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Reflections on 9/11 Investigations and post-political aftermath

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Monday, October 11th 2004 by Ewing2001

9/11 and Blogosphere

It seems, like the input of "blogosphere" on mainstream media, is now easier than ever before. The first new breakthrough started 2 weeks ago, when conservative blogger Mike Krempaski, from, used an "obvious" setup against CBS and Dan Rather, to use his findings, to "influence" the outcome of this memo story.

This week, 3-5 new examples showed, why this "effect" could become also the latest hope for 9/11 truthseekers.
Apparently most of these examples are connected with the candidate debates.
First we had the harmless story, where Cheney referred accidentally to a George Soros-website.
Started as a blogosphere story only, it ended up at CNN. Bloggers comment this usually as LOL or ROFL :)

More cute than sensational, was the subliminal "ILIE" manipulation of NBC.
NBC Nightly News displayed the letters "ILIE" for 16 seconds next to George W. Bush's face in a "Decision 2004" graphic beside anchor Tom Brokaw.

Once again, some bloggers picked it up first, but it also reached the websites of Rush Limbaugh and Town Hall DC.

Then we had the extreme popular story in thursday's Washington Post:
"Conspiracy Theories Flourish on the Internet".
Finally, the name of the 9/11 Truth Movement was mentioned in an influential daily newspaper, together with David Ray Griffin's book ("The New Pearl Harbour") and the worldwide popular "Pentagon Strike" flash video, by "W" aka Darren Williams.

Many LIHOP strategists now argued, that this article would "discredit" the movement.
Once again, i respond, that the movement is already discredited by some random associations of, but also at many other spots.

The WP article is a promotion of the idea, that 9/11 was an "Inside Job" and it helps "newbies", to find their own choices of research. Google makes the story of WP immediately unimportant, same to any other article of any paper.
You also can be sure, that those who deny, denied already before, those who are scared to handle new facts, had been scared before.

There is nothing easier, than to find PNAC documents by accident on a right wing website, instead of at the Amy Goodman's of this world.
A regular WP netizen is not an AOL chatter. If this remark did offend AOL user, please find my 6-8 year old articles about AOL. I consider them ignorant, but this is just my lousy online "opinion".

If the controversial video of Dave van Kleist would have been mentioned in WP, the multiplication effect would have been ever stronger.

Image Hosted by

The hipocrisy of this debate about the WP article, if it was helpful or not, was shown more clearly, at the end of this week, when the very same crowd, together with leftie bloggers, leftgatekeepers and "bush-haters" pushed "WireGate" into mainstream.

When i first saw the pictures of Bush's back, i decided not to post this story, because i wasn't sure, if this device couldn't have been part of a bullet-proof vest or a hearing aid.
I possibly would have made 20.000 hits, if i had reacted less sensitive.

With the intense development of this story and a breakthrogh at BBC, Guardian, Salon and AP, even already responses of the White House (they once responded on the 9/11 congress "PHASE I", too!), this story turned into a newsworthy, even if distractive and inane story, because it showed once again the strong input of "blogosphere", but not necessarily the importance or truth of the content.

What's the conclusion of all this?

It means, that some "political correct" online researchers or self appointed spokesmen of this movement, have to realise, that their idea of journalism is outdated.
The dynamic of blogosphere is multiple. Sometimes a blogger rant is extremely popular and reaches the mainstream editorials, sometimes it's just a note, which circulates around in e-mail land, often a speculation at the beginning turns into a fact.

These different kind of "blogfiles" are allowed, because they got developed over the last 3-5 years. Like music creates its own kind of subgrenres, blogosphere speaks with its own mind, even if language barriers will screw up the message.

If 9/11 veteran researcher Mike Ruppert thinks, it's not allowed to be associated with "illuminati jerks, UFO advocates or David Icke's Lizard people", his logic is already contradicted by himself:

"...The question has never been whether I considered Vreeland a reliable source or not. A homicide detective gathers evidence and statements from good people, from bad people, from stupid people, from smart people. Under the law all that matters is whether the evidence is true or not..."

That means for me, let's assume, that in case WING TV is stupid, not reliable or "bad", they still deserve a chance to be heard and respected and not being accused of lacking "professional ethics"

If Ruppert supports a non reliable source, which apparently worked for Naval Intelligence; David Icke should be allowed to add a chapter about Flight93.

By this logic, it should be also allowed to cooperate with a schizophrenic mass murder for a while, who found a document, which shows, that Douglas Feith was involved in 9/11.
By the same logic, i also have to continue to communicate with atheists and christians at the same time.
By the very same logic, i also have to be flexible to develop a counter strategy against Michael Moore's movie, call it "Dude, there's more to the story" and work together with the co-producers of this idea, whether i disagree with some of his other strategies.
And at the end of an offline activist day, both "teamworkers" should be allowed to accuse each other as assholes, well maybe they will find a way, to express each other in a less rude way.

The "conflict of interest" in blogosphere is much more complex, than in offline land.
There is noone in this world, who is able to find the ultimate motive for any action.
The motive has to be developed and it is constantly changing in blogosphere.
Some people call this hipocritical too.
Well, i call them ignorant, because this kind of hipocrisy is maybe part of the online game as well. Who knows?

There is no static outcome anymore, it's changing immediately and "48/7".
The old rule, that one internet week can be referred to some months in the real world, is still true and it's getting more dynamic with every minute. We don't even need a time machine anymore, it's called blogosphere since years.

An once sensational smoking gun, could be the last bore on an Indian blog, a new "sensational" document about Halliburton, sent by someone from China, would probably faster find someone's mouse click for the trashcan than the same click for spam mail about penis extractors.

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More- 9/11 Skeptics Blogspot (Issue 10/11)

This week's Issue includes:

-9/11 and Blogosphere
-Moussaoui-Mosque linked to Beslan massacre
-9/11 books at Amazon
-U.S.Green pro 9/11 truth arrested
-Ruppert responds on WING TV and Hopsicker
-Anthony Hilder's video in Germany and Malaysia
-Chris Hill, 9/11 truth candidate, on WING TV
-Stockholm Syndrome relaunched in 2004?
-Ron Paul against U.S. police state
-WP covers 9/11 Truth Movement
-911Exposed: Dececption Election Flyer
-Vanity Fair: Could 9/11 have been prevented?
-Did Flt 11, Flt 93 and Flt 175 'Survive' ?


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