Betreff: [negan] FWD: 30+ cities going Beyond Voting! 9:30 EST Tonight--touch base, share stories, network for Nov 3!
Von: doyle canning
Datum: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 16:12:34 -0500


Happy Nov 2. the moment we've all been waiting for!
please share this info with your lists and networks.

over 30 communities are demonstrating tomorrow no matter the outcome of
today for an end to the war and to build a real democracy! way to go!
check out Also check out No Stolen Elections: and This Time We're
Watching !!

Lots of stuff happening in cities and towns everywhere--it will surely
be a very interesting next 24 hours! And apparently demonstrations in
the UK and Bagdahd too?!

From: Date: Tue Nov 2, 2004 2:39:05 PM America/New_York To: undisclosed-recipients: ; Subject: Networking & Conference Call Tonight 9:30EST Networking & Conference Call Tonight 9:30EST The Beyond Voting campaign is thrilled to announce that no matter who wins the presidential election, there will be mobilizations in the name of justice and democracy occurring in over 30 cities nationwide! Your city is listed as one of these on our website [] and you are listed as one of the contacts. If any of our information is incorrect, please let us know. The Beyond Voting campaign is coordinated through a decentralized grassroots network of local organizations organizing around the elections, regardless of the winner, emphasizing that we all share a powerful and clear demand: democracy not empire. The campaign supports local organizing through shared resources and networking – which we would like you to take part in! The following are some immediate ways you can participate: TUESDAY CONFERENCE CALL On Tuesday, November 02, Beyond Voting will be hosting a conference call for us all to check-in. The call will be a quick 45 minute go-around of actions in different places, updates, and discussion. There won’t be any heavy decision making: just sharing, exchanging, and feeling connected. Start Time: 9:30p.m. Eastern Std Time (6:30PST). Dial-in Number: 1-805-620-4000 (Ventura, CA) Participant Access Code: 20041103 TEXT MESSAGE ALERTS The Michigan IMC will be sending text message alerts with vital information. To sign up, visit: NETWORKING LISTSERVE Currently around 14 of us from different cities are using an email listserve to network and share resources. If you would like to be added to this listserve, respond to this email and you will be added. MEDIA CONTACTS Already we have had contact from many media sources asking for local contacts. If you would like to get your message out, please provide us with a media contact for your event, including full name and phone number. These will be displayed on our press releases and at CONTACT DATABASE We have compiled a useful excel spreadsheet of Beyond Voting contacts that can be sorted by city or state. Let us know and we’ll send you a copy. STAY IN CONTACT! Much will happen these next days and it will be important to stay connected and show the scope of people power in our nation. Make sure to keep in contact by sending up reports of how your events worked out. Photos and video would be especially helpful – a section of will be set up for reports from actions nationwide. TALKING POINTS Below you’ll find some talking points courtesy of the smartMeme strategy & training project that will be handy to have ready for reporters and skeptics. We have a larger lists of messaging we can send. _________________________________________________________________ November 3: Beyond Voting Core Messages and Talking Points Prepared for Nov 3 2004 Tips: 1) Be calm, and passionate. Speak from your heart and your own experience. 2) Its not about the question they ask. It’s about creating a real democracy 3) Everything is on-the-record. Core Messages • We’re here to defend the rights of everyone to vote and participate in democracy--to have their vote counted and to have real choices and real power to make the decisions that affect our world and our lives. • Voting is just the first step, and today is just the beginning! There is so much more to Democracy than voting on Nov 2—that’s why we’re going beyond voting on Nov 3 to demonstrate what real democracy looks like. • Some of the most important issues facing our country and our lives are not being addressed by the 2 candidates, and we are taking to the streets to demand real social change in America: • Nov 2 we went to the polls Nov 3 we are going to the streets. We stand united on the day after the election for peace, democracy and global justice, and united against an empire agenda of aggression abroad and repression at home. What is “Beyond Voting”? Beyond Voting is a decentralized grassroots effort to demonstrate what real democracy looks like in cities and towns all over the country the day after the election. Today there are over 30 groups around the country doing what we are doing here today—gathering together as neighbors and working together for change beyond Nov 2, because getting rid of Bush is just the beginning of the fight to take our democracy back. …Because the crisis of our democracy didn’t start yesterday and it won’t end tomorrow. Beyond Voting is part of the history of grassroots struggle, for suffrage, for civil rights, for the environment—the history of people working together at the grassroots level to make democracy happen. Isn’t it undemocratic to be protesting the outcome of an election? We’re demonstrating for a real democracy. There’s more to democracy than just a once a year choice between 2 rich white guys who have many of the same opinions. We’re also highlighting the deep flaws in our electoral process – from Big Money donors buying the candidates, to rampant voter disenfranchisement. Democracy is more than voting at the ballot box, it is mobilizing in our communities to have control over the decisions that effect our lives: our jobs, health care, education, are all under attack by the Empire agenda of the Bush Administration and we’re in the streets to say -- Democracy not empire! How do you respond when people accuse you of being sore loserss? The real losers today are those who were intimidated and disenfranchised at the polls…the 45 million who go without healthcare…the 1000 families who have lost a loved one in Iraq…the 100,000 Iraqi families who have lost loved ones in this brutal war… What is the definition of a stolen election? This election was stolen from millions of black and Latino voters who are disenfranchised by the system. Lets not forget whose land we are standing on—this country was stolen in 1492! So when we talk about stolen elections, let’s be clear, that the majority of people don’t vote, and millions can’t vote—that this system has historically denied women, African American, and politically marginalized communities a voice in the process… Isn’t America a republic, not a democracy? America is a country with a dark past of genocide of native peoples, slavery and the vast majority of people (except rich white men) being denied the right to vote. 200 years of grassroots movements struggling for justice have given women, African Americans and others the vote. However we are still seeing efforts to prevent people voting and to give them still have massive disenfranchisement of people trapped in America’s growing prison system. The mobilizations around the country on Nov 3 are part of this ongoing effort to make America a real democracy by building grassroots movements for democracy, peace and justice. ==================== Doyle Canning 802.860.1155--office 802.999.7502--mobile ==================== 19 Church St. Suite 07 Burlington, VT 05401 USA ==================== *The SmartMeme Strategy & Training Project* Amplifying the impact of grassroots social change movements with new strategy & training resources, values based communication tools, and "meme" campaigning.... visit online: