Betreff: [reality101] 911- Catalogue of Scalar Events
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Datum: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 17:10:17 -0700 (PDT)

The Webfairy <webfairy@t...>
Date:  Fri Sep 24, 2004  1:59 pm
Subject:  911- Catalogue of Scalar Events

The Webfairy
911- Catalogue of Scalar Events
Fri Sep 24, 2004 13:08

I like In Plane Site because for the first time it at least shows the visual evidence that has been suppressed.

For the first time there is mention of Missiles, and the damnable hijackers ramming planes into buildings are fortunately gone from the In Plane Site version of events.

In Plane Site hits the right target, unlike the Half-Truthers and the Big Lie artists out there who's Boeings rammed into Buildings version provides the justification for police state measures dressed up as "Security."

Scott Loughery of went to New York for the 911 presentations. While he was there, he did "man on the street" interviews, asking local residents if they "saw the plane."

He had NO PROBLEM finding people who "saw the plane."
Consistantly, the plane they saw was windowless and gray.

This lines up with the In Plane Site version, and is in accord with all the videos, none of which show a silvery plane with windows and commercial airplane color schemes.

No REAL plane, windowless or not, is going to behave like the video of 911 shows. Real planes do not melt into buildings leaving nothing but dustpimples, the explosion and fireball first happening a block away and 40 frames later.

In Plane Site glosses over this by cutting the video short, so the viewer can at least imagine that the fireball happened right after the clip cuts out.
In Plane Site starts it's video enlargement of the first hit with the object already in front of the building.
They say you can't see it clearly enough to tell whether there's a pod or not.
Heh. YOu can't see any plane, just the flash frame and the explosions.
In Plane Site leaves that part alone too.

I don't blame them.
The entire subject is controversial enough without mentioning that no Plane is visable in the first hit at all, just massive fuzzyness and a little divebombing object seen in the air before their enlargement begins.

I made enlargements of my clearest-yet version of the first hit. I colored the objects with the "autolevels" command in Photoshop. This spreads the color spectrum. The coloring is peculiar, but remains consistant from frame to frame.

See it in Action:

Not even for one frame does it ever show any of the attributes of a plane. I think it's image fits the attributes of a "flying pig" better than it does what we would expect the silhouette of a plane to look like.
I'm not saying it is one, I don't know what it is, so I called it a "whatzit" since I first saw it in the footage back in 2002.
was my first site about this object.
My beliefs about it have changed since then, but as better video comes to light, my initial conculusions are looking pretty good again.

This is what the object in the air looked like without the false coloration of Autolevels.

See it in Action:

What the two hits have in common is a severely tardy fireball, and a flash frame. Here is the first hit Flash frame in closeup.

I believe, on the basis of three years study so far, that the second hit shows us a Project Blue Beam event.
Somebody figured out that people cant agree what God looks like, so it wouldn't work to project God on the sky.
Everyone knows what a plane looks like, tho, so they projected a plane instead.
The rest of the prophesy, people in all nations seeing the same thing in every language, remains intact, and the purpose was fulfilled just like the early version of the plot that leaked out.

Traditional physics got rid of the parts that would make a projection on the sky possible before Michael Elliott was even born. He is comfortable and acceptant of the physics in which he was trained, which includes as thorough a debunkery of Tesla and Scalar Physics as modern education can provide.

He thinks with the prejudgices which he swallowed right along with his education, just like everybody else.

I figure it's time we rediscover Tesla's physics and achieve Tesla's dream of unlimited non polluting energy available for all.
To keep this branch of mathmatics hidden by secrecy is going to kill us if it is only known and used by the gang that wants to turn us into radioactive soup.

I have way much more I need to write about this, and I VERY MUCH appreciate your thoughtful and sceptical questions.
I am going to post this to this ongoing thread, but since this thread is going to scroll off the page shortly, and this stuff is important, I am going to post it at the top as well.

Please respond to the posting near the top, and we will continue from there. If you've got questions, I've got answers. The entire subject of Free Energy has suffered the sorts of debunkery and pollution of the information stream just like 911 has.

I know Michael Elliott as a decent and honorable man.
He has the education and background to be able to look at the missing math, and maybe even notice how it fits into the big picture. IF he can overcome his own prejudices and rethink objectively.
I have my fingers crossed, but from experience hold out little hope that anybody is willing to cross that boundary between what they think they know and the great unknown.

I keep Michael Elliott in my prayers.
If he is willing to challenge his own deeply embedded belief system, he has the background to reunify modern physics with the Classical Physics that took the existance of Aether for granted.

He could lead us out of this mess, instead of just whineing about it, but not as long as he clings tight to the modern dualistic empty-sky view of mathematics and physics he was taught.

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