Betreff: Catastrophe: 60 Dead near a Cellular-Radio-Broadcasting-Tower in Slupsk (Stolp)/Poland
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1. List of 60 dead ones and 53 got sick with the portable
radio tower in Stolp original | Polanica Zdrój | original publication of the
Interphonestudie from DK (EN) | to hidden mobile phone masts in Polish
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Slupsk | Warszawa | Rybnik | Jasienica | Polanica The list of names of the concerning, from the periphery of Mobilfunk-und TV tower in Stolp/S?upsk, Poland, which gets sick or died with cancer or heart cycle diseases. Translation of the original list by Krzysztof Puzyna BI umtsno from Hamburg to 3.12.2004 My comment: The seized roads: Banacha, Sobieskiego, Królowej Jadwigi, W?adys?awa IV. The roads not seized yet: Wazów and?ó?kiewskiego. The tower stands starting from 1991. It was originally built for 2 channels of the Polish television and for a broadcast channel for the area from Stolp to Koeslin (Koszalin). That had at that time sworn the responsible second mayor from the Solidarno?? rows Kubacki solemnly before the inhabitants. One year later, thus 1992 was extended the use contract, clammy-secretly by the portable radio. Today, tummeln itself at the tower of death, like on a Christmas tree over 70 to 52 individual transmitting plants. More details does not know allegedly times the responsible authority. The large mass dying at cancer took place among the inhabitants from Stolp in the years 1995 to 1998. These cases were registered neither nor examined by competent authorities. The city is today in the hands of turning necks, former communists, agents of the Polish security agencies and army. The corruption rate the lower list became of Mrs. El?bieta Bartos, (employs as Maskenbildnerin in the local theatre), private address: S?upsk, Banacha 11/58 starting from July 2004 by personal interviews arranged. The settlement of the concerning covers 6000 inhabitants (approx. 1500 families). The whole residential town counts 14000 inhabitants. The concerning on the list live or lived in the 25 to 30 meters distance of the radio tower. Two multistoried buildings to the Królowej Jadwigi 1 and 3 Maja 76 are into 100 and/or 150 meters distance of this tower. Mrs. Bartos had contact with psychologists, teachers and the medical profession. The city wanted to accomplish neither during the mass dying in years 1995 to 1998 still now the statistic investigations, allegedly because of the missing funds. That must be however strong lie, because straight this city received much money for the environmental protection of the European Union. Humans, particularly young, healthy humans become already after one year ill. Humans create there only until 60 years. At the latest after four years also all will newtighten before healthy in Stolp ill or dead. The psychological diseases are very strongly common, in addition Thrombose (black legs also with children), eye suffering and heart cycle diseases. At cancer most die in the settlement. Mrs. Bartos reports two it on well-known deaths of humans with cardiac pacemaker. Whereby it met a young girl. From this area cats, birds and also rats moved away. The trees and stauden drained. The owner of property is the Polish post office. The city Stolp does not have a building permit by the building authority provided however except that property tax takes additional money! The chairman of the town councillor von Stolp Mrs. Skowro?ska made an announcement against the owner of the death tower - for company Emitel from Gdansk (Danzig). It concerns falsified last results of measurement. The company Emitel is by the sudden interest of medium like that on the hat that the tower throttles constantly now the achievement. Daily radio fails or television programs. One does not get a connection over mobile phone. BI are improbable umtsno to publish all mentioned ones in the list with the reservation on remuneration in order to protect their rights, see below also for umtsno the investigations of the radiation ***. therefore decide. All concerning have the right to an appropriate remuneration from the responsible actions and responsible person companies. This right is at the latest implemented if the party of the direct democracy comes to power and lets the people decide, how a government has to deal with the victims of portable radio end plants. All today still large or middle parties, as long as they are large, will not want to recognize it the connection between cancer and portable radio radiation. See for this the results of the policy of CDU, SPD, FDP, Party of Democratic Socialism or from the alleged Greens!! *** Mrs. Bartos is witness of a discussion during the measurement among the experts in the Whg. Banacha 9/25 with Mrs. Miller become "Wow, in a few years is here all tot." This measurement, even the place of the measurement is missing in minutes! In addition still another quotation from Polanica Zdrój the statement of an environmental research worker: ".. if I tighten and note the superelevated limit values with measuring the EMF, then lose I mean Job." I set the measured values soon to the side of Slupsk. However, all officially measured portable radio immissions with less than 40000 [ micro Watts/m2 ] remain and with smaller than 1 [ V/m ] i.e. 2653 [ micro Watts/m2 ] clear under the Polish limit values of 100000 Mikrowatt/m2. To Polish limit values, see the note on side **** the gotten sick ones,
but still living persons, who want on the list with full names, ask over
Mrs. Bartos or over the Mail or over the guest book to announce. Alicja
Igras, Banacha 11/57 - died in April 2004 at cancer of the breast. J. I., is
very eye ill - its eyes were several times operated, but they water
continuously. Mr. M., Banacha 11/62 - Gehirntumore C K., Banacha 11/59 has -
is eye ill, the retina sticks off, her is also sugar ill. Mr. G. K., Banacha
1/56 - after impact accumulation, since 12 years gelaehmt. Banacha 1/44 -
high blood pressure, Sklerose, sugar illness, grey star. Bogdan Samulsk,
Banacha 11/58 - died before four years at brain tumor, (now, here Mrs.
Bartos lives - l. NR. 107) Mrs. Z, Banacha 11/55 - cancer of the breast has,
was operated. Figarski Mieczys?aw, Banacha 9/76 - died at cancer Mrs. F. D,
Banacha 9/76 - was operated at pulse vein tumefaction. Mrs. H., Banacha,
9c/74 - at the eyes one operated already four times. Mrs. S. T., Banacha
9/52 - brain impact, August 1993 El?bieta Cwalina, Królowej Jadwigi 6/15,
died at cancer in the spinal column Maria Bielewicz, Banacha 3/59 - died at
cancer. A. K., Banacha 1/6 - immune weakness, was operated at both chests
and at the gebaermutter. Mrs. K. A., Sobieskiego 7/92 - brain impact on 22
June 2003 Gra?yna Berendt, Sobieskiego 9/35 - died at bladder cancer before
two years \Frau and Mr. Rzepeccy, Sobieskiego 7 - died at cancer. / Ola
Ko?odziejczyk, Bogus? X 4/2 it lived to the Wazówstr., it before 6 years at
blood cancer died. Krystyna Ludwig, W?adys?awa IV 5/29 - died at cancer.
Their man, died also at cancer. Mr. Fedecki, Banacha 3/59 - died in April
2004 at cancer. Mr. Z W., W?adys?awa IV 13/12 - before three years brain
impact. ?. J., W?adys?awa IV 13/8 - chest-operates. Gentleman?., at
Pulsadergeschwuelsten in the abdominal cavity and in the hip area one
operated. III. Stairway, 3. Stick, Mrs And, W?adys?awa IV 11 is after the
operation, which became chest it amputiert. II. Stairway, in EEC, W?adys?awa
IV 11, both chests were amputiert. III. Stairway, in the 3. Stick,
W?adys?awa IV 11, both chests were amputiert. Mr. K. A., W?adys?awa IV 13/5
is nine years after a brain impact. The wife K. has very high blood pressure
and Thrombose in the legs (the legs to swell on and hurt). To??cik, Banacha
11/26 is at cancer died (was always very red in the face) Sobieskiego 7/40
the man from woman at cancer 1998 died. J. HC, it lives in 10. Floor of the
multistoried building, 3 Maja 76/51, it suffers to very strong nervous
disease and the retina sticks itself off. Banacha 3/75, it is at cancer 1996
died (leukaemia) Ryszard Bajda, 3 Maja 81/20, before 5 years at head cancer
died. Krystyna Szyma?ska, Banacha 3/93, died before 5 years at cancer. Girl,
7 year alto, Banacha 11 died before 3 years at cancer (the last stairway)
Tu?acz Teresa, Sobieskiego 1, has in 4. Pc. used, biology teacher, died at
cancer. Mrs. T. R., Banacha 3/97, is at cancer gets sick. Mr. K. F.,
Sobieskiego 7/11, is four years after a brain impact. Wanda Kami?ska,
Królowej Jadwigi 11/27, died 1996 at cardiac infarct, it had high blood
pressure. M. M., Królowej Jadwigi 4/184, got cardiac pacemakers, has changes
in mood, it feels bad. Their married man is very heart ill. It lies in the
hospital. Królowej Jadwigi 11/74, Mrs. Maria died before five years at
leukaemia and their married man before 2 years at Prostata died. Mrs. N. G.,
is 2 years after the operation (chest amputiert), Królowej Jadwigi 4/63 Mrs.
D, from that 2. Stairway before the tower, Banacha 11, (chest amputiert),
tumor. Królowej Jadwigi 4, 1. Stairway, it is at cancer gets sick. Zenon
Krzynowski, Banacha 7/77, is at brain cancer to 4.10. 2003 died. Banacha 77
under this number are four persons in only one year died B.-R. W., Banacha
7/79 have heartbeat disturbances, their legs become rigid, have Herzpickeln.
The married man o.g. Woman died to heart. (bypass) Banacha 7/11 very strong
headache Banacha 7/95 very strong headache, Mrs. B. J., asthma, allergy
against Brokkoli and grain. Mrs. K., Królowej Jadwigi 11/II. Stick cancer of
the breast. Zawi?lak, Królowej Jadwigi 11/39 died at leukaemia. Wi?niewska,
Królowej Jadwigi 11/41 died at head cancer. Mrs. Grzyb, Królowej Jadwigi 11,
the same stairway as Mrs. Wi?niewska II. Stick died at cancer. Their
neighbour in the same floor died also at cancer. S. N., Królowej Jadwigi
11/36 had two brain impacts. Mr. Szufladowicz, Banacha 11 I stick, the last
stairway in the block of flats, died at leukaemia. Tadeusz?wi?ci?ski,
Królowej Jadwigi 11/36 died 2004 at cancer. Mieczys?aw Skurnóg, Banacha
11/31, its nut/mother died at cancer, II. Stairway before the tower. Mr. M.,
Królowej Jadwigi 11/34, has blood high pressure, headache. Mrs. S., Banacha
7 their was removed cancer tumefaction from the brain. Mrs. K. Ch., Królowej
Jadwigi 4/138, Thrombozytose (the illness of the marrow) and Thrombose. B.
M., Królowej Jadwigi 4, thyroid, very strong headache, it works in the
market hall more "Unter the Turm" directly in the proximity of the
transmitting tower in the Bekleidungskontor. Aurelia Popielska, died 2003 at
cancer. With her son, a young man, the left face half is gelaehmt. Mrs. Ch.
H., Królowej Jadwigi 1/136, is at leukaemia gets sick (blood cancer,
disappearing the red blood corpuscles) to Mrs. K. K., Królowej Jadwigi
1/224, has very strong headache and has difficulties with falling asleep.
Mrs. K. L, Królowej Jadwigi 1/204, Thrombose, difficulties with falling
asleep, heartbeat disturbances, Mykose. Banacha 11/31, Mr. Skurnóg, he is
already on the list Banacha 11/32, Mr. Fedecki Tadeusz, in this year it at
cancer died. She lived at the Banacha 11/33, Mrs. Jab?o?ska Anna and is into
the Królowej Jadwigi 6/5; it died at cancer. Królowej Jadwigi 4/101, Irena
Kasprzy?ska, died at leukaemia. El?bieta Cwalina, it is already died on the
list, Królowej Jadwigi 6/15, at cancer in the spinal column Mrs. M. W.,
Królowej Jadwigi 6/19, both can at all sleep, its eyes not water and burns
continuously. Mrs. O., Królowej Jadwigi 6/28 has very large problems with
falling asleep. Mrs. B. B., Królowej Jadwigi 6/49, their child has falling
asleep problems and headache, their daughter goes into the operating child
shop to the 3-ten Maj avenue. Mrs. Z M., Królowej Jadwigi 6/83, oxygen
deficiency in the brain, weak sight, high pulse pressure. Nowak Czes?aw,
Królowej Jadwigi 6/62 died in the 2003 at Gehirnkarzinom. The judge
Wola?ski, lived Banacha 9/85, the last stairway, with the excerpt had he
already cancer and within two months died. It became 60 years old. Banacha
9/23, died at leukaemia?apa Margavek, 50 years. Banacha 9/13, it worked in
the shoe factory, it is at cancer in the age of approx.. 50 years died. K.
Ch., it is already on the list, Królowej Jadwigi 4/138, Thrombozytose (the
illness of the marrow) and Thrombose. Aurelia Popielska, it is already on
the list W?adys?awa IV 5/39, at cancer died, its wife is also gets sick.
Mrs. S. J., Banacha 7/102, survived the operation of the karzinom in the
brain. D L, W?adys?awa IV 1/19, their was removed a karzinom at the neck. S.
T., Banacha 9/52, 1993 had survived it a brain impact. Woman and Mr. Ludwig,
W?adys?awa IV 1/19, died both at cancer. Mr. K. F., Sobieskiego 7/41, had
survived 2001 a brain impact. Woman. K. K., W?adys?awa IV 13/17, suffers to
the thyroid hyperactivity. Mrs. K. K., of the Augusta 20/134, is after the
heart bypass operation. Banacha 7/1, it is to multiple Sklerose (SM) gets si
ck. It sits in the wheelchair. W?adys?awa IV 3, II. Stairway in the block of
flats, Mr. S. got sick in October 2004 at liver cancer and is already dead
it now. W?adys?awa IV 3, Ith stairway, IV. Stick, it died at cancer.
W?adys?awa IV 3, III. Stairway, EEC, the woman died at cancer at the age of
55 years. W?adys?awa IV 3, IV. Stairway, both married people at cancer died.
W?adys?awa IV 3, the last stairway in the block of flats in EEC, one died
also at cancer. The block of flats, at the W?adys?awa IV 3 stands very near
at the radio tower, in that approx.. 30 meters distance. K. R., Królowej
Jadwigi 4/124, it lives for one year at the radio tower and since this time
suffers at very high blood pressure, at strong headache, at faint and at the
sleeplessness. B. G., it lives since three years close at the radio tower,
at the road aluminium. 3. Maja and since this time suffers from very high
blood pressure (before it it had always a low blood pressure), suffers from
very strong headache and from sleep disturbances. Sp H., Banacha 11/66 had
already 5 operations, suffers to the thyroid, their the gallenblase was
removed, has nervous disease, strong headache, suffers at swindles - and to
faint accumulations. Banacha 9/67, high blood pressure, eye diseases like
greener star, grey star, blindness. Banacha 11, block of flats B of 8 cases
of death cancer (the block of flats stands 25 meters of the radio tower). M.
K., Królowej Jadwigi 11/24, it has very high blood pressure, it had already
3 cardiac infarcts, blood cycle disturbances, Thrombose, it moves at sprags.
R. W., W?adys?awa IV 5/7, it has very high blood pressure, their eyes to
water and burn, heartbeat disturbances, sleep disturbances, headache,
draining the face skin, hair loss. This woman lives in the 30 meters
distance of the tower. E. B., Banacha 11/58, it lives for four years at the
tower and has the following symptomatology: Hair loss, dry face skin, which
becomes face red, decrease of the sight, their eyes waters and burns,
heartbeat disturbances, sleep disturbances and nervousness. My daughter is
hyper+active and suffers from small intestine inflammation. Mrs. Wenta,
Sobieskiego 7 Ith stairway in the center in EEC it died to a brain tumor,
her became 50 years old. Background: the point of the portable radio tower
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