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I posted this today and sent copies to others.

It is good to be back on the path.




7th July 2007


I have written to the HPA before, as have many others, in the last two or three years. 

We are responded to with dismissive replies due to the “lack of scientific evidence”

and given platitudes for our suffering, if we are lucky, but some of us get no reply!

This is just not good enough in the circumstances and I ask that you take my letter

most seriously and respond to it in kind.


It does not (and should not) before anything is done, take “scientific/medical evidence”

to prove that there ARE very real problems within the population of the UK with the

advent of the pulsed microwave radiation technology.  That there ARE problems

at all should be the trigger for researchers of all relevant sciences to look

into the causes seriously and then seek to resolve these problems.


That there are serious and possibly fatal incidents occurring, which are ignored or

denied by those who are put in office to safeguard the populace is beyond belief

and totally inhuman.


I have spoken to hundreds of people in the last three years. Some are suffering and

getting worse with each new alteration to TETRA, further changes to 3G and new

and/or additional technologies.

Others are finding that their human rights are also violated when mobile phone masts,

TETRA, Wi-Fi etc are sited either close to, or on, their children’s schools/homes

or within the community.


As I am electro hypersensitive, having lost my way of life and well-being as it was

before I became sensitised and having been forced to move three times since

September 2003, I most certainly have just cause to question the validity of the



a)  The “scientific evidence”


b) The blatant disregard for a precautionary approach recommended by the HPA’s

Chairman, Sir William Stewart on behalf of children and for a minority who might be

prone to the biological effects of pulsed microwave radiation.


c)  ICNIRP measuring standards


d) The lack of monitoring and investigation of cancer clusters around mobile phone

masts and TETRA


e) The almost total denial of the existence of electro hypersensitivity


f) The almost total denial of proof of harm with technologies using pulsed microwave



g) The motivation for choosing TETRA for the emergency services when it is known

to pulse at around 17.6 Hz with harmonics pulsing at around 20.26Hz – both on the

Beta Brainwave.


NOTE: I do believe that TETRA was a huge mistake as effects are worse when

TETRA is in the equation.  I have spoken to hundreds of people across the UK

over the last 3 years, those who are EHS and others who are not. Always the ill

health/symptoms are worse with TETRA present and the mental and physical

capacities are more affected.

Wi-Fi is pretty deadly too.  This combination of mixing technologies is dangerous

and both of these technologies are rapidly covering the UK.


Questions requiring a response


1. Will the HPA review Wi-Fi and mobile phone masts/TETRA?


2. Will the HPA investigate cancer clusters around mobile phone masts/



3. Will the HPA review the condition of electro hypersensitivity?


4. Will the HPA investigate what happens when these technologies mix

together etc?


5. Will the HPA put in place monitoring of our children, cancer clusters

and the EHS?


I need to make it very clear that I am not writing for myself, I am seeking

serious and positive responses to serious issues that are being ignored or

covered up.


The “anecdotal evidence” is out there and it is the HPA’s duty to look into

these issues and investigate them quickly, thoroughly, honestly and openly.


The many who are now electro hypersensitive know the truth. They see, feel, hear

and read what is happening and realise that these technologies will eventually

(or perhaps are now) harm non-sensitives, too, as they are harming us, animal/plant

life and our environment.


The constant denials from the HPA do it no credit with many of us.  Even some

non-sensitive people are beginning to see this denial for what it is.


I am writing for all those who are vulnerable, especially our children; those

who are unwell/ill around mobile phone masts and TETRA; for those who

are EHS; for animal/insect/plant life and our environment, which is also being

affected; and for who are unable to, or lack the courage to speak for themselves.


Yours sincerely



Mrs S L Lawrence


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