Please find below a translation from Swedish to English, of a new Swedish research on the Harmfulness of Mobile phone radiation on brain cells.


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A Swedish study proves that brain cells die from mobile radiation.


A new Swedish study proves damage after very weak radiation levels exposure. It shows that blood leaks into the brain after a simulated mobile phone call.

50 days later 2 percent of the effected brain cells are either damaged or dying.

- Passive mobile radiation can be a huge problem. It can affect a whole generation, says Professor Leif G. Salford, who is responsible for a new Swedish study.

This is a question of visible biological effects from very small dose of mobile radiation or other electromagnetic fields.

The exposure level is between 1 hundredth and 1 thousandth of the direct radiation from a GSM phone, which corresponds to a distance of 1.85 meters from the mobile antenna.

Opens a “Window”:

Just here there opens what scientists call “a window” in the brain. The electromagnetic field cause molecules, which normally stay in the blood vessels, to passed out into the brain and into the brain cells.

Albumin starts leaking from the blood-vessel and out into the brain. And we believe this is an active leakage.

In addition, this happens to Large Molecules, which means that also other items with large molecules can be expected to leak, says


Leif G. Salford, Professor in Neurosurgery at the University of Lund in Sweden.    

 Large Molecules:

Albumin is the bloods own consistency stabilizator. It does not normally pass from the blood vessel over to other parts of the body, but a similar leakage has been observed with diseases like epilepsy and high blood pressure.

If the Albumin gets into the brain cell the cell will get damaged and risks dying.

Salfords very thorough Swedish study was performed on 1600 rats in Lund. The brains of 47 percent of the animals showed visible affects.

The disturbing aspect is the low electromagnetic radiation levels which the animals were exposed to. High radiation levels had no effect at all.

The radiation level corresponds to what is called “Passive Mobile Radiation”, low radiation levels which affect everyone in modern daily life.

No Heat:

No heat damage effects were found, which earlier have been called to attention as being harmful. 

The animals were exposed from between two minutes to 16 hours with low levels of radiation. And it seems the most effective way to open this “window” in the brain is by radiation exposure, with levels between 1 hundredth and 1 thousandth of  the radiation emitted directly by the mobile phone, says Salford.

A radiation level which gives damages far below the recommended  radiation limit (INCIRP).

Dying after 50 days:

In addition, the effects stay on for a long time after the radiation exposure stops.

- After 50 days the cell death shows. Up to 2 percent of the cells are either damaged or are dying.

But, exactly what the health effects will be on humans is unclear. No studies have been carried out on humans.

- The rats are not sick after having been exposed to these low doses, but the Albumin is leaking out, says Salford.

The discoveries in Lund are now being studied by other scientists throughout the world.


Translated from Swedish by:

Agnes Ingvarsdottir.


A normal undamaged ratbrain, which has not been exposed to mobile phone radiation.

Shows a normal small intake of Albumin

After 2 hours exposure by weak GSM radiation the leakage of Albumin into the brain cells shows up as flecks


50 days later the cell death shows up as dark fields. Up to 2% of the cells are damaged or dying.

The photo is from the memory section of the Hippocampus.