassiere met my
skin. Now I have residue of scar tissue there and when I return to
Ouruhia that area becomes very inflamed and burning. I also
experienced lumps where the metal eyelets of my shoes were on my feet.

This research would also explain the sores (like blisters) on my
cheeks adjacent to the amalgam in my teeth while at Ouruhia. The RF
conducted through my fillings. Sometimes I would have excruciating
toothache but within five minutes of leaving the farm the pain went.
My gums shrivelled up and my mouth was always dry with a large crack
in the roof of my mouth. I experienced sores in my mouth and down my
throat. The tip of my tongue developed a lump on it. I had a pin in
my front tooth which I believe acted as an aerial for the EMR. My
tongue always felt as if it had hot pepper on it. When I left Ouruhia
this effect went. The first thing I noticed when I returned was the
"hot pepper ' feeling and the sores in my mouth. I believe the
amalgam conducts the Electromagnetic field in the mouth. I have a
lot of fillings including one gold. When I have visited Ouruhia for a
short time, the scars on my cheeks, where the blisters were, become
inflamed and noticeable.

Dental fillings

Dr Cyril Smith Electro magnetic Man. Page 94. When looking for the
cause of hypersensitivity:-

"Does the patient have a lot of different metals in dental fillings?
The amalgam of "dental amalgam" contains the element of mercury which
is highly toxic. Mercury metal is generally supposed to be difficult
to remove from the amalgam but there are reports that it does
disappear from fillings and that electric potentials can often be
measured between different fillings in the mouth. (Ziff 1984)"

High RF Reflection Areas

Hand Book for Health Professionals, Radio frequency and ELF
Electromagnetic Energies by R. T. Hitchcock, and RM Patterson
published by Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York. "page 184

"Gandhi and Chatterjee (1982) determined the magnitude of the
electric field which would produce short circuit currents in common
objects. Generally the necessary E Field strength varied as a
function of frequency and the object being irradiated. For example,
perception (let go parenthesis)currents were produced if a metal
roof, fence, car and truck were irradiated at respectively 250,
(1040), 160 (850), 80 (440), and 20 V/m(110 V/m),between 10 to
100kHz. The E field then decreased with increasing frequency up to
10 M Hz.

Radio frequency signals transmitted from the antenna may induce a
perceptible charge in large rubber tyre vehicles and ungrounded
metallic structures" (Hagaman 1989a) In these reports the RF sources
were AM radio station transmitters. (Shepich 1990 Heins and Curtis

This research demonstrates the reason for the horses change in
personality, and nervousness, in or near some of the ungrounded
corrugated iron sheds or near the metal horse trailer. Horses are
very sensitive to electricity.

When we loaded horses daily in the metal trailer, to go to the beach,
they would become very fractious when previously there had never been
a problem. They would kick out for no reason and sometimes be quite
unmanageable. The trailer was line of sight to the aerial and
research tells us would be a high reflection area. Several of them
lost balance and fell over in the trailer which they had not done
previously and do not do now they have moved.