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911 Skeptics Unite
Reflections on 9/11 Investigations and post-political aftermath
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Monday, November 29th

By Ewing2001
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Who really won the primary?

Last week, i argued, that the e-voting activists should also analyse, a much more important issue, which could finally reveal the hipocrisy and corruption of the democratic party, with the following question:

"Who really won the primary?"

Given, what we now know about rigged voting machines, we should also consider, how Kerry was scripted into the setup, in the first place.

Starting with the beginning of the Howard Dean's weekend of the long knives, one should finally find out, who replaced his microphone:

"...Viewers were probably misled by the recording -- Dean was using a noise-cancelling microphone, so the recording only held the sound of his voice:
This blogger called "radghast" analysed, what ABC's morning host Diane Sawyer seemed to confirm the following monday:

"...After my interview with Dean and his wife in which I played the tape again -- in fact played it to them -- I noticed that on that tape he's holding a hand-held microphone. One designed to filter out the background noise. It isolates your voice, just like it does to Charlie Gibson and me when we have big crowds in the morning. The crowds are deafening to us standing there, but the viewer at home hears only our voice.

During the speech, the crowd kept getting louder, causing Dean to shout his speech over the crowd. His "scream" occurred with the rest of the crowd's cheer at its end, and couldn't be heard by the crowd. Yet the recording, taken out of the context of the crowd noise, left the impression of a raving lunatic..."


Another sellout at Counterpunch.
Alexander Cockburn is the latest confirmed "member" of the leftgate keeper media, who thinks, that covering up the lies of the Bush administration is more important than following ethical rules of journalism:

"...The truly bad news is the 9/11 nuts have relocated to stolen Election. My inbox is awash with their ravings.

People who have spent the last three years sending me screeds establishing to their own satisfaction that George Bush personally ordered the attacks on the towers and that Dick Cheney vectored the planes in are now pummeling me with data on the time people spent on line waiting to vote in Cuyahoga county, Ohio, and how the Diebold machines are all jimmied..." once tied Cockburn strongly to Scientology.

Griffin, David Ray

David Ray Griffin's new book is getting his first reviews at Amazon

Grossman, Dr. Stephan

Dr. Stephan Grossman released another article with his personal take on the TV coverage on Sep11th:

"...What Hit South Tower On 9-11?

The sound of the south tower “plane” (CNN “best angle” filmed from Battery Park, tip of south Manhattan) has for a long time been suspicious to many in the 9-11 research community. Reasons:

- the sound is on footage aired by America’s Pravda news service named CNN
- the Mach effect (rising pitch while approaching, falling pitch while leaving) is wrong
- flying at over top speed (perhaps 580 mph, impossible anyhow at sea level for a Boeing 767), there are no screaming high-pitch engine tones
- screams of people in the foreground sound twice as loud as the “plane” thunder.
What we have is a hoax. The video is faked in a studio..."

Grossman followed a group of supporters, which especially analyses TV footage of Sep11th.

Another interesting take comes from Scott Loughrey.

Ground Zero Vigils

The 9/11 Family Steering Committee is planning now their own vigils, at Ground Zero, to push the so called "911 Recommendations Implementation Act".

This might provoke controversy among some members, who are holding a weekly spot over there as well. Not everyone is agreeing with this pending bill or the latest political statement of the families.

The bill is also controversial among some Republicans, however for just some logistical reasons:

Two powerful opponents of the deal are GOP Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin.

Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has expressed concerns that the intelligence realignment could interfere with the military chain of command.
Specifically, he said the link between troops and combat support agencies that run intelligence-gathering satellites of battlefield movements would be broken. That would mean "life and death to our people in the field," Hunter told "Fox News Sunday."

Sensenbrenner, head of the House Judiciary Committee, wants the bill to deal with illegal immigration. "We have to do something about plugging up our immigration laws," he said.

More disturbingly, Thomas Kean, former head of the 9/11 panel is threatening U.S. Congress, here in an interview at Meet the Press:

MR. RUSSERT: Governor Kean, you said Americans are not going to be as
safe. Do you believe if we don't pass this bill now, you, in effect,
are risking lives?

MR. KEAN: I think you could put it just that way, yeah, because we
know there's another attack coming. You and I can't say if it's next
week or six months from now. But it's coming.

In reality, the 9/11 bill supports the official story of Sep11th, and appears to be a transition act for further privatization of Intelligence and Military and a relaunch of unwelcome passages of PATRIOT II.
Hilton, Stanley

Currently, the 9/11 Truth Community is divided over Attorney Stanley Hilton.
On friday, he started a new attempt to win back credibility, in a new interview at WING TV.

Hilton talked about the so called "Operation Cyclops", the postponed bio drill TriPOD (September 12th, 2001), "19 Arab hijackers being US double agents", "what Flight 93 was originally intended to hit, along with a "heated response to Mike Ruppert".

Justice for 9/11 Petition

The Justicefor911 -petition reached almost 5.000 signatures so far.
The petition says, that the undersigned think that "there is ample evidence and probable cause to believe that many grave and still unresolved crimes were committed by US officials prior to, during and after the events of 9/11..."

Last week, there was some small hope, that the alleged "watchgroup" would look into the matter of accusations of a 9/11 cover-up. Two items (one of them in a screenshot above) reached their Top 2 in an action item forum, which asked for the most important goals for MoveOn.

However, MoveOn didn't react so far. More odd, the second item vanished from their Top 50 list and -though pretty stable for hours, the No.1 9/11 truth item dropped to 18, but is meanwhile in the Top 10 again. Did some web admins play a little bit with their settings?

Last week, Devvy Kidd ( released a new editorial about the "foreknowledge by the Bush administration regarding 9/11", which "continues to divide Americans with name calling, acrimonious debates dividing families and friends and the refusal by the dominant media to even interview witnesses who have questions...

...Those questioning the events of that horrible day are still being labeled as unpatriotic, hurtful to the families, "hate filled" and traitors..."

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, "Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty", which sold close to 2,000,000 copies. Kidd has been a guest more than 1600 times on radio shows, ran for Congress twice.

I wasn't aware of this huge WTC archive yet, which has "72 photographs of the World Trade Center disaster site", which were taken by AP on 3 October 2001.


Pecoraro, Mike

More and more firefighter articles, from the veteran days of WTC research, are popping up again on the Internet. The latest followed a long series in another snowball effect.
It's coming from the Chief Engineer Magazine and Mike Pecoraro, who helped hundreds to escape only to find himself trapped and staring death in the face.

This article from Chief Engineer magazine presents also other eyewitness account of the moments after the first plane crash, and describes evidence of large explosions in the lobby, parking garage and subbasement levels of WTC-1 at the time of the crash.
One of the most remarkable first-hand accounts is the story of Pecoraro, who was working in the 6th sub-basement of the North Tower when the first plane hit, where he heard underground explosions.


Photofrenzy aka Jan Hoyer, just created several completely new, Justicefor911 graphics for webmasters, at

His website now also includes some footage from John Gannon:
Three brief QuickTime videos from the August 28th, Green Day and Ground Zero events.
These videos will be located at 911Visibility's multimedia page by Tuesday.


The majority of 9/11 researchers still believe, that AA11 and UA175 hit the Twin Towers, despite all other evidence. Though many of them distract with inane insults, they mostly confuse flights with planes.

The BTS database clearly proved the opposite, furthermore conflicting reports in the official timeline, radar observations, official transcripts and UA's own misconfirmations on that morning. A new yahoo group, called "planehuggers", will inform about the latest and promised "therapy".

Shadow Government Radio

Before there was Fahrenheit 9-11 SGTV produced the worlds first “Blogumentary” Osama is a Bush about the problems with the official version of the events of 9-11 and the subsequent “War on Terror”.

Last week, SGTV announced a new radio show at East Village Radio.
It is expected, that they will continue with some regular guest features, this week's thursday, between 10pm to 12pm EST. Check out for more updates on their website

Another low also last week, from yet another leftgate keeper portal, which usually has nothing better to do, than to mirror some LA Times or Washington Post editorials.
Already ignorant regarding 9/11 truth research, they apparently now also backstabbed 2004 e-voting activists, by ignoring the recent controversy and furthermore applauded the U.S. Government.

More than disturbing. Coincidence comedian Marc Ash should be honestly following the message of his last name and bury his website and his lousy attempts to sell half-truths, copied from rightwing papers:

Here Marc Ash's latest stink:

"...The Bush administration's position in opposition to election tampering is, we believe, the correct one, as it best serves democracy. Further we hope it serves to underscore the shock and alarm generated throughout the world by the events during Florida's 2000 Presidential election. In short; Moscow now has their man in the Ukraine and the U.S. has no valid counter argument in the eyes of the world..."

Walter, Jimmy

Jimmy Walter, described by U.S. media as "eccentric millionaire", offered now $100,000 Reward for scientific proof if the WTC Towers collapsed "as Bush Administration claims".

Walter's recent 90 second gig, in which he possibly did not get more than 10 seconds, is now up here.


This week, WING TV's 9/11 research related guests will be:
Monday, November 29: Don Paul - Waking Up From Our Nightmare
Tuesday, November 30: Dave McGowan - Programmed to Kill


"Mind_Virus" of libertyforum clipped some of the most popular WTC7 collapse videos together and started a new discussion over there.

Zwicker, Barry

Barry Zwicker's new DVD, "The Great Conspiracy", was now topic of Canada's award winning magazine,

"...Are there strong parallels between Hitler's Germany and Dubya's America? Barrie Zwicker says there are 120 of them.

Zwicker, a former Media and Society professor at Ryerson University, explains the links between Nazi Germany and the current American regime in his film, The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw..."

...that's it for this week...hopefully back next week... :)
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911skeptics.blogspot (Issue 11/29)

This week's Issue include:

-Ukraine vs. U.S.
-More leaving Bush
-Morgan Stanley's Chief Economist predicted economic 'Armageddon'.
-Bush1 and his odd "jet company"
-Who really won the primary?
-Who put Bush in power?
-Helen Thomas: Bush is a fascist
-"President" Sheen protests against "President" Bush's Fort Benning
-Another 9/11 doku: "16 Days In September"
-Phil Berg soon on Al-Jazeera?
-More leftgate keeper sellouts at Counterpunch and
-FreePress: Why wasn't Osama captured during a 1998 interview?
-More controversy around 9/11 bill ignores 9/11 Action Item at No.1
-Firefighter Mike Pecoraro's article comes around again
-Kevin Ryan hits local mainstream press
-Shadow Government TV with new radio show
-More spanish "9/11 ties"?
-Bob Spirelli, another author with 9/11 foreknowledge?